Acid reflux, I lost the battle

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I have not taken my meds for reflux all year since being on them off and on for 2 years.

When I was on omeprazole it really did seem to improve, a bit. Then I decreased to 20mg and thought I was better.

I have been coughing up clear mucus and thought it was bronchitis and coming from my right lung, since I had burning and pressure around my right lower rib cage and up the right center of my back.

I gave up the fight and returned to my med and will make an appointment to see a new gastro, soon.

My last gastro doctor said I would be taking meds for the rest of my life. I resented that comment and felt IA could prove him wrong. I guess not.

All I want is to be out of agony. He can be right.

I don't know when I have had a good night sleep

Do you have any encouragement?

Have you had mucus and burning?

Any suggestions of what I can do to speed up the pr to heal my esophagus and minimize inflammation?

Has anyone after dealing with chronic acid reflux been able to get off or tapper off their med?

Through this experience I learned a lot about myself.

I need to give up the need to be right.

I need to choose a female care given, because I don't do well with the energy of the male doctor's usually. 

There are worse things that taking meds for reflux.

Just relax, be discomfort free and go with the flow.

Nothing back is happening, don't be afraid.

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    Well, probably all of us here are in bad shape still-that's why we are here, so most of us take meds.  But I have had friends that are off of meds now.  I know it's not for life for everyone, nut, perhaps you can cycle them on and off as needed.  I think it is very good to give your liver a break, as long as you don't cause harm to other parts, so perhaps you can take them as needed.  I had tapered off for a while, and then had the reflux come raging back, but I think it was mainly because of the h. pylori.  I'll have to see what happens now that I finished the anti-biotics.

    Good luck--and definitely go with a doctor you can trust--but I have a female nurse practitioner and she's a bigger pr*ck than the male doctor, so it has to do with personality too.  I hate it when they say don't read things on the internet--as if they are the only ones allowed to have medical knowledge and want to keep us in ignorance.  It's my pet peeve.  They are the keepers of all knowledge, and we are too simple to start digging in to this stuff, how could us mere mortal non-doctors ever hope to understand all this complicated stuff.  It will just confuse and addle our small non medical professional brains.  Makes me very mad.  She said this to me, and I've written that office off completely now!

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      Stomach girl 

      My grandmother used to say "Never let them know where you buy and sell". Therefore I will not be taking much about the Internet.

      I am making an appointment today with a new gastro doctor, a female. Most women  are, some not, nurtering and sensitive.  However, now since women are in men's roles some of them have lost their feminine side. Some men are sensitive, but my last MD and I did not match.

      When I decide to tapper off meds in future I will reduce strength first, then take 4 days a week, eliminating taking Mon, Wed, and Fri.

      Slowly this time coming off. This could take months.

      All the research says condition is caused by too little acid which promotes overgrowth of hpyloric which I had in 2012. My last doctor said I did not have it in 2013. He tested my stool which the previous doctor said was inaccurate.

      Now, I am working on clearing hpyloric through fermented sauerkraut and probiotics. Even if I don't have hpyloric these foods are good for the body.

      My desire is to correct rather than just remove uncomfortable symptoms.

      On top of al this my stools have changed size, so a thorough exam is necessary.

      Interesting, the antibiotic I just finished aren a suspect to my having this attack than I am in the mist of. It's a burning down my back side. The mucus is not coming out like it was on previous day. It was copious amounts, enough was me to have a cup to spit in.

      I am Knowing, this will past.

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    Hi Dreaming,

    Apparently you should

    come off omeprazole , 

    Very gradually reducing your 

    Dose over weeks, and you do

    Get rebound symptoms for a

    Long time after. So maybe you 

    Were suffering rebound symptoms.

    I agree I don't want to stay on this drug

    Long term as there are side effects.

    At present I am being really strict ,

    I'm following the book Dropping Acid, 

    And only having alkaline foods .

    I've also bought myself an excellent

    Juicer to make green juices. I definitely 

    Feel better than I did, I am not

    symptom free, but it's only been a couple 

    Of weeks, it's worth a try.

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      What medication are you taking?

      I too eat vegetable, rare meat.

      We can all help one another.

      When we deal only

      You are right about coming off slowly. 

      I have taken on 1  omeprazole in months and that was this morning.

      I also have rantidine which I will begin to take nightly.

      The fact that this massive burning has occured after antibiotic tells me that I really need to beef up the pre and probiotics in diet.

      I was working on my reflux but not very aggressively. It's amazing how pain can become a motivator for the best actions.

      Now, working on my digestion is my focus.

      Plus, I am sitting upper now.

      I was laying around all day.

      Can't do that now

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      Hi Dreaming, I'm taking 20mg of Omeprazole in the morning and

      Gaviscon at night, My symptoms have been all to do with my throat,

      constantly sore, constant thick white mucus that sits at the back of my throat

      worsening after eating, also my throat feels like it's closing up inside, the

      only thing I have heard about that really is successful in curing this

      is the Linx surgery. I don't think settling for tablets all your life is good

      enough !

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      Again we similar with symptoms.

      No sore throat but mucus, mostly after eating that's clear, sometimes white foamy.

      Today is good, not much mucus.

      A new symptom appeared after drinking apple cider vinegar on right side. 

      Pen like pain from lower rib cage toward my neck.

      I said "good".

      Felt like a tighten and good change is happening.

      Now for ginger tea that suppose to be good.

      This surgery, is it successful?

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    I have recetly won the battle after a year of suffering with it. Try gaviscon to ease the symptoms, I have no time for ppis. They do not solve the root cause. 

    I started taking gaviscon, eating a full pack (tablet form- 16 tabs) on a daily basis until I could scale back to half a packet. 

    I am currently doing 2 things. Seeing a chiropractor and taking a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar mixed with a glass of water when reflux flares up. (Once every 3 days) I do not take the gaviscon anymore.

    Through aligning my spine, and doing exercises to build muscles in the right places there is no pressure on my esophogus and nerves can communicate the right message. Your chiro will not profess to being able to fix you but mine is now documenting my progress but he said at the beginning that people have come to him with asthma, migranes etc before and as a by product of proper alignment it can allow the body to heal. 

    I have seen the chiro 4 times in the lady two weeks and I finally know myself again. 

    Please try this and ask me any questions you may have 

    Cost of chiro: 

    Mine was 60euros for 1st consultation and 40e for every time after that. I have to see him 8 times in all. 

    You can't put a price on health. Try the first two sessions. I had 24 hours of freedom from reflux after the first alignment, 3 days after the 2nd. 

    The apple cider vinegar helps to restore your pH balance. Best to eat something small with it. You will feel better an hour afterwards. 

    My reflux was at the stage that I threw up an hour after eating anything, muscus and burning also. I took ppis for 6 months and had to take over 25 sick days. 

    I know what it feels like to give up. 



    25 years old

    From Dublin 

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      To all in this thread. If you have had an endoscopy and can not find h. Pilori or other disease related problems, please try my solution. 

      It worked for me. 

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      Hi Michael, I find what you suggest very interesting, I have been to a

      chiropractor a while back and was told I have 2 areas that need sorting out, I would be interested to hear if your progress continues. Also I have 

      been very concerned about continuing on the omeprazole because of

      long term side effects. Thank you for your post, Sarah

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      Wow Michael, you have achieved amazing results.

      I have seen a chriopracter but not often.

      Your suggestion has been received and I will make an appointment.

      I just drank apple cider vinegar but it was after my meal. Next time I will drink with food.

      I drank some gaviscon, but it burned me.

      I will try the tablets.

      I have come to realize that it is impossible to really know how someone else is feeling unless you have experienced something similar, and still you don't know.

      Telling someone that you are suffering with acid reflux may seem like nothing to them if they haven't had it.

      This acid reflux is no joke

      Thanks for sharing your good progress

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      Hi Sarah, 

      I have my 4th session of 8 on thursday.. Two per week. I will keep you updated..

      I had really bad side effects with PPI's, I was sick every 3 weeks for the 6 months. 

      No good for me at least! 

      The chiro adjusts me in 4 places. Lower hip, upper middle of my back, first rib and upper neck. 

      The upper middle of my back is the one that may relate to the gerd.

      Will I update with you on this thread? 


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    I speak as a partner of a sufferer. I know in the past when she has had painful blisters in her esophegas due to acid burn that the doctor has prescribed something which I'm told people with cancer of the throat and esophegas are also prescribed. It's expensive but it does numb the area. It's called antacid and oxetacaine , oral suspension and its manufactured by Rosemount pharmaceuticals. And yes, she does get mucus, bile, and a burning pain that goes on for hours. It's unbearable to watch and sometimes only morphine will combat it.

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      Thanks for sharing.

      Yes, antacids help.

      The pain is somewhat agonying.

      It difficult to lay down and even sleep.

      This too shall pass.

      I see it gone


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