Acid reflux, I lost the battle

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I have not taken my meds for reflux all year since being on them off and on for 2 years.

When I was on omeprazole it really did seem to improve, a bit. Then I decreased to 20mg and thought I was better.

I have been coughing up clear mucus and thought it was bronchitis and coming from my right lung, since I had burning and pressure around my right lower rib cage and up the right center of my back.

I gave up the fight and returned to my med and will make an appointment to see a new gastro, soon.

My last gastro doctor said I would be taking meds for the rest of my life. I resented that comment and felt IA could prove him wrong. I guess not.

All I want is to be out of agony. He can be right.

I don't know when I have had a good night sleep

Do you have any encouragement?

Have you had mucus and burning?

Any suggestions of what I can do to speed up the pr to heal my esophagus and minimize inflammation?

Has anyone after dealing with chronic acid reflux been able to get off or tapper off their med?

Through this experience I learned a lot about myself.

I need to give up the need to be right.

I need to choose a female care given, because I don't do well with the energy of the male doctor's usually. 

There are worse things that taking meds for reflux.

Just relax, be discomfort free and go with the flow.

Nothing back is happening, don't be afraid.

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    Hello dreaming,

    I'm very interested in your story as I'm just starting the beginning of mine! My reflux started a couple of months ago and I'm refusing to take medication and rather attacking it from the angle of changing what  eating drinking etc. So far I know diary is a massive trigger for me, fatty foods and caffeine.

    Just wondering if you have had this approach so you could come of your medication and did you have any triggers?

    My gut instinct tells me I should not be eating any processed foods and I'm gradually changing my diet to a very old school outlook and it's improving my symtoms which are post nasal drip, sinus problems, pain under my left rib, difficulty swallowing and lots more! I did have a bad attack after eating deep fried foods a month ago so I'm more determined to change what I eat now!!

    Love to hear what you've tried!

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      Your symptoms sound similar to my symptoms. Yes, I have sinus and post nasal symptoms too. Thinking back, I have had this for years.

      I have started alternative treatments, but haven't been consistant until recently. By then I was full blown in discomfort.

      What triggered me is I took antibiotics for the past mont 3X a week, given to me for bronchitis, but I know now that's the reflux, not an infection. I stop taking it Friday.

      Since writing the post I have decided to take meds and aggressively do alternative at the same time plus avoid triggers.

      These are the things I plan to choose from to do, as I take medication. Some of them I will daily, others will be done several times a week.

      Coconut oil

      Krill oil

      Apple cider vinegar

      Manuka honey 


      Cabbage juice

      Sodium bicarbonate 

      Mastic gum

      Licorice root

      Aloe Vera

      Glutamine powder

      Digestive enzymes

      Eat small meals


      Decrease stress

      Avoid process foods, dairy, gluten, sugar and alcohol.

      Being who I am, I see myself slowly reducing medication after a period of time being stable. Going so slow. If not off, at a minimal dosage until fully healed.

      These changes were not implemented before stopping meds, I just stopped mess cold turkey. Big mistake.

      I plan to heal, not just treat the symptoms.

      What is your plan?

      Any suggestions to assist me.

      I am tried of not feeling welcomed in my body.

      Since writing this post, I do feel better :-)

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      I've had the sinus problems for over a year now but the pain, swallowing and fatigue have only been recent but come in full force. 

      I had my gall bladder removed 8 years ago and my body cannot store iron so I suffer with anaemia symtoms as well so sometimes it's been hard. After a recent blood test I know my iron levels are high to I'm only fighting this reflux now.

      I'm going to start with the major but most basic things like you mentioned. Cutting out wheat, diary, gluten and processed sugars as this is a massive task in itself, especially with 3 children!! I introduced diary back into my diet and after a week all it caused was the worst symtoms ever!! Two weeks back to soya, coconut and almond milk I'm back to a manageable level where I'm having 3 bad days out of 7.

      Now to eliminate the rest and I'm positive I'll see massive improvements. I'm hoping as much raw vegetables, fruits, fish, red meat (occasionally) and little and often will help smile

      My mother had unbearable IBS symtoms for decades and was very I'll a lot of the time. After suffering a heart attack, this forces her to radically change her diet, very simular to the above and the change has been astronomical!! No more IBS at all after decades of medication! I think the warning sign for me was having my gall bladder removed and my body was showing signals of not being able to cope with the foods I was eating!

      Please keep sharing your journey, think it' is going to be a long one but with research and support we can hopefully improve our situations!!!

      Sarah x

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    Hi, I was diagnosed with Gastritis. I'm never sure if it's the same as reflux or just related. So many symptoms are the same. I've had this since November last year.

    It's Dreadful!

    the list of things you are trying match mine except for the honey mastic gum 

    and krill oil


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    Sorry my post just stopped. I have taken all the ppi ending in zole. But they disagreed with me. I'm now taking ranitidine some days. I hate depending on drugs. The feeling of pressure under my ribs drive me mad. I juice every day which I find helps. I have juiced cabbage juice which is horrid but, when you feel so bad you will try anything. I hope you feel better soon x
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      Has the cabbage juice helped?

      Are there any side effects, like more burning from drinking it?

      I haven't drank any yet. It's on my list of things to do.

      Please share your experience.

      I realize the natural way takes time.

      All I have is time.

      My first goal is to heal inflamed tissue.

      Then restore balance in digestive tract.

      This can be done.

      Inch by inch anything is a cinch.

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      Yes I think the cabbage juice did work. I was in such pain I would have done anything. Have you read the reports on it?

      i now juice it with pears. But mostly juice kale it's from the cabbage family but not as stinky. It did take about a week to start feeling a bit better. I'm only taking ranitidine now and again. But have aloe Vera juice and apple cider vinegar in my juices. I try to eat only clean foods. Keep me posted on how it goes  I didn't have h pilori just badly inflamed stomach lining. Heart burn and killer indigestion. Everything I ate set it off. That's why I juice gives my digestion a rest. x

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      Thanks Jayne,

      I am encouraged to begin juicing cabbage.

      Sometime people say they are juicing but are actually blending by using the nutri-bullet or vita mix.

      I do have the nutri- bullet, vita mix and a champion juicers

      Are you really extracting the pulp in your juicer or blending?

      I can only eat small amounts. I feel full all the time. Juicing or blending will work well with me.

      Right now, with all the burning, I don't want to do either. I know I have to eat something though

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      I have a juicer and Nutribullet. With the cabbage I juice. About a quater of a cabbage at a time. I drank it fresh. My burning has gone I am just left with this weird pressure where my bra fits and in my rib cage. 

      I have started exercising that's helping too, I do yoga and I walk a lot. I didn't want to do anything when the pain was bad. I feel better with the exercise.

      if the juice is too horrid for you juice a pear with it. I would have drunk anything to make the pain go away. Let me know how it goes x

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      Have you reflux symptoms a long time?

      How long have you been juicing cabbage juice?

      Do you take medications too?

      I am buying a cabbage tomorrow.

      I don't like to juice, but more than that, I don't enjoy the discomfort of reflux, so I am juicing

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      I have been diagnosed with Gastritis since February this year. I started with heartburn and indigestion in the November before. I have been juicing since may. I have been on omoprozole lansoprozole pantoprozole  but all these made me feel worse. Now I have ranitidine which I have weened myself of from 2 a day to one every now and again.the juicing has been my saviour. Now I do exercise which has made me get my confidence back in my body. I'm still not back to full health. The feeling of pressure in my chest and ribs is still there and I have bad days. But I feel like I have turned the corner.
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      Yes you have.

      I am looking forward to feeling better too.

      Today has been good.

      Burning is okay right now and not much mucus, even ribs are not burning.

      I too have rantidine and took one last night.

      When did you take the rantidine.

      Did you take one before bed?

      What about the other one during the day, before meals, after meals or in between meals.

      Trying to be patient with the healing.

      This reflux crisis will soon past

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      I take ranitidine before bed, and sometimes first thing before I eat anything. I don't do this every day. I'm trying to wean off them.  On the days I don't take them I take acidophilus herbal tablets first thing before food. 
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      Acidophilus herbal tablets?

      Where do you purchase and what's the brand name?

      I have taken rantidine at bedtime for 3 nights straight. Decided after taking one omeprazole to stop before I would have to deal with rebound affect.

      Last night I slept for the first time in weeks, even dreamed.

      I feel so good.

      Definitely watching what I eat, eating small meals, waiting for a period of time to Sri k after eating, and only Sri king water, and some lemon teas.

      All I desire is to feel better in my body

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      Holland and Barrett do online. Bought some licorice tea, mmmm think it's an aquired taste. I drink organic white tea. Don't know if you can get that over there. It's made by Clipper.
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      Thank You.

      I located the site.

      I have licorice tea too.

      It is suppose to be good for the digestive tract.

      I chew the licorice DGL caps that are not suppose to have the side effect of raising the B/P where prolong usage of licorice may.

      Thanks you again for sharing.

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