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im a 15 year old girl, and my spots have been bad for almost 2 years ive tried so many different tablets but now, 3 days ago i started taking the nasty drug 'accutane' in order to help my acne clear up, im on the high dose and already experienecing the nasty side affects, can anyone reccomend a good moisturser as my skin is so cracked and sore?

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    Hi Emily,

    i was was on a course of accutane late last year and found the best facial moisturiser for me was Cetaphil (you can get it from the pharmacy section in Boots if your in the UK). It's really thick but doesn't sting like normal ones do. I think it was about £10 but it lasted me ages. They also do a face wash which I've heard is good. I got really dry and sore skin around my eyes for which I used Boots own eye cream called "Simply Sensitive Hydrating Eye Cream", it's only about £3 and doesn't sting at all but soaks in. For body (my arms got particularly dry) I found Lush's "Dream Cream" to be the best. Again it's very gentle but very moisturising. And for lips I used Blistex Relief Cream. It does sting when you first put it onto cracked lips because it's medicated but I really found it the best (and I've tried every lip balm/Vaseline/Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour)   

    Hope this is of some help x

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      thank you so much for your helpful reply, i will definetly give cetaphill a go, has your acne cleared up from going on raccutane? and if you dont mind me asking how old are you if you've suffered from acne? did you get a lot of the nasty side affects when you took it? xox 
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      I'm 27 at the moment. I was on accutane when I was about 21 for facial acne and I preached about it to anyone that would listen it was that successful for me. There were some nasty side affects but at that time I mainly suffered with the dry skin. Last year I was put on another course as I have recently been diagnosed with Hidradenitis Suppurativa which is an autoimmune disease (not acne) and was causing boils on my body. Accutane didn't work this time around for me, my dermatologist did say it doesn't work as well for the body as it does on the face but it's not the course to go down for my condition. I did have some pretty horrid side effects this time. Along with the dry skin (which in itself can make you very miserable because it's so sore) I had pretty bad back and joint pain. But you've got to way up the pro's and con's for yourself. If your acne is making you that miserable is a few months of dry skin worth it? For me it was undoubtedly yes. 

      I have read some horror stories about side effects and people's moods so please, if you feel yourself becoming down or depressed tell your parents! Don't keep it to yourself and worry about being taken off the tablets. I had a low month my first time around and spoke to my dermatologist. They just kept my medication at the same level (no increase) and kept an eye on my mood. 

      Good luck! xx

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      i really appreciate your advice, its only early days for me and i already have a dry face sad its soo sore i just feel ulgly and worthless i dont even see the  point in makeup anymore. but its really nice to talk to people that are having or have had the same experience as me, because all my friends at school dont have spots and none of them understand. so thank you very much, im on a high dose for 4 monts just cannot wait for them to clear up! where abouts do you live? im from the uk, southampton/london way! xx
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      Don't feel that way, acne or the medication doesn't make you ugly. Don't let anyone make you feel ashamed, they are just being immature. It's not going to be forever and when your time on Accutane is up, you'll be so happy with the results the side effects will be a distant memory. My face used to get quite red and I was convinced people would notice my big tomato face walking around but it's what's best for you so who cares what other people think. Your friends may not understand at the moment but they might eventually get outbreaks and they'll be coming to you for advice. Why not try going without makeup while your on the tablets or cutting back to just a BB cream or tinted moisturiser. Really it's all about moisture for your face ATM.

      I'm up in Scotland, just outside of Glasgow. Don't worry about what others think (easier said I know especially at school), soon you'll notice an improvement then it's all downhill to coming off the tablets.

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    thank you so much rachel! your sp helpful and kind, it seems like your the only one who understands me at the moment, what annoys me about spots is everyone stereotypes and assumes that i have a face full of acne because of a poor diet.. and its not true because the doctor said it was due to hormones and just being unlucky. and wow your ages away from me now! your all the way up in scotland! if i went to school without makeup people would just laugh and judge me, and i have to apply two layers of moisturiser now im so dried up and sore, my makeup always looks cakey and flakey as it clings to the dryness and exentuates my acne more.. and im so red to add to, making it harder to cover! i cannot wait to finish these tablets and just have a clear face for once in my life! thank you again xx
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      I used to feel the same, people have a view of acne that it means your dirty. Not at all the case, these narrow minded people are just lucky they haven't had to deal with it. Plaster the Cetaphil on at night if you get it. It's very thick so your face will feel greasy but it works a treat. Maybe it's too thick for under makeup. Don't worry, it won't be long before you can come off them. I'm assuming you'll soon be on summer holidays from school so that'll give you a bit of time to let your skin breath xx
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    today has not been a good day, im unable to put makeup on and my face is so dry so everytime i try to it makes me flakey and peel like a snake, im putting layers of moisturiser on but its not working :'( its just getting me more upset, how the hell do i go to school tommorow feeling and looking so disgusting!! sad 
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      Hi Emily!

      I think that we are both in the same boat right now, I'm also 15 and on roaccutane. I'm in month 4 of my course and my side effects are killer! My lips are cracked around the edges and my skin is really dry and flaky making makeup application in the morning before school an absolute nightmare!

      ... However, I've found that my body and forehead are completely clear now and I only have a few lumpy spots on my cheeks and some red scarring.

      Yes my joints are achy and everything is dry and sore but honestly I don't regret my tablets at all because I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now! I know it feels like you'll never reach clear skin but honestly I can feel my skin feeling clearer!

      I'm on 60mg a day but on my next appointment will probably be bumps up to 70 or 80? Get your dermatologist I prescribe you the tub of epaderma moisturiser to slather on at night and the pump action cream to put under make up! They have been my ultimate salvation!

      Any let me know how it's going! X

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      i cant see the light at the end of the tunnel yet sad im sorry for the long reply been on a school trip to the ardeche and its made my skin worse, i had to stop my roaccutane for the week and ive broken out again, just want clear skin. i will ask my doctor about the epaderma cream im currently using cetaphill and its quite good rolleyes thank you for your lovley message though i really appreciate it. just fed up and dreading school all the time, because nobody suffers with acne like i do at school, everyone has flawless skin :'(
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    Hia Emily,

    Your posts broke my heart. Its horrible hearing you so sad about your skin but hopefully Rachels kind words have helped. They certainly helped me. Im a lot older than you but like you havr just started on roaccutane and am struggling! Am having an horrific flare up and look worse than ever. I didnt leave the house weekend because im sure id scare people!! Had to cancel date with man of my dreams because i felt so so self concious. (Gutted. He was lush!)

    But i really think we'll make it. Reading the posts on this forum proves it will get better and one day it will be us advising people and telling them it will be ok - just has Rachel helped us.

    Keep the faith. Im just imagining christmas parties this year. No spots. No concealer. Just a fabulous party dress and a smile!

    M x

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      sorry that my message upset you its just how i feel at the moment, just so fed up of the way i look, my face is disgusting and all my friends are all flawless its just upsetting, talking to people on here going through the same stuff makes me feel soo much better, because i dont know anyone who suffers from acne and is on accutane.. so no one really understands what im going through.. 
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    Emily I hope you don't mind my following your post. My 17yo son will start accutane tonight. I am nervous about him taking it based on the side effects. We've tried numerous Rx's and none have worked. Our dermatologist suggested Accutane. My biggest concern, and that of my son, is scarring when he is older. The acne doesn't seem to bother him that much, but I know in a year, during his Senior year, he'll be so glad to be (hopefully) acne free. With his braces off this summer, he will really have super confidence also. 

    It must be hard to live with severe acne and not have people understand it's totally genetic! Not diet, not hygiene, not anything you can do to prevent it. You just have to get through the sadness and side effects, and let your inner beauty come through. In several months, it will be both Internal and external beauty!

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      its annoying because none of my friends suffer from it so im virtually the only one at school.. my makeup looks awful at school which only emphasises the spots i already have, so it makes people stare moresad i hope your son is okay. 
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    Oh, and our dermatologist said it would get worse before it gets better. Uggghhh. 


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      Hia alleycat,

      I am far far from an expert and have only been on roaccutane for 5ish weeks. So i know nothing apart fron what my dermatoligist says (which to be honest is very sketchy..."you may get dry skin - you may not. You may get a break out may not". Hmmmm). But ive learned a lot from the kind people on here. And of course ive got my own experience.

      Sooooo.... My experience....5 weeks in - no dry skin. No sad thoughts. No aching joints. BUT...has it got worse? Yes. A lot lot worse. Im pushing through though because im assured its worth it. its very very hard at the moment though.

      Bad skin is so cruel but with a fab mum like you your son will make it.

      Christmas feels a long way away but that is my end point. The light at the end of my tunnel. I may have a tough ride but come Christmas i hope to be spot free and happy at last with my skin.

      im sorry i couldnt help anymore but i just wanted you to know that people understand and are listening to your worries.

      best of luck

      m x

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      Thanks! That's what I've heard, it gets worse before it gets better. Thankfully that will be over summer break. 

      I also heard that a small percent need a second round of Acutane, and even a much much smaller percent need a third dose, but once it's gone, it's gone for good. I'm banking on being in the larger group of respondants who only have to go on one round. Best of luck. 

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      yeah thats what my dermotoligist said so hopefully it starts getting better soon.. biggrin 

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