3 Things to be Grateful for

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My sponser used to make me do this....she died sad.

So...I was thinking of this today and it is very easy to think of the things I am so stressed about...and ungrateful for.

Now I want to try and come up with 3 things I am grateful for....

Can you?  Its really difficult..and I tend to repeat the same things everyday.....but I need to do this...and I need to see what others are grateful for to somehow remind me that I should be MORE Grateful.

Not drinking for me is just a standing grateful thing as long as it will last.

1. That I have air conditioning that I can pay for right now.

2. That my cat loves me.

3. That I have these boards.

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    Grateful for the delicious cheeseburger I just made!


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    Hi missy, oh bless you lovely lady....

    Be grateful for....

    How many others you have helped on this forum........

    How many others you have inspired and given hope ......

    You are LOVED DEARLY...by all of your family and friends...

    Missy, I recognise your name immediately, and I have a sense of friendship and warmth...you are a good person, never, ever, ever, EVER FORGET THAT.....

    I wish each and everyone of us...inner peace, hope, and to be sober and recover our lives....inner have....all of you can also...

    Warm and sincere hugs to every single one of you ....

    Dee xxxx xxxx

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      Hi D...:_)

      What 3 things are YOU grateful for?!

      I'm grateful for YOU too....and thank you.

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    Hi l missy lovely lady....

    I am grateful for very many things, so

    1) I am grateful for all of my family...hubby. four children.

    A grandson....identical twin sister....fantastic big brother...and two nieces and one nephew...also all the in-laws....

    2) I am grateful that I can function and walk...many others cannot.....

    3) I am grateful for how many friends I have, and I know that truly care for myself and my family....

    I know I have many things, a support group a fantastic GP...a lovely home, no financial worries...brilliant neighbours, in the whole !! Of our street....

    But....like all of you on here.....I want to be ME AGAIN...and feel intense emotions..have some energy....and look forward!! To the future without dread.....hugs missy lovely, lovely lady....xxx

    And each and everyone of you lovely people on this site...take care always all of you.....hugs..hugs..hugs....dee xxxx xxxx

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      Hi missy lovely lady....

      No my twin sister is the exact opposite to me...she doesn't smoke or drink...the one thing we have in common is....we don't ever swear !!! She is my true soul mate, I love her so, so much...I would die for her...

      Missy, keep up the good fight missy love...you are in my heart...mind...and prayers..xx I feel as though I know you...take care..always lovely, lovely friend...hugs always ..xxxxx

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      i'm really suffering and reall p*ssed at my psychaitrist.

      I am filing a formal complaint today.  

      I have to get my ducks in a row first thou.

      Thats cool having a twin!  I know one set of twins...they are not identical either in habits...etc.

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    How fun. I can think of three things today.

    1. I am coming out of this last pancreatitis attack.

    2. I have made a new friend on this post.

    3. My family loves me and sees the wonderful person I am when I'm sober.

    Thanks for touching base today. I told my husband about you and how you have been helping me through all of this. Sorry to hear about your sponsor. I hope she did not die from using.

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      It is kind of refreshing to think of postive things....lol.

      But, I just went to the store..bought a pack of cigs for 10 bucks and LOST IT.

      Had to go back to the stupid store...and spend ten more!

      Grateful for you as well....keep up the good work!


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      Oh gosh where do you live? That's not good luck. One thing I never picked up was the cigarettes. Amen to that.

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      Double amen to that..I'm trying to conserve money.....I live in Rhode Island, USA...the smallest state in Union and if I went back to the store where I probably dropped them on the ground....when I saw a person that was in Intensive Outpatient with me....someone surely has taken them.

      The girl I saw at the store was a real mess...addicted to alcohol and vicodin....she honestly looked like she was going to die sad.

      We exchanged numbers...I get home..no cigs....lol.

      But, I have you guys and I'm sober...so hey.

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      No my Sponser did not die from drinking....she would NOT do it.....She had a rare illness...and I told her...I WOULD DRINK...they told her it was terminal....

      She said she wanted to die sober.....I told her she was CRAZY. smile

      I loved her so much...one of the only people that really understood me....and put up with me drinking and still tried to help me.

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      Yeah where I work we see a lot of people that look like they are going to die. Some are coming back from almost dying from shooting heroin. I see women my age 44 that look like they are ten years older it is a real eye opener. I guess after steadily being an alcoholic with times of sobriety for twenty plus years my body has really took a beating. I should be thankful people only think I'm in my thirties.

      I'm glad you had a friend to help you through your drinking and actually help you through it. It's hard to find that in people. That's why my drinking was such a secret all the time. Had to live up to job image. But my family always knew. They could never get through to me?

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      Don't be surprised that people on your job do KNOW.

      When I confronted my Supervisor and the night time Supervisor of my drinking back in 2005....the night time Supervisor that I had a meeting with every mornng when I came in....said HE KNEW...and that he could smell it on me in the a.m.

      But, that because I was such an assest to the company...showed up on time..was a "go to" person for everything...he never saw a reason to address it with me or other higher ups.

      Friends at the time said they knew something was up because i was looking disheveled....always wearing hair up...no makeup and it was a pretty uppity place.

      Because of our personalities and work effort I think we get away with more than we know.

      My family knew and actually called the HR department at my work.  The HR lady alerted me...this was years before I discussed my drinking at work...the HR lady said she couldn't do anything about it unless it was affecting my job.

      My mother also set me up one time...by coming over and having my youngest call the police on me to say he felt unsafe cause I was drunk...they took me to a hospital to dry out.  I was NOT DRUNK...I had a few...and my SON was not scared....my mother was trying to perform an Intervention...which didn't WORK cause I was p*ssed and came home from the hospital the next day and went right to the liquor store.

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