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  • david 94690 2

    3 days cold turkey from dhc

    Hello I don't think I have ever realised that I was in fact a drug addict not until I came across this forum. The drug of choosing was dhc. I started taking it when I had a sore neck and wondered why it was never getting better. The realisation came that I didn't need the drug I was just scared of

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  • KatieBroggy 1

    Addicted to dihydrocodeine help!!

    Hi everyone. Right long story short I'm addicted to DHC I'm taking 30-40 a day (yes very bad I know) I have taken the plunge and spoke to my GPs who gave me the number to a substance abuse place in my local area, I have also spoken to them. They wanted me to wean off them properly not go cold

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  • Guest M

    Dihydrocodeine addiction.

    One last thing I need to say and then I'm outta here. I'm reading a lot on here about dihydrocodeine 's as bad as heroin addiction. Drug etc. Well, here is the truth, absolute. If you take dihydrocodeine at a high therapeutic dose for say 3-4 weeks daily, then you are

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  • Guest M

    Dihydrocodeine put me in A&E

    Hi I was prescribed Dihydrocodeine for arthritis and after taking the tablet I experienced severe pains in my upper abdomen like contractions. This lasted for 3 hours and hurt like hell so I decided not to take another. A few weeks later my arthritis was so bad I decided to take another tablet so

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  • Kutter-UK 2

    Dihydrocodeine Withdrawal

    I am starting this new thread because I am having what i believe are different withdrawal symptoms to most everybody.  I have been taking Dihydrocodeine for just over 6 years now, I started on a high dose and have taken varying amounts over these past years. I took them for pain relief from Cauda

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  • Guest M



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  • karen67744 1

    Long term effects of taking Dihydrocodeine 60mg 4 times Daily

    I was put on Dihydrocodeine 6 years ago for Crohn's Disease, I take 2x 30mg four times daily, I'm starting to notice my memory is getting really bad, I know what I want to say but can't remember the words I'm looking for. I also have no sex drive at all. I also suffer from sciatica and am on so

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  • pete58156 2

    14 days off Dihydrocodeine-PAWS

    I have been on some kind of Opiate for 2 years. Lastly Dihydrocodeine for a year. 8 a day but sometimes up to 12 (30 mg, no paracetemol). I did a fast taper dropping 1 a day until none. Strangely and gratefully, the withdrawal wasn't bad at all. I had very minor stomach upset, sneezing, and no

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  • keeleyann 2

    Dihydrocodeine giving me migraines!

    Hello! I mainly want to know if anybody else has had migraines when taking dihydrocodeine for chronic pain? If I don't eat enough when I take my dose they give me a horrible migraine and I can't function. Thanks!

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  • oliver57726 1

    Can dihydrocodeine fail to work at all?

    Im in the middle of a double fight with sinusitis and migraine. My last migraine was almost a year ago and I was given dihydrocodeine which totally voided the pain and left me in a very happy mood. I was prescribed dihydrocodeine for the pain as I was last time but after 3 doses it's having no effect,...

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  • michelle09313 1

    I'm coming off Dyhydrocoedine after 10 years.

    After 10 years I'm starting to come off Dyhydrocoedine 60mgs moderate release. I am a MS sufferer and in the early days I suffered with so much pain. 10 years a go pain wasn't recognised with MS so I had no choice to try my Dad's Dyhydrocoedine and it helped. Problem is I have continued to take

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  • Stobban 2


    Hello Fellow sufferers, Sitting at my computer at the moment with my spine giving me a lot of aggro; although I've taken my medication and not much relief; so it must be the weather as at present it is cold and wet. Doctors in the believed this to be a fact that weather does affect

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  • robdor 1

    Remedeine/Dihydrocodeine 30/500

    I have been very interested in reading the posts regarding these tablets. It would appear that people are overdosing themselves unnecessarily. I have had these tablets prescribed for about 5 years, they are to treat severe spine & hip pain due to osteo arthritis. The label states NO MORE THAN

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  • shawn76012 1

    How can i get off of dihydrocodeine

    I have been taking dihydrocodeine and tramadol together for over 10 years after injuring my spine. I am now very badly addicted to them and it is seriously ruining my life How can i get off of them the easiest way possible?

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  • Pumpkin1 2

    DHC cold turkey - severely allergic to them! Advice?

    It's been so good to read through so many posts on , here's where I'm at with Been taking them 8 a day for ,6years for pain and I have become severely allergic to them this week and had to stop cold turkey. And it's miserable. It's been 3 days 14 hrs down and I've got all the

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  • tim86043 2

    Co-Dydramol tablets - can they be causing me tremors?

    I am four weeks post op from a total knee replacement and have been prescribed the above for pain relief - and the pain is considerable.  However I am also suffering tremors, which I had slightly before the op, but they now seem to occur more regularly and are much more noticeable - am wondering if

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  • Guest M

    19 years on dihydrocodiene.

    After an accident at work Iwas in severe back given this drug to stop the eased it so at least Icould move 12 months the medication was 3 days Iwas in not stop crying constantly, and it was not through pain.I was crying and shaking, just

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  • phil76763 1

    Codeine addiction - overcome for the last time?

    Hi. I just wanted to share my expereinces with regard to codeine addiction. I have noted that some threads talk about codeine not being addictive - I could not disagree more. I have been taking dihydrocodeine and co-codamol on & off for about 4 years. It started by self medicating - I had a nerve

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  • Freedom1009 3

    Need help with withdrawel

    Hi, I have been taking DHC for years, I usually take 6 30mg every morning, sometimes 8, I don't take anymore throughout the day, I know to most people this seems such a low dose, but I'm scared, I want to stop, but I don't know how to be normal again   I need to wake up without taking them being

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  • peter67769 1

    Side Effects Of Dihydrocodeine .

    Hi Guys , I've been on 4 x 60mg of DHC since 2011 when I had an operation on 3 of my lower discs .Then in 2012 I contracted sepsis and was on a Life Support Machine for 3 weeks - during that time I ' died ' for several minutes but I was either revived or my heart re-started on its own - anyway I

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  • Queenrobin 1

    Getting off of Dihydrocodeine

    Hello, I have been on DHC now for about 4 yeas for a hip problem. I take other medicines with them (Tramadol and a morphine patch) but it's the DHC that I have become addicted to. I get withdrawal symptoms within 20 minutes of not taking them at the usual time and now I am having to take more and

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  • Guest M

    Dihydrocodeine Wrecked My Life!

    Before anyone takes Dihydrocodeine (prescribed or recreational) Please listen to what happened to I have worked for a GP out of hours service/Ambulance trust as an Urgent Response Assistant been sent to cat B/C trauma, accidents or anyone who sounded \"Urgent\" when ringing the GP

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  • HMA100 1
  • Guest M

    easy peasy lemon squeezey

    well i had toothache at work one at sea so couldnt get to of my mates gave me a pile of 30mg good after a pills sat in a drawer til one day i had a remembered the pills in the the a

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  • Stobban 2

    Be sensible with the drugs prescribed.

    I take tramadol, co-codamol and dihydrocodeine at the present time for severe pain. The codeine has been prescibed to me for twenty years and though they're not the strongest drugs thank goodness they give me relief. I suffer spinal, hip pain and because of this combination I live a normal life,

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  • angie86937 3

    Why the lack of motivation

    hi guys , I've done a few posts now , been on d for 15 years , my morning are still Sh** even though I take 5 at once. Why the achy stomach and knee and joint pain. I thought you only got that if you tried to wean off. Anyways if there's anyone who can shed some light for me I would be very

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  • angie86937 3

    Mornings are silly

    so I've been on df118 for 12 years. Take about 10 a day now . Anyways just wondered if anyone knows why I can't get moving on a morning. The only time I pick up is about 2o clock when the day is almost over. What on earth is wrong ?. I've seen other people who are actual addicts who can get up

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  • karon 42915 1
  • joy72 1

    i am on Co-dydramol and been given Amitriptyline

    I been on Co-dydramol for a while and its started to wear off - I am waiting for an operation on my foot and is getting very tired due to lack of sleep - my doctor want me to take Amitriptyline at night time so do I still take Co-dydramol as normal or would its make me feel worse,

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  • leah85291 1

    Dihydracodine & monthly period

    Good morning, iv been on dihydracodine for rhe past week, i was due my monthlys last week & theyv never arrived, im as regular as clock work so this is totally out the ordinary, i was wondering if taking this tablets could effect them coming? Has this happened to anyone else? Have searched online

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  • susan05354 1

    Temgesic for pain

    Been on co coda mol ,zapain for 3 years, doctor changed me to temgesic last week, aka they make me feel nauseated, should I ask for diyhdrocodeine instead .  It's for pain related to hepatitis c treatment 

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  • angie86937 3

    Cost of trying to get through !!

    been on df118 for bout 14 years now. I've read all posts and know what it feels like when you can't get through a morning without feeling sh*t. Then because I have to get on with my daily house chores ect , what do I do ? I reach for the majic little pills and pop 6 at once. Hoorah I'm back to normal)

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  • bilobiggles 2

    Codeine Free

    Strange question does anyone remember their lives with DF118 or DHC etc,i sleays liked smoking pot then 1 day i just stopped.I then met Diazepam bad idea had a few years of mayhem with them eventually got off them then was prescribed DF118 due to leg pain severe nightmare never done any other type

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  • j75125 2

    chat for addicts of any kind

    I am an addict and have been for many years now, rather than tell my story I welcome other addicts here to share, discuss, debate and provide support and help for each other. This is for addicts of any kind from weed, solpadine/solpadol all the way to heroin. I look forward to chatting with you

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  • james94907 3

    DHC withdrawel need advice

    hi i have been absusing pain killers for over a year DHC my choice up to 30 a day started dependind on them due to work load i have no one to blame but myself I am day 7 into going cold turkey witch was shocking i am starting to slowly recover but still crave that high i have 8/500 cocodamols would

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