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Hi everyone 

I've posted on here a few times but not recently . I'm a little concerned as my alcohol addiction has taken a shift !! Thats the only way I can describe it . I have been an every night drinker for probably 15 years plus ( one bottle of wine ) per night ! Ive been through all of the....I will change ....I will just have one bottle in the house.....I will go to different shops to buy it.....I will panic if I dont have it ....I wake up every morning thinking of it ... I will drink it in a tall glass in front of my family so they dont notice....I wont make a fool of myself at parties next time !!! .....And so on ......

The reason I say I feel I have shifted is because I now feel I have to drink just to feel normal . I think about drink all day even though i work hard and have mant distractions !! 

I have suffered with anxiety all my life and know that this alcohol addiction is making it worse . I am very knowledgable in this area and hold a very responsible job too

I am lonely and very aware that I could change that but whenever I meet anyone I only want to drink more due to any sort of emotion I face , knowing that the drink covers it up anyway ? 

Does anyone have any advise . I would very much appriciate it . All I want and dream for is happiness, contentment and to not feel the need to drink 

Please help x

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    Hi I can relate to what u are saying but I have pushed recently to try and have a few days free but makes my anxiety worse , I also lost my father to drink in 2007 at the age of 45 which was not nice , I tried everything to help him . The 1 thing that's in my head now is I will not let my kids see what I seen with my dad , try give yourself a few dry days then work at it , have you tried that new drug from doctors to steer you away from alcohol
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      Thanks for the message Derek

      Sorry to hear about your father . My father is an alcoholic too so I can understand your determination regarding your children. My Dad is in a terrible state at the moment and looks awful. He has never been a good father . My kids (now both over 18) have been a rock to me in their understanding for my addiction.Like you I am not going to let them see me ill , late on in life .

      As far as your anxiety goes, I hope you stay strong and have hope that it will improve soon. 

      Take care x 

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    Yes, Rainbow. Your issue is only partly psychological. You have a physical illness and due to this, your body reacts differently, to alcohol, than the majority of people's bodies.

    When alcohol is consumed, endorphins are released by the body and these attach to opioid receptors, which are pleasure receptors. In some people, the reward gained from this is far greater and these people find it very difficult to control their drinking. Their body urges them 'give me another drink, give me another...' Over time, the amount of alcohol required to satisfy the body's demands increases as their tolerance to alcohol gets higher and higher.

    As a result of the effect that alcohol has on them physically and psychologically (alcohol causes anxiety and depression as well as damaging sleep patterns) people with this condition begin to make poor choices because of their physical need for alcohol. Then, as others notice changes in their behaviour, they find themselves blamed for everything that is going wrong in their lives. This, obviously adds to the psychological problems.

    Alcohol dependence is a physical illness and the fact that the only effective treatment is a physical treatment (The Sinclair Method) is clear evidence that this is the case. The Sinclair Method has a reported 78% success rate. No other method in the world can claim a success rate higher than 10%.

    Do some reading about 'The Sinclair Method' both in this forum and by Googling it. You can also Google 'Nalmefene' which is the drug used. This was licenced last year for prescription on the NHS and NICE (the government clinical excellence body in the UK) recommend its use, although they don't talk about it in terms of The Sinclair Method, which is why you should do a little research and then discuss it with your GP, armed with your knowledge which, in most circumstances, will be far greater than your GP's own knowledge, or even that of your local specialist alcohol service.'

    If you want to ask me any questions privately about this, please send me a private message and I will happy to help. You will also see somebody here called JoannaC3, who runs a website raising awareness of the Sinclair Method (C3 Europe) which is well worth visiting as part of your information gathering. I know JoanneC3 won't mind me telling you that she would also be happy to advise you.

    Most importantly for now, you need to know that the fact that you have the problem is NOT your fault, whatever you have been told in the past. However, it IS your responsibility to find the solution and I am sure you already recognise that, or you wouldn't be here smile

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      Hello Paul

      Thank you so much for all of that info, particarly the part ....its not your fault smile I know you help alot of people on here including myself previously. I know your reply will help many and I appriciate it very much.

      I am seriously going to look at the Sinclair method and C3 Europe that you suggested. 

      This shift that I was talking about has really opened a new door for me today . Although it feels scary and I know it will take alot of determination and strength on my behalf , I am making a commitment to myself from this moment. Giving up smoking a few years ago was like a bearevement to me but I did it . I will do this also smile I gave up drinking for three months 7 years ago and felt fantastic . I will do it again . 

      I help alot of people in the work I do . I now need to help myself smile My body is a temple lol .....

      Thanks again Paul . I will let you know my progress 

      Take care x

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    Yes, the shift is something to be concerned with.

    And the unfortunate thing...is no one can say anything to you to make you stop.  It has to come from inside you....and its not even YOU WANTING it that will make it come from inside.

    I don't know how to explain it...in the Program of AA - they call it the "Grace of God". 

    I used to roll my eyes at the concept. However, this year....I was in the hospital more than 4x...due to overdosing on alcohol...due to dependence on alcohol...I couldn't just stop because I wanted to...and many of the times even after leaving the hospital.........I would stil wait a couple weeks to drink and I really wanted to NOT drink but the desire to drink WAS NOT GONE.

    For some reason..this last time (its been 2 months)...I did NOT have the desire to drink 2 weeks after I left the hospital.  I do WANT to drink today....but I know what happens to ME...I get hooked....I can't just drink 1 day....I will continue to drink....

    Detoxing is horrible. I don't wish it on my worst enemy.  You are talking about wanting to stop....pray...is all I can say for the DESIRE to END.

    Its weird (I'm not overally religious but I do believe in God)...a couple days before I went into the hospital this time....I was praying for that relief from alcohol....I'm not saying THAT is what took away my desire...Maybe I just got sick of being sick finally.

    You reaching out is a step...I know every time before I quit...I was READY to talk to people about it.....and the QUIT attempts came shortly after.

    I hope you soon get sick of being sick.  When you go thru detox...it sounds like you need to have some medication to help you.  It would help alot if you have a Dr. you can trust that will give you medication for withdrawals.


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      Hello Misssy2

      Sounds like youve been through hell and back . I do hope you recover and feel some peace soon . I think thats what we all want . I'm considering going on a yoga retreat on my own soon . Thought it would really help in my recovery and will meet some likeminded people maybe . 

      Thank you for sharing your experience with me . I have taken it all on board and can really understand your desperation to pray even !!! even if you are not religious . When I read your message I did the same lol . We must try everything hey smile 

      Take care and thank you x

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      So good you are going on that retreat.

      I am religious (believe in God)...but I don't like preaching to people "pray" "pray"...but it worked for me.

      Take care of yourself and good luck in your journey.


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    High rainbow having a break in Arizona at the moment but will be back first week in November if you or anybody else with an alcohol problem is interested in speaking with me as I am a recovering alcoholic who was as low as low could be but that was 8 years ago and I have managed to keep away from drink a day at a time since then if you are willing to go to any lengths to stop drinking I can help please contact me beginning of November for the good life once again love Rob
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    I like a drink Paul however not a few cans and it goes straight to my head , just wondering if you have any ideas to what that could be , you seem to no your stuff thanks , and Rainbow stay strong and take one day at a time , try and drink a few nights a week instead of every day .Really hop you manage to do what's right for you and your family 👍
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      Some people get the intoxicating effects of alcohol more than others. People of certain ethnic backgrounds get drunk far quicker than others. I wouldn't worry too much about it, most important is that you know what effect a certain amount of alcohol will have on you so you can avoid going too far.

      One trick that you can use is this. After a few drinks, when you believe you may be getting near to getting 'ill,' start alternating between alcoholic drinks and soft drinks. That way, you know what the effect of the last drink has had on you before you have the next. You are also re-hydrating yourself which will make any hangover less severe the next day.

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      I've been asking the doctors for years as it's always been in the back of my mind of what it could be , thanks for the help
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