Acid reflux in 5 Years old & Need advice on hPylori

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Hi, My son is five years old. He is suffering from digestive issues snce when he was 4 years old. Initially it started with Diahrrea and we thought that it is just normal one which happens to every kid. Doctor has prescribed antibiotcs for motions and all. After it is over, soon after a week, my son was complaining about nausea, abdominal pain(lasts only for few mins which occurs after having food mostly). again after 2 weeks, he had motions problem. He had some dark circles appeared under his eyes and also lost some weight gradually .  Again doctor has prescribed antibiotics and he told that Nausea, abdominal pain and motions are due to stomach worms. so, Deworming has been done for him. After a week, again same symptoms (nausea, vomiting after having breakfast, abdominal pain) happened. We went to gastro this time . He has done all the tests appendicits, abdomin, pelvis exam etc. except endoscopy. He informed that all good and told me to use Sucralfate suspension for 15 days. We have used it but still symptoms didn't much go. 

After 2 months, symptoms has been increased, i see some weird symptoms coughing, some voice change also. He has done endoscopy and informed that it is GERD and he prescribed Esmeprazole sachets and informed to use for 10 days. We have used but they are not helping much. My son is still complaining about the problem even on medication. I took him to doctor for thrice for every month. In the middle, he has prescribed antacids also. He said that it is GERD nothing more than that. Some times, i am observing some bad smell from my son's mouth. Also, dark circles, weight loss is also going on. I am really worried. I am really frustrated with treatment. He goes to school normally and active in his studies. But i see the problem with weight gain.

I have heard about hPylori and SIBO and i am thinking that my child symptoms are similar to that. Is my doctor missed that in endoscopy? Also, i heard that stool test is availble for hPylori. Also, i want to take him to another doctor to take second opinion. I would like to request this doctor to perform stool culture and bacteria culture including hPylori. 

Any advice on this is really appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    When your son had the endoscopy, they may have done a biopsy of his stomach to test for h pylori.  You could ask your doctor if this was done. They will have the notes and findings of the endoscopy.  In fact, I think after the procedure, they would have told you if h pylori was found because if it was, antibiotics would have been needed. If it wasn’t mentioned, it is possible he doesn’t have h pylori.
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      Hi, he hasn't done biposy during endoscopy. He just did it on high level and report has images of duedoneum and other images of endoscopy results. h Pylori diagnosis hasn't happened to him.

      In my next to visit to another doctor, i'll first request for this test. 

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      What is high level? Do you mean he was told he didn't have h pylori or was he not tested for it?

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      In that case ask for an h pylori stool test.  Your son will need to be off PPIs for two weeks to make sure the test is accurate.
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      Hi, my doctor has advised to get barium swallow meal test and hpylori. tests done.. He hasn't told me to off the medications before stool antigen tests... We are yet to get his tests done.. is it good off the medication to get better results?

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      Hey, Is it applicable for antibiotics also? How long do we need to wait for if we take any antibiotic medication? My son has taken metrodinazole syrup (only one day, morning dose and evening dose) a week back. Hence i am asking.
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      For the breath test, you may be instructed to refrain from taking certain medications:

      Four weeks before the test, do not take any antibiotics or oral bismuth subsalicylate (Pepto Bismol®wink.

      Two weeks before the test, do not take any prescription or over-the-counter proton pump inhibitors, such as omeprazole, lansoprazole, or esomeprazole.

      One hour before the test, do not eat or drink anything (including water).

      If submitting a stool sample or having a tissue biopsy collected, it may be necessary to refrain from taking any antibiotics, antacids, or bismuth treatments for 14 days prior to the test.

      If undergoing endoscopy, fasting after midnight on the night prior to the procedure may be required.

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    You should certainly get another doctors opinion. I will strongly suggest you start giving him super probiotics such as kefir, misso soup, nuts, yogurt, sauerkra, cold water fish like wild salmon and cod. If it's bacteria in this young age I thinks it's best to strengthen his immune system. You should also add additional good fats like omega 3. Supplements are always good. Did you test yourself and wife for hpylori? The most effective as per my understand is breath test but with 15 days gap of Antiacids etc. 

    I would recommend you to try curicumin with bit of black pepper. Also, use turmeric, parsley, fresh bascil and plenty of antioxidants such as blueberries. 

    I believe if you can follow the above religiously and notice which diets impact him negatively he'll recover from anything. I have also learned that the gut regenerates in 30 days completely. Please try the above religiously. 

    Wishing your son a full and speedy recovery. I know this all as I have studied from multiple online sources and trying the above myself.

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      Hi, Thank your for the reply. 

      I've started some changes to his diet like giving him food in smaller meals, curd and more fruits etc.  i have started Multivitamin syrup for him. 

      I'll discuss about food diet with doctor in next visit. Thank you for your inputs.

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    Antibiotics are very harsh on stomach. I have not recovered and experiencing severe pain because of antibiotics use. Antibiotics should only be prescribed when there really is a need for that. Antibiotics cause havoc on your stomach. Only use Antibiotics or harsh meds when the problem is diagnosed and worth using these meds.

    Dont always listen to docs they just play hit and miss game and you are just test subject. The kids immune system is challenged by antibiotics and yes the possibility of sibo increases after antibiotics use. Just do proper tests to diagnose the real issue and not use harsh meds without proper diagnosis. Here antibiotics seem to be the cause of pain.

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      For my son, i have observed till now that doctors have given symptomatic treatment. He always says that it is common for kids. But i know that it is not common. Though i am trying to explain the symptoms, he always was in hurried in manner and also not that much patient friendly. I'll definitely get all tests done with proper tests in my visit with another doctor. Thanks for your inputs.

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      Even if he is positive for something like Hpylori, please give him sometime to recover and gain strength and only then start the treatment. You can discuss this with your doctor aswell. The more weak you are the more severe antibiotics react thats my observation ofcourse its different for everyone. I beg you though to go as natural as you can.
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      Hi, Sure. I also vote for natural treatment first. If it is +ve for hPylori, i'll discuss with my doctor in detail about medication and side effects. Thanks for your inputs.

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