Abdominal pain, right side under ribs and back pain

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I'm getting some weird abdominal pains on my right side.  It started a couple of months ago with discomfort when bending forwards, and has gradually been getting worse.  First it was just bending over, then it spread to when I was sitting, so I had to kind of slouch, but now I'm getting it while slouching and about the only position I don't get it is standing up or lying flat.

The area is on the right hand side just under the the ribs.  The pain is like a dull pain or pressure - feels like something it pressing on something inside me, but also when bending forward I can also get a weird tingly pain which feels like it's on top of my ribs, and this stretches from the front all the way around my side.  I also have a near constant dull pain in my back in around the same area.

I realise there's a big mess of organs in that area, so I've been reading up on the symptoms of the likely suspects.  The problem is, I don't really have any other symptoms which seem to go with any of the main problems.  It's not a sharp or stabbing or severe pain, and I don't have any fever, nausia, weight loss, indigestion, heartburn, constipation, loss of appettite, weakness, swelling, shortness of breath, high or low blood pressure or chest pains.

I'm otherwise fairly fit and healthy, though I could do with losing a few kilos (5'11, 80kg, 20% body fat).

I recently (while I had this problem) had a "wellman check" which included a wide range of blood tests.  All were within normal ranges, including kiney and liver function tests.

GP has recomended an ultrasound, but said this could be 3-4 weeks...

Any thoughts on what it might be?

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    Get the ultrasound...it sounds like you have gallstones..they would have to be surgically removed or your gallbladder.  Or could be enalrged liver..either way the ultrasound will show that.. although it doesnt always pick up gallstones..a CT with contrast would be a better imaging study.  You should have your ALT/AST. blood panel checked and your bilirubin, amaylse and liapse (for pancreas) (although that would be more acute pain in most cases). Hnestly doesnt sound that complicated but if the issue is acure gallbladder there is little they can really do but remove it. However the best approach to that would be laproscopic (small incision) removla if at all possible..the other way..is a horror (open laparatomy)..Anyway.ger the ultrasound first.;.and then if anything is 'suspected' you need to ask for a CT with contrast.
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      Are either of those 2 urgent?  If I just have to put up with this for a month waiting for the US then fine, just as long as it's not something that could become more serious or cause permanent damage if not treated asap...?
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      Ultrasound scan came back all clear.  No stones, no enlarged/swolen anything.  So the blood work says everything is functioning as expected, and the US says everything looks as expected.

      So looking perhaps like a duodenal ulcer...?  apparently similar referred pain areas as gallbladder,  burping is a symptom (tick), and what is one of the 2 main causes of duodenal ulcers - NSAIDS such as ibuprofin and naproxen... and what did I take (very briefly) 1-3 weeks before the pain started for a back injury?  naproxen... hmmm...

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    NO. Not generally "urgent". A month you should easily be able ot handle if the pain isnt getting much worse. They dont present an imment danger risk unless something extremely rare occurs such as a perforation in the gLLBALDDER. But I would push for the Cat scan with DYe one the iltrasound report comes back.. if it shows any possibility of liver/ gallbladder/ or stones.  If the pain is ONLY on the right side at the bottom end of the right side then it would be appendiz..but again..that is generally a more acute pain and specifically to the lower righr side..NOT under the ribs in front....get the ultrasound and see what they say..Good luc k
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    Whilst waiting for you ultrasound buy apple juice and drink it..a lot of it daily. It is said to help the gallbladder.
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      assuming that is what it is, my symptoms don't seem to match the symptoms on all the 'symptom checkers' out there which suggest no pain or lots of pain...
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    Apple juice actually seemed to make it worse.  I drank a litre and after several hours the pain was worse than usual and that lasted for over a day.  Just to confirm it I did the same a few days later with the same results - the pain got noticably worse and lasted for over a day.  Does that help rule anything out, or suggest anything new?

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      Hi, I'm suffering similar pain in the same area! It was on and off for nine years but has become constant for the last 4 months. Blood tests all clear, ct scan of organs in that area clear. Lying down relieves it. No other symptoms either so they sent me to a consultant physiotherapist who thinks it may be muscular so waiting on physio now! Hoping they can sort it as its stressing me out. Let me know how you get on please.
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      do you have an update i feel like its muscle related because i relate to what u said when i lay down it goes away its usally when i squat lean over or or lay like say on a curb or staircase for to long. im active and drink water i used to skate when i was younger and took alot of falls so i always tought it was my ribs messed up but its a sharp inner pain i cant explain on my side or on my back usally. i would like to know if u have dealt with it and how

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      hello, I'm experiencing same thing. please how did you manage it?

      i don't have money for doctor for now

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    I have never heard of "apple Juice" making anything worse. The only possibility is you have diverticilitis..and EATING will make it worse.Does food and other beverage cause incfreased pain? Apple juice by itself will not cause anyone pain in 9.9999% of cases. That is why most hopsitals usually just give out apple juice when asking for any juice .
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      For 15 years apple juice gives me stomach pains that shoot thru me like a hot knife.

      I dont think u have gall stones but maybe a non functioning gall bladder. That is what i had when i had pain under the ribs. I had a HIDA scan where they watched my gall bladder on xray and i has a low bile ejection rate so I had it removed in 2011.

      About 2 years ago the pain under my right rib started again. Only every once in a while...now it is more frequent.

      I m going in today at noon for a upper endoscopy. I will let you know what they say.

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