7 days post op for total knee replacement

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I had a total knee replacement carried out 8 days ago,there was a fair bit of bleeding after the op which the medical team monitored until it ceased several days later, i was able to carry out basic physio tasks soon after the op and had some flexibilty on my knee,since coming home 4days ago i continue to move around and can go up and down the stairs , very slowly i may add , I do have a fair amount of brusing and swelling  but  the pain and discomfort i am in is far worse  than i thought it would be i have had pain medication when discharged but this has gone sleeping seems impossible and getting comfortable takes for ever if at all , i am feeling tearful , i am lucky that i have a caring husband who is looking after me  but at 57 have always been active and independent i do understand  that recovery will take some time but right now with the amount of pain i am in i feel at a loss what to do to aid my recovey

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    Karen.... this is a big operation and sleep is the hardest thing to come by.  I found that a reclining chair was best for me.  I have had the new knee for over a year and it is amazing. It just took longer than I wanted to get that way.  I'm 58 and working out like a big dog now (American expression?  Well... I'm American... Bernie!) Anyway... you are kicking butt.  Still, that first month is hell. Stay the course. 


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      Hi Sky

      Thank you for your reply it was so positive i know i expect a lot of myself and want get back to normal activties asap plus looking at returning to work in 6 weeks however i realise i must take things a little slower and know its only been a week since my op . Got some more meds today so the pain has eased a little as you say i am kicking butt i always have had a bit of a fighting spirit and think this will stand me in good stead for my road to recovey .

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    Hi Karen!

    I'm 58 & had my 2nd TKR last Monday 18th & was sent home on Thursday afternoon, so we're on about the same stage! I was sent home with 28 codeine pills and told to take paracetamol regularly every four hours plus codeine if in bad pain. I can apparently also take Ibrufen but it must be with food & to avoid if possible. I have also been given a ten day supply of blood thinning pills! I was in a lot of pain with my first TKR as I tried not to take the pills & tried to do far to much in the house, but as you'll read on this forum you have to medicate in order to do the exercises, then elevate, ice and rest! I was lucky as the hospital sent me off with an ice pack which relieves pain and swelling. I've got a couple of walking sticks at the moment but Saturday when I have my clips removed & hydrotherapy the physio said I might just be able to use one stick. This time around my knee is a lot less painful due to the pills and although I've had one melt down (you seem to get v depressed with these ops just to warn you!) it seems to be bending and straightening better than the first one did too, so not too unhappy! Poor sleep as usual but stick to this forum and everyone will help you through it😊 By the way, I'm in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

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      Morning Glenda

      we are indeed about the smae stage got discharged we the same meds as you i am unable to take Ibrufen due to stomach problems.

      I feel a little better today as I managed to organise some more medication yesterday still have had little sleep but am hoping this will change in time.

      have just called my GP surgery to arrange for the clips to come out was very surprised that they have no appointments with the nurse so will have to go to the walk in centre at the Royal Shrewsbury psyhio for next week.I also feel better coming onto this forum its something i think will help me when i feel a bit low or just need some advice so thank you for your reply it good to know there is someone to talk to


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    Hi Karen,

    I hope you are able to hurt less & sleep more very soon.

    My TKR is this coming Wednesday. I will post as soon as I feel up to it.

    Thanks for your information on your recovery thus far.

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    Hi Karen,

    I remember what you're going through so well. I am now nearly 15weeks post TKR and i can now see light at the end of the tunnel. I managed to walk 3 miles the other day and then i took another 1.5 mile later on, i was so pleased with myself. I can now walk up and downstairs consecutively without holding on to the bannister rail, get up and down off the floor and in and out of the bath and you will be able to do all these things too! I remember posting on here at 6 days post op because i was in a lot of pain, feeling down and frustrated. I didn't realise then how long the recovery took, but i do now.

    If you're in so much pain, you are reluctant to move or perform your physio exercises/stretches and they are KEY to good recovery. Go to see your gp and see if your pain meds can be changed to something more effective for you. Also, ICE, ICE, ICE and ICE some more it's effective for pain and for swelling, drink loads of water during the day as this will keep you well hydrated and help with the healing process. Above all, listen to your body and be kind to yourself. Don't ever compare your recovery with anyone else as everybody heals at different rates.


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      Hi Jillystev, fantastic reading what you had to say... I'm 52 and 3 weeks post op today. Doing ok, I'm alone during the day from today as my friend flew home. My husband works full time. I was only feeling a little down and vulnerable but reading your post made me feel better. By all accounts I'm doing well, bending about 100 degrees, leg lifts going well, still walking with 2 crutches as my knee gives way, but I'm getting there.

      I think the worst thing for me in the beginning was not being able to get to the loo in time as I have a weak bladder... That seems to have settled now. I found this forum this morning and feel so blessed!

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    Hi Karen, my wife showed me your post, I am now week ten post op. I

    had been a keen sportsman all my life, ( now 67) I empathise with your

    pain and discomfort as I am sure all who have had the TKR op. May I

    offer you my advice

    1. Get proper pain control, see your Dr or go to the Pain

    Clinic ( I am on Tapentadol with paracetamol) Tapentadol is an opiate

    but works for me. 2. Perseverance with physio exercises, it won't just get better on its own. 3. Expect good and bad days. 4. Believe that it WILL

    Improve. 5. Keep a log of medication and exercise progress.

    I slept first 4 weeks sitting up as I could not get comfortable.

    That's as short a reply I can offer, Remember Summer is on its way.


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    Hi Karen. I had right knee partial replacement last October and left knee full replacement 11 days ago. I'm 51. I have trouble with pain meds so only on paracetamol. Have the same problem at night spend most of the time trying to get comfortable. Can get some sleep on my back but hate it. Wasn't prepared for the frustration and feeling down the first time round. Not down so far but frustrated and bored already. Just want to be back to normal. It does get better and every little achievement is great like being able to put Ted stockings on by myself, walking up stairs and having a bath (bliss). Bend not great as both knees are so different and tkr feels very different from partial. This forum is great really helped me out last time. Lots of good advise and encouragement. Wishing you a great recovery and hope you find a way of sleeping soon. Tracy
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    Karen,  my experience is pretty much the same is yours except for the bleeding situation and I'm glad that has resolved.  I started PT one month before my surgery and continue it to this day. I am four weeks post op.  It is absolutely essential that you have a regimented program even though it is very difficult.  I think my surgical team is top notch and their protocol is very strict. Up and walking  immediately and out of the house to PT within the first couple days .   I still take pain medication as needed and use an ice machine that they started in the hospital.  For the first two weeks I wrapped my leg and slept with the machine going all night long. I still use it  as needed to control the swelling. Swelling causes pain. My leg and scar both look great, discoloration is completely gone. My husband has been has also been my caretaker.... Don't know what I would do without him.

    What do you mean your pain medication has gone?

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      Mary, I said the same thing about her pain medication. Also I used my cold therapy machine for 4 weeks after my surgery, for hours at a time. What a relief!
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      Morning Mary

      Really surprised at the amount I have got never been on a forum before and all the responses have help me feel better already.

      I understand when you questioned the pain releif, when i left hospital on Wed i was given limited pain medication was not told anything about needing more however it would seem that maybe i used the meds quicker than i should due to the sheer pain i am in but i am please to report that yesterday i rung my local Shop Doc ( have never done before either ) i spoke to a Doctor who sent a prescription to Tesco and within the hour my husband had collected the medication .

      very impressed with the service I got for the service, i realise its all about time to assist with recovery i do tend to rush things ,i am still very brusied and have a fair bit of swelling , having the clips on Friday am sure this will help, thanks again for your reply 

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      My doc says they expect patients off all pain meds by two months.  That is not written in stone and everyone is different but that seems reasonable to me.  If I need more, I call and ask for MORE.
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      This is the best thing going.  I was told by my daughter before surgery to be sure and get one. She had a friend who swore by it . Pricey, but worth it ten fold, especially if you have a lot of swelling/pain.

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