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I have been diagnosed with AF today after a phone call from the hospital to say I need another ECG which I am having on Monday I was taken into hospital in the early hours of Thursday morning after waking up with palpitations and rapid heart beat. I was sent home after having tests and was told my blood tests was clear including troponin. Then came the the phone call today saying I have AF and might have to go on Warferin.

When I was ready to go home from the hospital I stood up and felt awful, I told the nurse I felt faint and had nausea, clammy, blurred vision and felt really weak....

My hearing was reduced so could'nt hear properly and could barely talk. I had my blood pressure taken and it was 80/40. When it settled down my temperature was 35 so then I felt cold. I stayed in the hospital for another 3 hours before I went home...

I would like to know how others cope on warferin or if anyone had the ablation op. I was in the same hospital in June this year for 10 days with the same symptoms but AF was'nt mentioned to me then only ectopic beats. I would like to add I have been suffering with this for over 30 years. I am going to ask about the ablation I don't fancy being on Warferin....

Has anyone had low blood pressure like I had with this condition?            

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    Merryl you don't have to worry too much about bleeding wih warfarin. If you cut yourself or have a tooth extraction you will need stitching. If you become over anticoagulated they will stop warfarin or give you vitamin K. That is why you have to be careful eating too many green vegetables as vit K is an antidote to warfarin. Just keep your appointments at the clinic to monitor your INR. If you bang yourself or fall over you may find you bruise more easily, otherwise warfarin is not too much to worry about. Avoid cranberry juice.
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    Hello Meryl, just to let you know my case. I was in PAF., from June 2012

    until I had ablation in July 2014, which had to be aborted after three

    hours as there was an equipment malfunction, but my EP.,told me he

    had mapped the rogue electrical potentials and the he would get me

    back within a month. He kept his word, as I was back exactly 28 days

    later. Before I went for ablation I had been on Adizem 120mg, once a

    day and aspirin 75mg once a day. My EP., didn't put me on any blood

    thinners, pre ablation, I was only taking my aspirin until the day of my

    ablation, then they gave me an intravenous blood anti-coagulation,

    when I was in the cath lab. After the ablation my EP., said he would

    put me on warfirin for 3 months. I asked him if he could possibly give

    me another anti-coagulant, as I didn't want to be going for blood tests

    every 2 weeks. He said ok., and put me on Apixaban 5mg., one, twice

    daily. I have been completely AF., free now since ablation which was

    done on the 21st August. I go back to cardio clinic this Friday

    28th Nov., for a bubble echocardiogram, to confirm that the puncture

    penetration that they did from the right atria, into the left atria, to access

    two pulmonary veins, has healed. If the test is successful, which I

    assume it will be, then I will be off Apixaban. My status post ablation

    was, I'm 66 years old, same weight now as when I was 20 years old,

    have been into extreme fitness for 20 + years, do not smoke, drink very

    moderately, eat quite a healthy diet, minimal sat., fat, no sugar, decaf

    tea & coffee. Also I do not have any other cardio pulmonary issues.

    I think my fitness level is the reason I have been on least medication.

    I can only praise my EP., and all his team at Manchester Royal

    Infirmary for my successful outcome. One of my EP's team, told me pre

    ablation , "if anyone can do a successful ablation Sam can, Sam being

    Dr. S. Muhlyadeen. So gratefull to Sam, his team and all the cardio ward

    nurses at MRI.

    My story, good luck Meryl


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      Hi viber, thank you for your reply. Glad to hear you had the ablation and all went well. I went to the hospital for my ECG yesterday and was told it was back to normal for the time being, although I get palpitations on and off all day sometimes. At least my fast heart rate is gone at the moment but can come back any time.

      The Dr I saw yesterday told me, I now had AF which I know I have had for years but only just picked up with the ECG. I was offered warfarin but said I don't want it because I can't come back and fore the hospital for blood tests. He then mentioned new tablets that you take for 3 weeks then go back for a blood test and don't need anymore after that. He said If I don't take them I could have a stroke because it is more common in women and my age which is 68. I asked him for asprin but he said the new tablets are better. In the end, I said I will try them but I am not sure because they can still cause bleeding like warfarin and there are other side  effects. I asked the Dr if it is possible I could have the ablation he said it is possible and I won't have to take the tablets anymore If I had it done. He said he is not a cardiologist so I assume I need to see my own Dr to arrange an appointment with a cardiologist. I supposed to start on the tablets yesterday but have not taken them yet because I am so undecided as what to do for the best.

      Thank you John for telling your story.     

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      Hi again, could you tell me if the tablets you was given Apixeban is a blood thinner and did you have any side effects with them. The tablets I was given yesterday are called Xarelto with lots of side effects including bleeding. They are similar to warfarin but dont need any blood tests after the 3 weeks follow up. 

      Thank you   

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    Hi Merryl, I've had AF 6 times in 10 years and I'm now 43. Ablation is one option but if you have the time please google Afibbers Forum and join the discussion. It is THE font of knowledge on the subject and so much help and advice is available. Hopefully you wont need the warfarin. smile
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      Hi Harry, thank you for the reply. I will have a look at the site you mentioned to see if anyone can put my mind at rest. The Dr gave me different tablets not warfarin, but the other tablets can cause bleeding too. At least I won't have to go every week for blood tests on the new tablets.  

      Thank you. 

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    Barry is being policed for his views. I made a sarcastic commen abiut what drugs he takes for paranoia but it seems he was right. Must be pharmaceutical companies sponsoring this site. Big Brother is watching.
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      The drugs available for Afib are not very good. I am on rate control digoxin and bisoprolol while waiting to see the electrophysioligist in January to discuss ablation.

      Yes it is common to get chest pain with the condition. You just have to wait for the ablation. The warfarin will protect a clot from forming in the heart chamber (atrium) as it is not functioning properly. When you get tired just rest.

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      Nobody gets "policed" in the forums for their views or opinions. Accounts are deactivated and comments deleted when users breach the T&Cs despite messages to them advising them of this. This site is NOT funded by or sponsored by drug companies as per the "About us" linked in the footer. 



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      Hi Walter, I am taking the new type drug rivaroxaban. I am going to the hospital on Monday to have blood taken after been on the meds for 3 weeks, and don't need anymore blood tests after that. I tried bisoprolol but i was getting shortness of breath so had to stop them.

      Will be glad to see the electrophysiologist, I am getting fed up of the pain. The pain don't last long but it is quite bad. The Dr at the hospital said it is not coming from my heart because It did'nt show up on the ECG, but I am not so sure myelf.  

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      Rivaroxaban is a newer type of anticoagulant but is more expensive than warfarin which requires constant tests to check INR (clotting time). Yes bisoprolol is difficult to tolerate but is the best drug for heart failure, I also have dilated cardiomyopathy so is vital for my treatment. I only take minimal 1.25mg the max is 10mg some people are able to titrate to that dose. We'll stay in touch and update our ablation. I expect to get mine done a few weeks after the consultation. I am in St Georges Tooting London they are excellent. I wouldn't worry too much about the chest pain it is rarely from the heart, it could be angina which just means your heart is not getting enough oxygen. I get chest pain all the time. Heart attack pain is more felt in the shoulder and left arm and sometimes the jaw. Good luck
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      As well as the Kooks like Barry too many people are trying to influence others with certain diets and potions as a cure all. While diets serve a purpose they do not cure a disease.
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      Some of his stuff was a bit far out. Some of the compounds he was mentioning were not anything I would go near. He seemed to concentrate a lot on the colon. Our kidneys and liver and intestines have evolved over thousands of years to clean the body and all this detoxing is a con in my opinion.
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      The drugs you take will not cure your AFIB and they have many side effects which affect your body daily.If you think your body is able to eliminate all the toxins it has accumulated over 50 years you are wrong again.I have been in chronic AFIB for 25 years and have been thru 2 failed abalations at some of the most prestigious hospitals in the US. An alkaline diet is very beneficial and will help you cope with your afib if the abalation does not work.I have seen my 86 year old father( last 20 years in chronic afib) whom suffered from congestive heart failure,lung damage from amiodarone make a remarkable turnaround by giving up any sugar,dairy,processed food and anything white (flour,crackers,pasta, ect,ect).I would try living clay for colon cleansing but I do take an aspirin a day and 240mgs of verapmil blood pressure/rate control,but could interfere with the meds and temporarily spike blood pressure. I have embraced this diet and have experienced great results. It is worth doing some research and trying it for yourself
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      I have twice been in AF because of medical procedures. First time as a result of aortic valve replacement and put back into sinus rhythn four months by cardioversion. The second time it was caused by my vagal nerve being stimulated during a colonoscopy with another cardioversion later.

      I suffered side effects from Warfarin and amidodarane. 

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