6 Years of Chronic Gas and Bloating

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For the past 6 years I've had the most TERRIBLE trapped gas and bloating every day. I'm bloated no matter what I eat or what medication I take. I think the problem is I rarely pass gas. I might fart once a day if I'm lucky!

When I press on my stomach it feels hard and I can feel big "bubbles" of air inside of me. I've taken all the gas-x, charcoal, ginger tea and simenthicone a girl can find and it doesn't provide any real relief. I've even had an abdominal ultrasound and the nurse said she couldn't see my organs from too much air in my abdomen...

It may seem like a small problem but the pressure and pain causes so many problems in my life. The constant pressure from the gas causes my heart to race and skip beats which is a whole other issue on its own.

After many tests my doctor cannot find a cause and just labeled it as irritable bowel. But I don't have any other ibs symptoms, only the bloating! And even when I ate the special FODMAP diet it didn't make a difference at all.

Someone please give me any remedies you know of for this problem. Or any possible disorders you know of that could cause gas and bloating for years and years on end. I don't want to deal with this forever.

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    Ive had this for six weeks now and I a so cheesed off with it and you had it for six years!! So I very much feel for you. I'm trying everything too and with very little results so very interesting to follow this post with hopefully some miracle cure or medication...

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    Did you try products like Ibarogast or Mastic Gum yet?

    Please look for it on google.

    Someone here also told me good things about Chamomile tea too.

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    I'd say try giving up different food for longer. You can't expect taking out a food/substance to work after a month when you may have been eating it for years. I had an igG food test recently and it said one of the intolerances I have is yeast, but not wheat or gluten, so I don't eat bread now. Your issue could be an ingredient in a common food that you haven't thought of, like I didn't. I also take several supplements because of that test now, which include B vitamins, flax seed, spirulina, magnesium citrate, hemp protein etc.

    Up until the last couple of weeks, I've had constipation continuously for the last 10-15 years (I'm 29), but since removing the foods I have an intolerance to and taking the supplements (for the last 2 months), it's completely gone.

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      Well, magnesium citrate is a laxative. So might be that is the reason your constipation has gone ( temporarily? )

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      That's true... I was thinking it could be a combination of the two. Maybe jasmine81288 could take magnesium citrate for a few weeks as a starter then and see if that helped.

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    I have same problem and have long avoided sugars, starchy carbs, grains, pasta, rice, cakes, biscuits, dairy except for greek yoghurt which is supposed to be good to us. Raw salad vegetables are a killer so stopped that very quickly. Papain and bromelaine, ditto.

    Foods to avoid and foods to eat clash because we need the foods to avoid to feed our good gut flora! Perhaps our gut flora has changed for the worse. For example to improve our gut flora, we should eat broccoli, blue berries, asparagus, watermelon. Well, I have eaten all of those daily for years with the exception of watermelon, which I love, but my husband does not, and the smallest piece of watermelon sold is often 1/2 of one, and I don't want to eat that much. I often treat myself to probiotics, particularly after antibiotics.

    I sometimes think that perhaps a deworming tablet might solve the bloating problem but I don't have the usual signs. I must put it on my shopping list as it would not hurt to take one.

    5 months ago, during an international flight I got diarrhoea after eating lunch (a reputable airline) but some Imodium dealt with that. Then there was some vomiting and nausea while waiting at the airport for next flight. An airport pharmacy (Singapore) gave me some Motilium which worked immediately.

    Because of the current bloating problem, I have since revisited this Motilium because it says it eases bloating by causing food from the stomach to become more mobile through the intestines and gathers all the small bubbles of gas along to create a larger bubble of gas which can be expelled easier.

    I am at the end of day 3 and I must say the distension is a whole lot less (used to look 8 months pregnant by 6.00pm). I never thought I would be so happy to burp, and um, fart more often. It is said that we should not take this medication for longer than 2 weeks. I do not have that many tabs to cover that time, and here in Australia, I need a prescription to replace it. It will be at least 2 months before I planned to see my dr again. I would like it that after one big pfft it would all go.

    But the cause needs to be identified so that it don't start building up again. I should have a flat stomach because a CT scan for another reason shows that I only have a very thin layer of fat on my abdomen because of my healthy eating.

    So this is my experience and perhaps something out of it can work for you.

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