5 weeks post op

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5 weeks after botox and I am worse than ever. pain lasts 12 hours after BM. keeps me awake all night crying in pain. dont know where to turn. currently in a very low place with it all. it's worse than childbirth

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    hi, Unfortunately Botox simply never works for anybody you may need L I S surgery the best thing for me was hot baths but the number one was a hot wheat bag sitting on it for hours. DO NOT USE OPIATE PAIN KILLERS THEY CAUSE SPASMS AND MAKE IT WORSE. I’ve been where you are have the surgery you’ll be better in six months.

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      im using naproxen but pain spasmns are bad

      i feel like i have to fight to get LIS

      they want to drag it out for months and months when everyday to me is a sufferance

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      hi Jenny, I'm not sure what is in the drugs you take but you must ensure that u do not create spasms. I know you won't like this, but you need to stop taking anything!! I thought the 2nd surgeon i went to was crazy to suggest this, but he was fuming that my first surgeon supplied me with Endone to take. i was taking so many, but it was making me worse. He told me to battle through the pain without any painkillers!!! I nearly broke down, saying there is no way i can live with the pain!!! In the end it was the best advice ever. The pain was manageable after a week. I can not stress enough how much a hot wheat bag literally saved my life!! I sat on one after BM for an hour. without that i could not leave my house!! The second best thing is to never wipe, set up a hot bidet near your toilet or jump straight in the shower with a hand held nozzle. This will make a huge difference, plus hot shower or bath before BM, also lubricate with petroleum jelly before you go. Stop drinking orange juice!!!!!!

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      have you tried the 5 things I have suggested? Wheat bag, wash do not wipe, no orange juice, lubricate, bath or shower before and after BM??

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      yes for a long time im looking st going private now

      i cant walk, sit, drive or go to work so im hoping to get sorted asap privately

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      hi - what's the deal with orange juice? i drink a lot of it... thought it was good for fibre. but i haven't heard this advice before. thanks

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      hi, i also drank a lot of it. Until someone with a chronic fissure said they traveled away and stopped drinking orange juice and it healed! When they returned home and started drinking it again it came back!! That's good enough for me to cut right back!! try it let us know if it makes a difference please.

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    I'm 38 year old male and I know where you coming from.

    iv suffered anal fissures for 3 years on an off but currently experiencing worst pain ever . I'm getting stinging and stabbing pain

    I had a colonoscopy and doctors said nothing wrong at all . they saw the fissure but said its healing .

    however since that day pain has got worse

    in uk we have NHS. I cannot afford private treatment. really tempted to pay for botox

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      hi mate, Botox is a complete waste of time and gives people false hope! If you do have it done please let us all know how it goes. I think you need LIS Surgery.

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    glad to read your feeling an improvement after 3 weeks this gives me hope im booked in for 2nd lot of botox on 16th dec first lot i seemed to go worse they want to do it again before they will look at any further treatment so hearing a positive is just what i need thanks and hope you continue to improve

    better days ahead

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    firstly praying your pain goes away

    secondly I have a fissure which was really bad last week . I had an endoscopy and the consultant stated there is a fissure but its healed .

    hiwever even since that camera went inside me it's been burning and sharp pains .

    I then started self medicating and taking lots of epsom soaks,, using lots of sudocream and feeling of nature fissure oil .

    without jinxing it i would say I am.30 percent better than before.

    however before I got 30 percent better the consultant called me as I was in agony and mentioned he will book me in for botox . however I am reading lots of horror stories .

    i appreciate most of us here are not doctors but what's everyone view on botox as I am contemplating getting it done

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      i went worse after botox but they are doing it again next week which im dreading but they said sometimes 2 are needed its ment to work fir 70% of people i think if your in serious pain its worth a try

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      just thinking if I can control and manage the pain should I do that and avoid the botox.

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      i suppose that depends on how bad your pain is im at 8 weeks of severe pain daily ive nit been able to walk far at all struggle room to room at times, cant work, cant drive

      im having 2nd lot of botox i dont want it really but the surgeons are determined to give it me again before they will do any other treatment.

      and unfortunatly it seems what they say is what happens

      if u remain in pain go it helps 70%

      fingers crossed for you im praying the 2nd lot works and i get my life back

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      jo fingers crossed it all improves.

      one thing I am trying to do which I picked up on this group somewhere is not be depressed and try as much as possible to get on with life . I appreciate you cant walk or drive but maybe call friends or family round have a takeaway night or something?

      I am surprised that for this painful condution there are very little options to get treated. for example cant they stitch it up laser treat it etc .

      botox and LIS surgery seem to get mixed opinions from people and do carry a risk

      I think I am going to start a written diary or hiw I feel each day . my issues seem to be caused wit stress . when I am stressed that's when stools get hard. my grandad sadly passed away in August and since then I have had a fissure as during that period my stools became solid hard and wouldnt come out .

      I am going to try something new today which is use my kids calpol syringe (spare one). inside that syringe I will be inserting aloe vera gel which has tea tea inside as well , coconut oil and a bit of sudo cream. I then plan on putting the syringe up inside me as much as I can as squirting this cocktail of herbs inside me . I did something simikair 3 years back and it did help

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      first thank you for making me chuckle this morning by clarifying it's the 'spare' calpol syringe 😃 But your point about stress is important - i think a lot of the issue can be caused by tension, so making time to look after yourself and manage stress is super important too - thanks for reminding me about this, especially at a stressful time of year when we're all so busy. i used to meditate and go to drawing classes but fell out of doing them because of work and now here i am... these types of activities really help with relaxation. good luck with the herb cocktail!

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      lol glad I made you laugh hahaha

      just tried to do it and didnt do that much of a great job ..didnt want yo push it in case I end up tearing something again

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