4th week after cast removal and 10 weeks after orif...help

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Hi - had my 2nd physio yest - much better than 1st appt. Still not ready for FWB but has given me lots of excercises.

My ankle just feels so stiff and weak - like I will never be able to put full pressure on.

How many times a day to people do the excercises?

I started yest walking with no boot at all now but using both crutches as not walking normally on just one. Just getting frustrated as have primary age children and I cant drive anywhere - just after any similar experiences / advice. Would a sports massage on my ankle maybe help if there is sich a thing?. Im 38. Thanks for reading.

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    Hi. It's a long journey unfortunately, but at least yo are at the sage where you should start to experience much improvement. I had broke my ankle end of Sept last year and had an operation to have 3 screws inserted. I was walking by mid December although on crutches, was pwb where possible.

    I saw big improvements and was back to work mid Jan. My ankle is still stiff and still get pain and walk with a limp. I am having ongoing physio every 3 weeks as swelling has never gone away. I have been told that once you are  walking unaided to go swimming as this is good therapy. I was conscious of not having been in a pool since 12 yrs old (now 55) but last weekend went on holiday and took the challenge. I couldn't believe how well I was walking and without a limp until the swelling returned. I felt my ankle was weak but will strengthen with physio, and exercise. I still exercise 2-3 times a day for 10 minutes. Good luck

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      Thank you - like you say it is a long recovery. I will keep up the excercises and hopefully in a couple of weeks see some improvement.

      I suppose the fact I am in normal shoes is an improvement - and just need to be patient.

      I dont feel strong enough to drive but that is my mission and what I am working towards!

      Well done on the swimming. I cant wait to get into the water


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      Hi Paul.

      So glad for you to hear you are back in the pool and how your ankle improved in the pool. It would have been good too to get away for the weekend. I sometimes wonder if the ankle exercises will ever end. Hope you are well apart from the ankle trials. 🙂

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      Hi McCamboot.

      Thanks for your comments.

      I needed to take a break and decided on having this time over the bank holiday.

      I couldn't believe after 30 minutes in the pool how the swelling had reduced and walked as I did prior to my injury. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

      My wife looked on and the only words were OMG

      I went Sat/Sun/Mon as the pool opened at 10am, but swelling soon returned after walking for a while. It doesn't help walking on it as today for 12 hours!

      I need to find a pool near home now and go 2-3 times per week.

      I wake up each morning and look at my foot to see if the swelling has reduced. I massage with cream and exercise before leaving for work each day.

      Im good thanks apart from my selfish ankle.

      Hope you are well 😊

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      Wow Paul.

      What great news ! The swimming will be good for you too mentally. I really feel for you on your feet for 12 hours but you never know with the swimming and time of course your limp may disappear. That was good reading 👏🙂

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    It's early days for you and you are still young. Yes it is a long road to recovery but you will get there. I do hope you have someone to help with getting your children to school and home again. I was 5 MONTHS post op before I could walk without any aids. I still ain't right 8 months down the road but you're not me and you are doing fine. I know how you feel. I started driving post op 6 months but remember I'm nearly 60 and I'm not you. What you are going through is normal regarding the ankle break. I started by massaging my ankle with body cream and the stiffness is normal. Start moving your ankle up and down , from side to side. Get an exercise band band and fit it around your foot and gently pull up your ankle , up and down,side to side. You should at some stage get physiotherapy and they will teach you what to do. Just don't panic. It's the journey not the destination. 🙂

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      Thank you and you are right I know! I have lots of help around me and have had to get used to accepting it when offered! I love this forum as makes you feel that you are not alone on this journey xx
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      You have been through a lot too and having your husband with a badly broken hand can't help either. I thought 5 months was a long time before I walked and you are longer. I really feel for you. Glad you are in the pool. Slowly does it. It's about the journey not the destination. Keep going you are doing well. Yes it's a great forum and so good to be with these people who understand. It's good to have this sort of support, even reading through the posts lets you know we are not alone. 🙂

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    It will get easier. But not over night.

    Broke my Fibula 7 months ago. Didn't heal. Had a bone graft and plates and screws. 6 weeks later Specialist said to go from Zero weightbaring to hero 100%.

    Was disheartening and impossible. Couldn't even put my leg down. A tiny bit at a time. 10 seconds to start. Very slowly increased it.

    I hate crutches and have had a knee scooter.

    My Physio got me to put my foot lightly on the scales very briefly. 10 reps. Was only a few kgs to begin with. 6 weeks later I can do 40 KGS, and use a Walker for smoother action. Got lent a exercycle too, as specialist said it would help. Local pool puts me in with hoist chair and I do what I can. Water treading, slow walking, dog paddle.

    I can't drive either.

    My husband is recovering from a badly broken hand, so its extra hard.

    Don't give up. Don't be hard on yourself.

    I can't walk after 7 months, and my bone around break is soft. But damned if I'm giving in to it.

    Do find a hobby~ mine is the Ukelele.

    Do try to be patient~ It is incredibly hard.

    Do take ALL help on offer

    Ask any questions about recovering from broken leg and I am happy to share my experience.

    I'm nearly 20 years older than you.

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      Wow! Thanks for your reply! I need to remember each day at at time and it will get easier! The pool hoist sounds great - would love to get in the water but far to scared of slipping at the moment -but maybe come the summer time who knows!! Good luck with yr recovery too x
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      Most public pools have hoist. Like a forklift. I too am terribly afraid of slipping. I use knee scooter at pool. Float belt good. Lifeguard gets me in and out safely.

      I have a stairlift at home. Petrified of falling down again. That's how I broke it.

      Everything takes ages. Getting dressed. Getting to sleep. Getting my child ready for school. Bits of cooking on 1 leg.

      Playing video games has helped me. Strategy types.

      I hate being pushed by Physio when I have a gut feeling all is not well. Trust yourself.

      We can do this!

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      I use a compression sock during the day this does help some with the swelling I am

      Still in a boot using a cane swelling 9 weeks post op is tough I also use Epsom salt soaks before elevating and icing at night.... Good Luck!

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