Advice please, worried about elderly mum with swollen legs and ankles due to amlipodine.

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My mum is 85 and always been in good health apart from high blood pressure, which she has taken medication for years, the most recent of which is amplipodine. She saw the nurse for regular check up and she spotted mum's ankles and legs are swollen so took her off the amlipodine straight away (about 1 week ago). My concern is she now seems not her usual self, she can't walk much as she in pain due to the swelling, she also has severe back pain which seems to have come on more or less the same time as her swollen legs/ankles.

I'm just wondering if anyone knows if the swelling/pain is temporary and that she will recover ok now she isn't on the amlipodine? 

Thanks in advance

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    I'm not a Doctor Jinnie, but i have just been replying to someones conversation about amlidipine.I have just come of it nearly three weeks ago and I had swelling around the legs, ankles and feet. Your Doctor should have told you, this is common with this drug. It took around 3 days before my swelling disapeared. I suppose that could vary within certain people. I would say to get her moving and excercise and i'm sure the swelling will eventually go down.
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    Hi Jinnie1975...I agreed with Howard5050. A very common side effect of this drug is the swollen ankles/legs. It's particularly common with the 10mg dosage. Not everyone suffers this side effect with Amlodipine, but a lot do. I was one of them. It just may take a little while longer for the swelling to subside, but if it doesn't, then by all means take your Mum back to the doctor. Excercise is important too, so if she's able, take her for some walks.When resting, elevate the feet. Good luck.
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    Hi Jinnie If you read through the other posts on the forums you will find that the side effects vary on different people. My legs and ankles are still not right 6 months on from stopping Amlipodine. I still have trouble with the rash that also starts with the swollen legs and ankles

    My legs and ankles took months to go down but one of my legs hasn’t gone down to its original size, I am meant to walk as an exercise , but the weakness in my legs doesn’t let me walk very far, so I am using an exercise bike for a cardiac work out, walk up and down the stairs 10 times at one go, which should help make up for the lack of walking.

    I would take your Mum back to her GP and discuss whats happened while taking Amlipodine .

    My GP swapped me over to Losartan 50mg, which seems to work for me, but some have to use the 100mg tablets.

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      My ankles started getting red, then started to irritate like hell, then the surface starts to turn like eczema. The only problem was I must of scratched the area at one time, because it became effected, (red and Hot) which was diagnosed as Cellulitis, I was given an antibiotic for that, but my ankles are still messed up
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    Hi Jinnie

    It took about 4 weeks for all the swelling to disapppear from my legs and feet after stopping Amlodipine.  The pill had also caused inflammation and rash on my lower legs, diagnosed as varicose eczema, obviously due to the Amlodipine.  This took a bit longer to clear into a bit of a tanned look at the back of my lower legs.

    It will help to reduce the swelling more quickly if she can add some known diuretic foods to her diet daily, particularly, asparagus (for ease, you can buy it in tins), garlic, fennel, melon, celery and pineapple.  

    Her back pain may be because she has been sitting around more due to the uncomfortable legs whilst on Amlodipine.  If she can wear a support girdle for a few days she may find that will give her some relief.  Another thing you can try is a large electric heating pad, available from Argos.  I do have a slipped vertebrae which causes problems every once in a while, and I find the girdle and the heating pad work well for me.

    I hope she feels better soon - meanwhile at least she's blessed to have a caring and helpful daughter!


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      Mine is as big as the palm of you hand on the inside of one ankle and about the size of 10 pence coin on the other. Nothing my GP has given me has worked, so I just use  a Moisturising Cream
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      Paul,  many of the BP meds work by dilating the arteries and blood vessels to allow the blood to flow through more easily thereby reducing blood pressure.

      The swollen ankles/legs that some of us experience if not addressed very quickly can obviously lead to problems in those of us who are susceptible.

      In my case, the Amlodipine caused swelling leading to the development of varicose eczema as an allergic reaction.

      Perhaps you also have sort sort of allergic reaction going on in the blood vessels, such as a vasculitis.   Perhaps the following might help:

      "Vasculitis is a condition where the blood vessels in one part of the body become inflamed. This can lead to changes, such as thickening and weakening, in the blood vessels. Unmanaged, vasculitis can lead to tissue and organ death in the area surrounding the affected blood vessels. In addition to red blotches, symptoms of vasculitis include pain, loss of appetite and numbness and weakness in the affected area, such as the legs. Vasculitis develops when your body attacks the blood vessels, which may happen as a result of immune system problems, infections or an allergic reaction. In many cases, it is impossible to determine the exact cause of vasculitis." 

      If you suspect anything like this, then ask your GP to refer you to a vascular consultant for some reassurance at least.

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    My swelling got worst changed to losartan took 3 weeks for swelling to go with water tablets. Change tablet !
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    Hi Jinnie, it took 2 weeks for the swelling in my ankles and legs to go down but takes longer for some people. Please take her back to GP if you are not happy. Do you know that Amlipodine is band in some countries? You do not say if your mum is on  anything else for her BP.


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    Thank you for all the replies. I'm still really worried about my mum, just spoke to her today and she doesn't seem herself at all. She's not really eating very much, her ankles/legs are showing no sign of returning to normal, she has very bad badache too and not sleeping well. She isn't on any other medication apart from soluble paracetemol every now and again. Thankfully my dad is looking after her, unfortunately I live over an hour away and it upsets me that I can't be there when I want to (myself and hubby work and we have two kids at school/nursery). She had bowel cancer in 2012 and came through that with radiotherapy, so I guess this could explain the back pain??

    She told me today that her and dad told each other that they loved one another and that they had been happy for the past 44 years together, it's heartbreaking as I think she may think she's on her 'way out'.

    I really don't know what to say apart from I hope she improves soon. I have told her she must go see her GP within the next week and see if some water tablets help.

    Thanks once again for all your advice


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      Hi jinnie1975...I'm sorry to know your Mom still isn't doing so well. Do did the right thing by encouraging her to get back to the doctor...pronto.

      Please don't play torturous games with yourself by thinking something that may not be happening, i.e. her bowel cancer battle back in 2012. This may not be causing her back pain. It could be something else entirely. I'm not surprised you learned that she &  your dad told each other they loved one another, & enjoyed happiness for 44 years. My parents did the same thing. I lost my Mom through a serious illness, & a day before she passed, she told my dad "Goodbye..I love you". They started dating at the age of 16, & were happily married for 60yrs at the time of her death. Dad was never the same, & passed away 4yrs & 11months later. Often couples that have been together as long as your parents & mine, do tell one another of their love. This is something we can all learn a lesson from. Perhaps she does think she's on the way out.Nature has a way of emphasizing our instincts...but bottom line here is...get her to the doctor. Was she on the Amlodipine for bp?...If she's come off it,her bp could rebound.

      Please let us know how you get on. Know that you have a lot of support here on the forum. God Bless.

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      Thanks for your support. I'm very close to my mum and have never worried about her health until the past few years. Yes, she was taking the amlipodine for bp for 13 years. She has been having monthly checks on her bp, the GP told her only last month that she would be on it for the rest of her life, but it was the nurse who she saw last time and she was the one who took her off it due to the swelling. Christmas 2013 she was very poorly and I seriously thought she was not going to be around for much longer, she was comatosed for days, she had some blood tests done and then got a call on New Years Eve from the doc's saying her salt levels were dangerously low and she needed to start eating it in her diet, this was after years of being told to reduce, it!! I know I may be worrying unnecessarily and probably she will be ok, it's just that I love her so much and can't imagine her not in my life.
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      Jinnie, your Mum hasn't been on a diuretic by any chance has she?  I ask because I was prescribed one a few months ago and within 3 weeks I felt so ill, fatigued, out of breath and difficulty with walking.  Had blood tests and they revealed that the diuretic had severely reduced my sodium levels, leading to my feeling poorly.  The diuretic was stopped immediately and my sodium levels returned to normal by the next blood tests a short time afterwards.  However, unlike your Mum, I have been told that I should certainly not increase salt in my diet as it could adversely affect my kidney function.  I have never added salt to my cooking or at the table.  Eating too much salt can raise blood pressure and lead to fluid retention - certainly not advisable for your Mum I would have thought seeing that she already suffers from swelling.

      You need to get her to a good Dr who should carry out a raft of blood tests and if necessary refer her to the appropriate consultant  for investigation.

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      Hi again, jinnie1975...

      I agree with MrsO. When you said your Mum was told she'd be on the Amlodipine for the rest of her life, I couldn't believe what I was reading. What a load of horsesh*t! There are OTHER bp medications to help reduce bp..NOT just Amlodipine. Diuretics are fine to a degree, but the salt & potassium levels should be monitored fairly regularly. Diuretics can flush important minerals from our body. A friend of mine went to hospital several months ago, & it was discovered that her potassium level was down to 2.9, whereas the emergency doctor said it should be at 3.2 to 3.4 at least. Once she started to take Slow K, her level came back up. & she's been fine ever since. 

      Don't settle for your Mum just taking Amlodipine. Again, I think she or you were fed a load of b.s.

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