Addicted to dihydrocodeine help!!

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Hi everyone. Right long story short I'm addicted to DHC I'm taking 30-40 a day (yes very bad I know) I have taken the plunge and spoke to my GPs who gave me the number to a substance abuse place in my local area, I have also spoken to them. They wanted me to wean off them properly not go cold turkey but Iv now ran out. I tuck what was left thismorning. Over the last 2 days I had started reducing what I had been taking so I'm already getting withdrawals. at the moment I'm just constantly sweating. Waking up in the night freezing cold but covered in sweat. I know it's going to get a whole lot worse. I have an appointment with the specialists in 2 days time but just for an assessment they won't be able to get me an appointment with one of their doctors until the following week to possibly prescribe me something while I come off it so I'm going turkey and I'm so scared of what's to come. I know the withdrawals are horrible and I have fibromyalgia too so it's going to be even harder. Iv got two young kids one who's 5 and the other 15 months. My partner has got 7 days off starting Tuesday so In 2 days time. Im so scared how long I'm going to feel terrible for. Iv been taking so many for a few months, does it make a difference how long you've been taking it to how long the withdrawals will last? Would like to hear from others who have been in this position please x

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    Hi Hun, I'm in exactly same situation as yourself I also suffer from fibromyalgia, I've no idea what's to come as I've never been cold turkey cause it's sacres me so much, I'm trying to cut down just now and feel awful I'm hot/cold goose bumps agitated sore head 😔 Regret taking this medication for my pain it's put me in a worse situation than I was sad hope your ok we are here to help xx

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      Thanks for your reply Hun. Please do not go cold turkey! I did 2 days and I was in tears up all night, I slept for 30 minutes and that was it! I had severely restless legs and arms, witch drove me to tears, I had severe diarrhoea, vomiting, stomach cramps, hot/cold sweats, I rang my GP in tears who gave me some tablets for that day as I was due to see the drug worker later that day annthey wanted to find out what there plan was with me. (I see a medic at drug place tomorrow) until then my GP has been giving me 8 a day. Now I was taking 30-40 tablets a day and now Iv dropped to 2 3-4 times a day and I'm honestly surprised I don't feel to bad, I have headache more or less constantly and I feel pretty tired and drained but trust me going cold turkey is the worse thing ever, the first 24-48 hours are not to bad then it will hit you. I was walking round the house crying my eyes out saying to my partner I can't do this he was trying to calm me down and made me ring the GP. I'm now waiting on my app tomorrow worth he drug medic to see how there going to get me off them properly. They have spoke about prescribing me like methadone or something similar but if I have managed to cut down this much myself I'm hoping I don't have to be prescribed to come off them and can just work with them to lower it slowly. Xx

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      Oh that sounds awful sad I'm cutting down slowly so i don't feel unwel, my headaches are so bad and just seen that you had the same? Mine was coming right round the back of my neck actually it was all over my head i was crying with the pain. I have so much regrets taking this meds for my pain relief sad it's good to talk to someone else in my situation as only we would know just how hard it is, thanks for getting back to me Hun it means slot xxxxx

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      Hi just wanted to warn you about the dangers if you go to the drug team about what they may prescribe it well may be methadone or subutex i strongly advise not going down that route as these are way more powerful drugs and will wreck your life and probably end up in a detox bed to come off these then the post acute withdrawal which kicks it afterwards is hell believe me as been through it and still battling it 11 years later from my original codeine addiction it's simply madness to prescribe this stuff for codeine addiction please either stick to the taper plan or go cold turkey I so wish I had the subutex / methadone taper is stretched out over years and leave you in a much worse state lots of luck with your journey xx🌼🌹🌼

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    Hope you're both doing a little better. I had to go cold turkey off DHC and it sucked. Let me add my voice in saying if you've been taking it at high dose for awhile it's best to taper off of it slowly, really let your body and brain get used to it. Especially if you have fibromyalgia (me too, sadly) to avoide triggering a flare up. I've also got really bad head and neck problems and was on a lot of meds for years before stopping everything, this wasn't through choice I became allergic to it all but it was the best thing I did and the pain did settle or reach some sort of stable basis. It's worth watching your exhaustion, I'm super tired after and not sure why - taking oodles of B12 which is helping. 

    One other thing I'm going to plead...please try not to feel bad about being in this position. Dependency / addiction to medication is nothing to feel ashamed of, nobody chooses to end up like this, life pain and misery and the need to keep going sees us end up here. So many more people are in the same boat, it's just we never talk about it so don't know. Thank goodness for forums like this. 

    Fibromyalgia is a suck-y disorder that needs careful management not to irritate it; same too with coming off of all meds, but also DHC. As slow careful taper is the best way if you can at all make it work. Getting help makes it so much easier, you can even get something to 'smooth the edges' of the worst of the withdrawals if they're really bad. 

    During one of my allergie-episodes I was on a ward and was struck by how common drug problems are. There was a woman who'd OD'd on paracetamol opposite me and a woman withdrawing from alcohol next to me...(and me detoxing cold turkey off DHC!) and both these women were getting medical help with their symptoms, from a lovely sympathetic doctor too. He really 'got' the misery of the cold turkey withdrawal, that support was lovely! So it is out there, you can get help and support, especially if you take a slower route off the meds, especially helping you adjust afterwards. 

    One final note...keep a close eye on your fibro symptoms and don't be afraid to ask for a referral back to your pain / fibro specialist as you may need or benefit from help with it once you're off the DHC. All those 'life style' things we get taught really come into play. It's hard work, but better than the meds if at all possible. 

    Good luck, really hope things go well for you :-) 

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    KatieB in in the same position and the withdrawals are horrible

    Can I ask where u get these from??

    If u could give me s text I would be so great full O-7-73/6/32:3909

    Thanks gem

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    Hi, Me too. I have severe back problems, fiybromyalgia and going through hell with lower stomach problems. Everything you have all said from the sweating to crying is driving me insane. I'm now taking up to 40 pills a day. The best way is to reduce. Please don't ever go cold turkey. I was taking 4 a day last year and it was hell. It took me over a month of pain and being sick ( sick sometimes up to 8 times a day). My children are older and I haven't told anyone that things are this bad. The doctors in my area are very unsympathetic and they have stopped my prescription  a few times.  One of those times I ended up in hospital  and had to get an anti-sickness injection and a morphine injection.  God knows what I'm doing to myself but it's such a vicious circle. The pain is unbearable hence why I'm in this situation. I can't say it enough, please never go cold turkey. I'm going to start to reduce but the thought of the pain coming back is terrifying me. I hope that made sense.

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    Hi, im in a similar situation, im only on 8 a day for pain but thought i would cut down to 4. Oh my god, my belly is so bad. Im going straight back on to 8 a day, i heavily depend on these for pain but the only way iv heard to come off them is methadone, i didnt know these tablets were so bloody addictive and had severe withdrawals, i dont want anyone to think im addicted but clearly i am. I know people who take 20 at a time in my area so i always think im fine with 8, im scared for what the future holds if i cant get my hands on these, my doc gives me enough for one month taking 8 a day but i need them, what the hell can i do?
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      Hi Emma,

      ?Try dropping 1 pill every week. I've managed to get from 40 a day to 18 per day. It will work. Wish you all the best.

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      I have been put on methadone now, an not touched any dihydrocodeine since starting the methadone, I felt s**t for the first week while they slowly upped my dose and I have found a comftable dose at 30mg now so not high at all xx
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    Hi katie 

                you have simply developed a "tolerance" to the DHC and thats why you needed to take so many ....this is common but any decent gp/doctor should know this and shouldnt have allowed it to get this far 

                however reducing is the only sure fire way of stopping the DHC ... however even on reduction you will still feel strange as your body and brain adjust to less opiates  

                all the symptoms your experiencing are classic opiate withdrawal ... i come of the stronger methadone last year and its took me 8 months to feel relatively normal again .. but DHC isnt as strong so your looking at significantly less time ( probally a few months ) 

                in regards to your questions 

    1) time you have been taking DHC ... a few months isnt that long ( i took methadone for 8 years ) .... so your probally going to have around 4 days of feeling ill and then it should start to subside 

    2) withdrawals ....again around 4 to 7 days ... however you can take some over the counter meds that can help you during this period  

           a) buscopan .... stops stomach cramps and helps really well 

           b) lopramide ... stops the runs that are common during opiate withdrawal 

            another medication that many people use ( but is only avalible on prescription ) is gabapentin .. this is used for nerve pain but the sedating side effect can help with sweats and shakes ...

            also whatever you do dont lay in bed all night sweating ... i found having a hot shower helps and sort of cleanses you ... it will relax you and may allow a few hours sleep 

            im going off personal experience but i hope you get the help you need ... it can be done .. we have all felt the way your feeling at the moment so dont be scared ... it will get better 

                i wish you all the best katie 

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    Ive been taking DHC 120mg x 3 per day plus 8x30 mg Dihydrocodeine for 14 years.I do use them for pain alongside gabapentin.A word of advice dont do cold turkey its horrific i tried once and never again ask the gp to step you down over 6 months,theres no quick fix with this medicine ill never come off it due to the pains i have id love to but cold turkey no,your not alone as you can see set a plan for yourself the gp prescribes the medicine you tell them the best way for you good luck 🍀

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    Hello KatieBroggy how did you get on? Hope your feeling much better, big hugs xx
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    hi Katie x sorry this is late as i noticed you posted 5 months ago x i wonder how you are doing x i too am taking about 30 to 40 a day and i have had a moment where i have realised what i am doing to myself x i was drinking too and smoking and i'm overweight so i'm a disaster waiting to happen xx my life has to change or i will kill myself x not drank for a week and not smoked for 3 days and cut back on my meds xx hope you are off them now xx i really do Xx

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    Hey guys I’m in the same situation and I never ever thought for one min I’d be affected by drugs, iv got enough until I go to detox because I have been told not to stop taking them without proper medical staff looking after me, not going to be easy it’s going to be one hell of a ride but if you’re in the same position as me you can go for help, I did, I didn’t think I ever would, it’s totally screwed my head up to the point I don’t want to live anymore, these last few days have been good because I know there’s finally light at the end of the tunnel, if you don’t admit it you won’t get help but if you really want help you won’t be judged, good luck folks it’s a long hard journey but you will get there, iv not even detoxed yet but I won’t go back to this feeling, ever. Good luck here guys xx

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