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I am 27 yrs old and i had an abdominal myomectomy on March 1st. They took out 3 fibroids; 4 1/2 cm, 3 1/2 cm and smaller one (which my doctor didn't specify size). They reopened my c section incision from 10 years ago. It has been a heck of a recovery. Each day holds something different for me. It slowly is getting better but have noticed a few things. For example yesterday, i felt really lightheaded and nauseaous. It couldn't be percocet because I took that at 420am. I have also been feeling a lot of lower back pain? Is this all normal?

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    Following this discussion have been so helpful to me in one way or another thanks everyone. I just had a Myomectomy for fibroid removal on the 19th of December 2017, I'm now 5weeks and 6 days. I started going to to work but still feel some pain on the the left side of my abdomen where the doctor remove the biggest fibroid. They were 3 and the large one was 8cm, so my question is! Is it okay to be intimate now, even I still feeling the pain on the side that was cut to remove the fibroid, although the wound is 2cm below my abdomen,? is the wound still not heal inside,? I'm fearing I might jeopardize the tissues n the healing process. However, when I try to get up from bed and walking I still feel pain , is it normal? Please help me I'm stress of not going to my normal self. When I try and feel it, it is still hard with still minor swollen! I feel that I'm getting better but I just wonder after how long will I become completely okay and ready to be myself without all the discomfort.

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      Hi Liza, 

      this is my experience: I had 2 very different conversations with my surgeon and with my routine gynecologist.

      Surgeon said after 6 weeks I'd be pretty much back to normal with no pain. He said that I could resume exercise (running, zumba, etc) after 3 months. 

      My gynecologist said that every woman is different and in reality it could take up to 3 months to REALLY feel normal and in my experience it was like this. At the 6 weeks mark I was still feeling somewhat frail - one day around 7 weeks post op I was out many hours shopping and then for dinner with friends (no alcohol of course) and the day after I could not get out of bed. Also gynecologist recommended (if possible) to resume work part time for a few weeks initially or working from home for a bit as going from full rest to the 8 hour working day can be a trauma for the body. So please don't be discouraged and be very gentle with yourself. 

      In terms of resuming intercourse, I don't feel anyone other than your surgeon/gynecologist can give you advice because that depends on how close to the cervix your fibroids were. 

      I am now past 3 months and feel good, scar is starting to fade smile

      I have seen a women's physiotherapist who has shown me how to massage my abs muscles and my scar. She said it's normal to feel abdominal muscle pain and pulling and she showed me the correct way to take care of it. I did a lot of exercise and yoga before surgery and the physio recommended that for now I resume only gentle yoga as that helps with stretching the abs muscles again. Also deep belly breathing is good at this stage. 

      I wish you the very best with your recovery x

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      Hi Liza,  

      Like you I had my surgery in December of 2017, that however was my 2nd surgery. This go round the tumors were bigger, lodged in the uterine wall, and caught in some scar tissue from the previous surgery.  I had 7 tumors 4 the size of grapefruits and 3 size of plums. Because of the size & location it affected my bowels. Mornings are rough for me too, I normally put a hot compress on for 15 minutes. I sip lots of  herbal teas. I also dont feel like myself. I took a long walk for the first yesterday I came home and rest the remainder of the day.. however I do walk around the house. Ive read 4-6 weeks is the proper time to heal but it is honestly how you feel. I have good/bad days. Im still swollen, coughing and sneezing I still feel discomfort. Not to be (TMI) but gas also causes my discomfort. I go tomorrow for my checkup and I will ask about intimacy because i wondered that myself. 

      Rest when you can, so your body can heal properly.

      Hope this helps, and the BEST of luck on your recovery😊

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    Hello. I'm so glad to find this forum. I was wondering if anyone can help with my query please. I was diagnosed with a large 11cm fibroid during a surgical procedure on the 28th December 2017. I was referred to have an appointment with gynaecologist on 12th may 2018. It's still such a long way away and this fibroid is making life very hard. I currently look about 6 months pregnant. Anyways, please could anyone tell me how long it took from your gynaecologist appointment to actual surgery? Many many thanks, and hugs for everyone going through surgery recovery and awaiting surgery xxx 

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      Hello jeigh24072

      In my case it took some time as the first gyne I saw was a bit sketchy and I wasn't convinced. So it took about a year to find the right person. In my case I was looking for a reproductive surgeon as I want to have children so it had to be someone who operates with the priority of preserving fertility.  

      Best of luck, x

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      Hello Jeigh

      6 months is a long time to wait. Did he give u any reason why u should wait for that long?

      I made up my mind about removing my then firbriods, had 2 large and 2 small ones. Consulted my gyno around middle of November last year, had my surgery on the 20th of December last year. It took me about a month from appointment to surgery. Maybe you should find out from ur doctor why you have to wait for 6 months because I feel u and I understand the inconveniences that comes with firbriods

      All the best

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      Took me about 3 months. But, that's because I wanted certain dates past my monthly bleeding episode. Otherwise, physicasn was ready within about a month.

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      Hi Jeigh24072 I just had my ab myomectomy on the 12 may 2018 the same day of your appointment.

      I learned that one of my fibroid has grown to 8cm just last april 2018 and it got me worried. I first learned to have just 1 myoma like 3 years ago and every year I undergo this ultrasound and they became 2 and this year, 3 myomas or fibroids with 8cm the largest.

      I am 31 and no kids yet. I had the ultrasound last April 26th and discussed with my OB-Gyne the options it took me almost 2 weeks to decide to undergo surgery since I am experiencing pain already. But ever since I had 1 then 2 fibroids my mom always wanted to have it surgically removed but I was just so hesitant especially that it is my first time to undergo such major surgery.

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    Had mine two weeks from now i.e on the 2nd of OCTOBER

    no complications whatsoever

    just went for a regular checkup

    My gyn wasn't happy with my ultrasound that she did

    She wanted a second opinion

    So got another ultrasound and MRI SCAN from an authorized center

    Had nine in my stomach

    Was a rare case

    Stayed in the hospital for a week

    Have no complications at all

    Only a little gas in the stomach troubled me for two nights.

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