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Can't stop drinking lately, it helps at the time shame it's not a long term solution! 😞 

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    What makes you drink?

    Are you using alcohol to escape life or your problems/?

    Is that your security blanket?

    When did you start drinking?

    Do you drink every day?

    Do you drink alone?

    Are you stressed?

    I know such a lot of questions but to help you you will need to be honest with me.

    It can be sortedi am pleaded you realise you have a problem.

    First step is the hardest xxx

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      I drink more evenings than not, sometimes through the day but have children that are at school so I have to sleep it off before I pick them up.

      Yes I drink alone, it cheers me up, I drink and listen to music, it helps (at the time) 

      Yes I guess it's an escape x 

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      I used to be like you (albeit I don't have children) I used to down bottle of vodkas and I would wake up in a middle of a field waking up thinking what's going to happen to me and putting myself through danger. My trigger was parents splitting up and felt nobody cared as everyone was too angry to help each other - my father was too busy with his new bird, my mother was angry at my father for cheating on her and my sister was angry for being betrayed by my father and I was angry because nobody was there for me. I ended up getting off the booze because I had something to preoccupy my time - do you have any hobbies or a career or anything like that? Because that might help you during the day whilst your children at school because I mean from the post you don't like doing it but don't know what to do next.
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      I do and I don' drinking that is!

      I'm happier when drinking but times like now that I don't have any left I'm really stressed! I've not had enough to help me and sleep is something that I really struggle with, I don't have anything really, hobby wise! I write and I sing but that's just pathetic! Oh and I work one day a week...

      Go me right! Basically I'm a mum of 5 and that's about it! Not that I don't like being a mum, I do! I love my children to bits it's just not an easy job to do! But I chose this life! 

      Ok I kinda chose to have my children with their dad but that didn't work out...but when does life work out the way we'd planned? 

      We all have problems right? Just think some people handle them a lot better than others, maybe those others could give me some pointers cos I'm really struggling here 😞 x

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      A lot of people drink to escape loneliness. 

      My mum used to say " how can you be lonely,you have your son".... I'd say " mum,when I out him to bed at night,I am here in this house alone and unable to move out or see anybody until we wake the next day"!!! 

      I love my son too but the years he was young and in bed early where the loneliest of my life. I fel into depression a few times and turned to alcohol.

      Is there any way you can do a course with the lifelong learning centre, they are usually just 1 night or day through the week and you get homework which occupies you,plus the bonus of getting away from the house alone for a few hours a week.

      Unless done socially,I always think if drinking as escapism ar avoidance so maybe you have a few things that need addressing. Perhaps next time you drink...think what lead up to you wanting that drink..Does it help you cope? If so...What are you not coping with? Xxx

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      So true! 

      I have 5 children and people say to me "how can you feel lonely?"

      I don't have an answer for that but I do!

      A lot! I guess it's maybe through lack of adult company? 

      It's hard on your own with children and I do just feel like mummy, sometimes I think I don't really need a name as my name is mummy! 

      Ok I'm sounding again like I don't like being a parent, it's really not the case, its hard to put into words without sounding like a selfish cow! 

      I can't really do a course or anything at least not unless it's when the children are at school, but I also suffer a lot with shyness/confidence, some days are better than others but to commit to something like that will be hard for me as I'm not sure I could stick with it, I work once a week but it's with my best friend so I have support, ok ok gonna shut up now as I'm sounding more and more pathetic x 

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    You've probably been told this enough times ... and you know what i'm going to say, but I suspect, you'll still carry on. until you manage to get rid of this 'prop' (which actually isn't) and substitute it and probably some of your mates, who are using you as an excuse for also drinking,, you are just making your recovery from your problems, drag out longer.  These are hard words and they hurt, but then very few things in life are easy.  
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      I'm not an alcoholic, I've just been drinking more lately than I know I should.

      I have a handful of good friends of which only one of them know about the struggles I have in my life, I've tried and am trying all sorts to help myself but it's easier said than done, drinking is just a little escape for me right now that's all, if it helps then if can't be all bad right? 

      I mean I drink when I can not all day everyday x 

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    Hi, I understand exactly how you feel, I have four children, ( now. Adults ), but I had a drink problem for ten years when they were younger, I like you enjoyed how it made me feel at first but then it became a nightmare... I was sectioned four times into a mental health hospital, which actually saved my life !! I have been well now for ten years but I never ever forget how awful it was.

    Please ask your GP for some help, they will not label you and they will try their best to help, never think that you are worth less than anybody else, I am sure that you

    Are an excellent and loving mother, I truly wish you well and hope that life gets

    Easier for you... take care, sincere regards and warmest wishes to you, DEIRDRE x

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      I'm not reliant on drink I've just been drinking a lot lately it really does help at the time but I know its not a long term solution, I'm on anti depressants and I see a counsellor once a week (although I've not seen him for the last 5 weeks) but things are still hard and get on top of me sometimes x 
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      I truly think you are in denial..

      You are increasing the amount you drink. In time you will gain a tolerence and then you have to drink more.

      Time goes on and you become addicted and cant live without alcohol. If you don't have it you will get the shakes and DTs...very nasty.

      You must slowly stop the drink

      Two organisations that can help are CADAS or UNITY or AA.

      There is help out there.

      For the emotional side there is Borderline, first step,

      Please don't remain in denial, you are kidding no one including yourself.

      Be brave and get help xx

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      Hi Linda, I'm not in denial, honestly I don't drink that much? Well I don't wake I'm the morning craving a drink, I think well I'm sure I could go without it, I don't need it, I want it.

      Does that make sense? X

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      Hi again

      The trouble is with drugs and alcohol is a drug, the want can turn into a need after a while. That's how it all started for me it was just a want. If its just a want at the moment then try to maybe have a little drink at the weekends, if you can do that then it shows that you have control over the drink and the drink does not have control over you 

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      I'm sorry I didn't mean to sound ungrateful or be dismissive of your help/comments but I honestly don't think I do, have a problem that is, I mean I guess I have a problem as far as drinking to stop the pain/lonliness 

      But not a problem with drinking on a whole.

      I'll be honest, I've been and am drinking now but that's only because my babies are sleeping, like I say I wouldn't ever let them see me like this and wouldn't be drunk looking after them, I guess that's my argument as far as things/ my drinking getting worse because I have and love my children and wouldn't let them be around me when I'm like this so therefore how can drink end up controlling me?

      Hope this makes sense? X 

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