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Hi just thought I'd give you guys all an update. 6 month to the day when I broke my ankle in three places and my tibia and fib.

Well what can I say 2 surgeries

10 pieces of metal MRSA and slight depression later.

I went for my first hike again since it happened wore safety boots.

I was thinking when I'd broken my leg and ankle that id never be able to walk again I've been back to work since July back to full time.

I've done a 7 and a half mile hike. I've got my life back it isn't permanent it's just a hurdle in life. How you over come it is up to you.

Listen to everyone on this site it's what got me through some of my worst days. But even when you feel like there's no light at the end of the tunnel there is! Just hang in there.

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    Wow! Thanks so much for coming back to the site and posting such an inspirational post! smile

    I broke my fibula just over 4 weeks ago while hiking in the back country (stable Weber A). I had to hike out on it (about 4km) aided by my hiking pole and the help of a friend when I needed it. It is my goal and dream to get back to hiking again. 

    That is so impressive that you were able to do a 7.5 mile hike. Great idea to wear safety boots! I have a pair myself, so I will take a page from you and use those when I am able to hike again. What a super idea!

    Thanks again for the inspiring words smile

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      The recovery is difficult when it's in your head don't let it rule you.

      There is light at the end of the tunnel I went a week where I thought I'd never walk again. I was walking short distances 4 or 5 days after having my cast off.

      I was lucky though I lost all feeling in my leg so didn't get much pain. It still swells now so I wear trainers for work but I can stand for 8 hours.

      You'll be hiking again in no time just look how far you have came from the previous week. Is my best advice

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      Thanks Chazma89! I'm really believing it today. Day 2 of my return to weight bearing as tolerated and it is going so well... way better than I expected. I too am able to walk short distances (like circles around my kitchen... nothing more ambitious than that yet) in my boot unsupported. I have my walker handy, but I am absolutely filled with joy that I can take steps like a normal person (or as normal as one can be in a boot... lol).

      Here's to amazing hikes in the future! smile


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      So happy to hear this keep up the awesome work. Remember there are still good and bad days ahead. Don't over do it to soon. And rest and elevate still

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    Great to hear how well you are doing! 

    I'm still in the recovery process from an ORIF broken fibula, dislocated ankle and torn ligaments, so I'm only just getting started on the walking part of the show.  I'm almost 14wks. in and three surgeries later, still struggling to gain my independence. 

    It can get very frustrating because the process is so long to get your life back, and it sure can get depressing when you aren't able to do things for yourself or get out of the house on your own.

    It takes patience and perseverance but, you are right, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    Thanks for your inspiring words.  Best of Luck to you!


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      I was the same Deb hated being stuck in the house.

      I had 2 orif surgeries and then got MRSA which I treated myself (changed dressings etc).

      In the beginning I cried (I hardly ever cry) because I dropped something and couldn't pick it up. Don't let it get in your head don't let it win because it's only temporary.

      You'll look back and say I don't know why I was so sad. Just stay positive and listen to your body

      Good luck and enjoy your freedom again

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      Thank you for your encouraging words...yes, it does take a huge mental toll on you, but, not much you can do about it except face it head on and celebrate every little bit of progress!

      Speedy recovery to everyone!


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    Hi Chazma!

         Thank you for your positive words and thoughts. I am glad things are going well for you!

         I fractured my ankle in 2 places almost three months ago, eight weeks with a cast. I am 63 so it takes me longer to heal. 

         I started using crutches right away, but my good foot started hurting like crazy. I then borrowed a wheelchair from the Red Cross to give my foot time to recuperate. 

         After my cast was removed, I began bearing weight. The crutches at this point were quite useful. Before that I found them to be awkward.

        Now bearing more weight, I started using just one crutch, then nothing! My foot still hurts, but I tell myself they are healing pains; making the bones stronger.

         My progress is slow. However, I do keep in mind that any amount of progress is good progress!

         It is hard to believe I have been three months housebound, only getting out for appointments.

         Lately, I have been going out for fresh air and very short walks. Also, I walk up and down the hallway of my apartment block. And, I do the daily exercises my physiotherapist gives me.

         There were times when I did not feel very positive about things at all and had no confidence I'd get better. 

         I am getting better now and wish for everybody going through this experience the same!


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      Hi Ann.

      Im glad to hear you are doing so well.

      I think all in all I was 10 weeks in a cast and 2 weeks in a boot.

      You're doing superb and don't give up listen to your body though if it hurts too much rest. Your foot will still swell if you're anything like me.

      Go steady don't rush things I'm still very cautious it took me 5 month to walk on grass it's crazy what it does to your mind.

      But good luck on your journey and if you'd like to chat some more I'm only a message away.


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      Hi Chazma, Thank you for your words of encouragement!

      Several days ago, I thought it would be a good idea to venture out, get some fresh air and exercise. However, after the third day, my foot became sore. On those same days, I decided to walk up and down the hallway in my apartment block. After this, my foot pain was worse, so I had to rethink and readjust.

      What you wrote helped me make that decision, thank you!

      The thought of walking on grass appeals to me somehow!

      I hope you are having a lovely day Chazma!

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    I love hearing This!! Today is my first day back in a shoe after 10 weeks in a cast and a boot. It feels so good making progress. There has been a lot of dark days but I'm beginning too see the light at the end of the tunnel. Does your ankle feel normal? I also broke mine in 3 places. Thanks for coming back with encouragement for all of us still healing.

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      My ankle doesn't feel weird. My leg does about 2/3 of the way up to my knee just in front of my calf I have a scar (which is pretty deep as I caught MRSA) if I touch that I get electric shocks but the rest of my leg around there is numb.

      My ankle is itchy and when I scratch it I can't feel it SO ANNOYING lol I damaged the nerves so the itch is a good thing.

      It still swells now and then I'm still wearing trainers for work.

      Take it slow listen to your body and if you're like me you'll need no physio as the surgeon done a fantastic job.

      If you do make sure you do the exercises as the ankle is very weak. So work on building strength aswell as flexibility

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      Thanks for your encouraging update.  What are trainers?  I will start WBAT in my boot this Friday and doc says it may take 2-4 weeks then to fit into shoes again.  I rolled my R ankle off a step, have 2 fibula fractures and a completely torn ligament of the outer ankle.  Before the fall I played beach volleyball, table tennis, and pickleball.  At this point my goal is to be able to safely go up steps that have no railing, like when you enter someone's house.  This is what I will be required to do to go back to work as an occupational therapist in home health.  I'm 63.  Guess I will need to get some trainers.

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      Trainers are an English word for sneakers.

      Stairs are still tricky for me a little bit not going to lie I always hold the rail going up and down them.

      I sort of balance my foot over so the ankle is flexed but again always cautious

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      Well, I feel dumb, just didn't know that!  My Mom was born in Penzance, Cornwall. 

      Have you found a good brand or style of sneakers?  I wonder if I'll need high tops now.  I've always heard that a reinjury is worse than the original...sure want to prevent that.


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