8-10 cans per night for 5 years what can i do

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Ok i have been drinking lager any lager i can get my hands on or cider for 5 years now at least 4 times a week but now its everyday, i drink anything from 4 cans onwards to 24 cans a night, say if i buy 24 cans il have to drink them the same night unless i fall to sleep before there gone, theres no stopping me once i get 1 can down me which is scaring me now i dont know what to do, i dont get hangovers no more, i wake up in a morning feeling normal and fit for a day or 2 after a good drink but then all my mind can think about is a can, my first few cans or gone within 15-20 min, i went to my docs in oct 2015 and told him the situation and he just said stop drinking to me which is easier said than done, i cant sleep at night if i dont have a drink and i start sweating in bed even when i have only my shorts on. im getting worried now as i dont want to die from drink im only 25 and started getting pains in top of my legs and in my back, i feel sick all the time and cant eat properly as anyone got any advice please. thank you.

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    The sweating and being unable to sleep when you don't drink sounds like alcohol withdrawal, which can be dangerous.

    I would go back to your doctors and see a different doctor, but tell them you want a Detox. Explain how you are drinking/feeling and that you are scared but also explain the withdrawals you are experiencing when you try to stop alone.

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      Thanks i have just booked myself in with the alcohol place, i went for a blood test in oct 2015 as i told the doc im worried about my drinking and that i had pain under my rib cage and he told me it was just muscle pain, but when i rang for my blood test they said they had lost them but then i called back a few days later and they said abnormal 
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      Well done for admitting you've an alcohol problem and wanting to do something about it.

      I think you need to go back to your GP or maybe a different one, as the last one sounds worse than useless. Just telling a patient whose concerned about their drinking, to stop drinking is dreadful IMO.

      If you find it difficult to explain thoroughly how bad your drinking is, try writing everything down and stress how much you are drinking. The dr may agree to a home detox and prescribe medication to help with withdrawal.

      Whatever you do, don't stop drinking and go cold turkey as this could cause you to have seizures, fits and in some cases can be fatal

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      HI Callum. I just read your reply again and lost bloodtest are no good. They either locate them and give you a printout or do them again. My printouts clearly shows all my level for liver, cholesterol and the normal range. It was also show immediately IF you are outside the normal range. Great that you checked into the clininc for non drinkg. All the best Robin
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    Basically your liver will be working hard as it's like a factory that processes everything, lower back it'll be your kidneys, lack of water and too much sugar off cans/cider, sweating because you must be very heavy drinker and it's what will happen when ya body needs/wants more and also happens with shakes also if you knock it on the head. There is medication that stops this but you have to want yto quit yourself, I know as I was told I had 6 months if I didn't stop and I did and been off it 3 YEARS, everything you saying is very common in heavy drinking but you need to stop before you do damage you can't feel or see, I hope you do quit sooner rather than later, and seek advice from gp, don't be ashamed mate. U know we all have our reasons and excuses for drinking heavy but why should we die for sake of others. Please see your gp and get well soon.
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      Good strong post and well done for 3 years off drinking. Good advice and all said. Robin
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    Tell your GP that you can't just stop drinking alcohol and you are suffering withdrawal symptoms and need medication to help you through this period.
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    It's great that you're addressing this now, so many wait till further down the road. If your doc won't help you, find a doc that specializes in addiction, there are also  Psychiatrists and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners that specialize in addiction and they might be able prescribe the meds to help you do a home detox if appropriate for your situation, or point you to a good facility for an inpatient detox. What corner of the globe do you hail from, if you don't mind me asking? 

    I'll follow this discussion and do what I can to help you along.

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    Callum, I think you already know you are in a bad way and I am so pleased you visited this site. You have done well to acknowledge the situation you are in. Please start to look after yourself and go back to your doctor and tell your doctor all you have said here. It can be very dangerous to just stop drinking without support but if you really want to do it and get detox and counselling help you can be OK. Good luck
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    Hello Callum

    I really admire your strength and courage to speak out with such honesty smile To reckognise and acknowledge your concern at the age of 25 !!! Well done you smile

    I have experience from alcoholism from a child , being dragged from party to party ....to your age 25 , recognition of myself having an addiction !! ..... to now age 44 , trying very very hard to control it !! 

    Callum smile Please please listen to everyone on here and take advise ! You are amazing and you can do this !!! go to the doc and stay tuned to us lot here ok .

    We are here to make you smile smile Good luck and keep on track day by day , take care xx 

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      HI Rainbow. Good story from you struggling and trying to survive and superb advice to your Callum. Yes, this is a great forum for all of us to help each other without judgment. It is NEVER to late to stop whatever your age. All the best to all of us!! Robin
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    just checking in to callum05399 to see how he's (assuming you're a "he", apologies if wrong...), doing. Are you alright? It seems as if quite a few people are concerned, and have offered advice, and you've gone off the radar.

    Please let us know how you're doing. We're all sending good energy to you!

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    Hi everybody thanks for all the kind words and sorry its took so long to reply, im ok and still drinking but now ive cut down now to 1 beer a day and 4 on a friday, i tried to stop but lasted 3 day without a beer i felt like i was going to die felt lifeless, ive lost weight aswell now and started eating better food fruit and veg as i was eating junk food before, im hoping i can stop altogether soon tho ive done it all on myself as the docs arnt helping me now i think im depressed and anxiety i keep panicking at night time and my heart beats fast, but yes your all right everyone can get through it just never give up trying  as it will pay off in the end, thanks again everyone great site.
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      HI Callum Mood swing are normal and so is sweating and feeling atrocious...hard to do but you are on the right path! eating better is great! Keep it up...our thoughts are with you...Robin
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      Hi callum, well done for cutting down so much; that is a huge reduction.  And to do it yourself takes loads of commitment so, again, well done.

      You are really taking leaps forward now especially eating healthily.

      The depression and anxiety come with this but does get better, especially if you keep eating well.   Also do you exercise?  that is proven to improve depression/anxiety.  I would be lost if I could not go for a run and exercise.  I have cut down from 20-22 units of wine a night to 1 and I feel and look better.

      Keep going your doing fantastic......................G.

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