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Hi folks long time away june was a bad month all new stack of meds.went to see my heart nurse found out my cardioversions on the 7th,of august meds have got rate down from in the 170 to 61 beats.blah blah also putting me down for angia gram she could not believe i have not had one yet.i was here last year going for cardioversion when it went back into sinus rhytm i dont think thers much chance of that hope they dont put me on a treadmill i will explode after 10.seconds on it

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    All the best for the 7th. You've had a rough time recently.
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    With an echocardiogram they can give you a drug that increases your heart rate as if you are exercising. I expect that the same applies to an ECG stress test.


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    Hi popeye, you be careful - the idiots wanted me to go on the treadmill . me, with chronic bronchial asthma ,,, you may guess what I told them ,,, 
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      that you would be delighted to give it a go?????

      sorry couldnt resist...

      I know what you mean, they only treat that illness and dont look at anything else or how it links in....... sometimes (frequently) i wish i could get them into the room together to go over everything and .... then why stress myself about it ........ All good wishes Popeye hope it goes well and is another step on the treatment road 


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      Sress tests are very unreliable. I've had three (1993, 2000. 2011) that produced false positives and caused me to have angiograms that showed my arteries to be clear 
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    Good luck with that! I'm going for mine on August 3rd. First one lasted 11 months but luckily I have no symptoms and feel perfectly well with lots of energy. Was only originally diagnosed at a pre-op medical.
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    Hi Popeye, Well  how about that, just got the news that my cardioversion is on the 20th August so you beat me by a fortnight!! At least now you sound like you are getting somewhere, I felt great after my first cardioversion, just like my old self. Sadly it did not last but I did speak to someone on the Health Unlocked forum who is still in normal rhythm after her cardioversion January 2014 so there is hope for us yet. I wonder if there is anyone out there who has had their cardioversion last?? Would be interesting to hear from them but not everyone is on a forum. Good luck and let us know how you are? xx
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      When I was in to have my pacemaker fitted last week four others were there to have cardiversions. All of them had had previously had a few. I asked the Sister doing them if any patients get away with just having one. Most come back again she said.  
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      H, Lankylass, just wondering how long do you consider a cardioversion to be a lasting one?

      My first, back in Jan, only lasted a few days.

      My second, in mid-March (after being put on Amioderone) is still going.

      Ejection fraction has gone from 25 to 58% during this time and I'm feeling great!

      So it would seem that the Amioderone dug me out of the hoe that I was in.

      Cardiologist wants to get me off the Amioderone as it is a potentially nasty med if taken long term and get me onto Sotolol.

      Whilst I think this is a good move, I'm a little anxious about going in AF after changing over.

      Guess I just have to keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best!

      (and keep a close eye on everything!)

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      Amiodarone is good but as he says you dont want to be on it a day longer than required.

      Have you Googled "The history of amiodarone"  

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      HI Simon, I wonder why they put you on amioderone? They gave me that intravenously the day I went into AF, (June 2014) and it didn't send me back into sinus rhythm, I am a little anxious about that drug as lots of people on this site have had bad experiences with it. Before I had my first CV, I was on 5mg Bisoprolol morning, 5mg at night and 4mg warfarin, I saw the cardiologist a month later and he took me off the 5mg at night. I felt great, was able to walk miles, (well, up to 5 or 6 miles as I did before my CV), and had no side effects to speak of with the remaining 5mg bisoprolol. I did ask the warfarin nurses if they were seeing anyone who had a cardioversion which had lasted, when I say lasted I really mean years instead of months, if most of us are only getting 7 or 8 months out of them then what's the point of doing them? It's not exactly nice having a few thousand volts going through your body is it? I just wondered if there's anyone out there who is a real success story? I don't know when hospitals did the first cardioversion but AF has been round a long time, however, I know this sounds odd but the very first time I heard the word atrial fibrillation was when my friend was diagnosed about 5 months before I was? I asked the same question on a site called Health Unlocked, (I think that's it) and someone said they had their cardioversion a year last January and it was still holding, I think if you make it through the first year you have a good chance of it staying. Anyway, hope that you keep well, cheers, 
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      Hi Lankylass, My understanding is that Amioderone is the 'big gun' of the anti-arrithmia meds, and because of it's potentially nasty side effects with longer term use. In Australia, they seem to prescribe it as a last resort and then try not to have you it for too long if possible.

      i was prescribed several different antiarrythmia meds when I was first diagnosed last Dec., unfortunately none of these worked for me at the time.

      I'm guessing that I'll eventually end up having to have an ablation at some point, but will just have to keep an eye on things and just take it as it comes.

      I certainly was expecting all this at the 'tender' age of 49!! smile

      (also wasn't expecting prostate cancer at 45! - kind of feeling like I'm falling apart about 20 years too soon!!)

      My kids are only 10 & 12, I'd really like to be around long enough to see grandchildren if possible, hopefully that'll happen for me.

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      If you have read my other posts I wonder how many rectal 'intrusions' you had examining your prostate that might have triggered your AF. Even passing a hard stool stimulates many peoples vagus nerve and puts them into AF. 
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      Interesting as to why my innocuous post was trapped !
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      Not that many 'intrusions' Derek. PSA testing picked it up, so only had one digital intrusion and one biopsy.

      But your post has made me wonder if there's a link between general anaesthetics and AF, as I've had 9 generals in the last 9 years(about two thirds of them fairly light ones). Might have to start Googling that one!

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      An interesting thought.

      They have different effects on different people and who knows what being under for some time does.

      Usually it is brain and memory problems. My mother was a smart 82 year old and postponed her oeration for a kidney removal as she was going to Canada for a month travelling on her own. She came back and had her operation but I never did hear about her holiday from her. 



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