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Hi everyone

Can any of you with ME tolerate alcohol - I know that most of you can't.

Have just been to ME self-management group and three of us stated that we could toletate alcohol and it didn't seem to make any difference to our condition. The person taking the course then said that if we were able to tolerate it we should question whether we actually have the illness or not :shock:

So the three of us are now wondering what it is we are suffering from if it's not ME.

How come I have ever single symptom in the book other than alcohol intolerance.

Katie sad

And what HAVE I got then???

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    Hi Katie K, how ya doin? ME, I am in a fowl mood, you couild probably wipe me off the streets right now, trying to type all my anger out, but its not really helping, and my partner (The iusing B.......) Has left me a magnified pile of dirty dishesssa (F=GGGGGGGGGGGRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eff off you less of a man) I should have noticed something was wrong when I met him. But thats not my problem , thats not whats upsetting me right now. No, my bad hair cur is, and this dizziness.

    Who nneeds alcohol whne your head aches like mine :cry: In nee of a joke, have you any?

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    When i was newly diagnosed in March and i went on holiday with my friends I found that alcohol made me feel as though i had sad taken drugs (although i never have!) and i had memory loss, couldn't remember things the next day sad I was also very clumsy, spilling drinks and knocking them over. Don't know if this was all down to the chronic fatigue i felt through lack of sleep.

    So i thought i had intolerance to alcohol and therefore i only allow myself to have a couple of drinks at a time. I feel quite woozy after 2 drinks.

    I'm scared to try and have alot of drinks when i am out incase it happens again.

    awahat is it they say happens when you are intolerant of alcohol? Is it my symptoms?

    In reading my books i'm sure it says some people are intolerant of alcohol, not all.



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    Hi Teedie

    Thanks for your reply. smile

    The ME expert giving the talk maintains that intolerance means even a very small amount of alcohol gives one a massive hangover with the usual hangover-like symptoms - and if you can tolerate , say a couple of glasses of wine without this happening, then it is doubtful that you actually have ME. :?

    I often have a couple of glasses of wine with no ill effects whatsoever - just relaxes me and helps the old fibro pain.

    So I am now not sure about anything. sad All my books say 'most' people are unable to tolerate alcohol, too.

    Katie xx

    PS - The last time I had a hangover was when I was l9 and my flatmate and I drank half a litre of whisky between us which her boss had brought her back from his hols. We were ill for three days!!!! Never again :hangover:

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    That was meant to read half a litre each!! :oops:
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    I am extremely intolerant of drugs and alcohol. I get bad side effects to drugs like antibiotics or anti depressants and as for alcohol, well, let me tell you. I used to take communion at church and you are just given a small mouthful of the communion wine. I am not exaggerating but by the time I got back to my seat I was feeling the effects.

    I thought this was the most ridiculous thing ever until it was explained to me how intolerance of alcohol was a symptom of ME, then it made more sense, but it is ridiculous.

    Katie, don't listen to those doubts, you know what's right. Not all of us have all the symptoms all of the time.

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    Thanks Alicia

    I'm just not sure about anything any more! Maybe my illness is all in my imagination. :roll:

    I shall give up the vino for a week and see (once again), if it makes any difference. :roll:BORING!!

    Katie x

    Beginning to wish I hadn't gone on the damn course now:evil:

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    Hi there Tiny Tears

    Sorry you are feeling so miserable - I wish I had some good jokes to make you laugh - I shall try and think of something.

    It's still very early days on your new medication - hopefully you will start to feel much better soon.

    Katie x:cheerup:

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    Tiny Tears, I'm trying to find your lovely poem again - where's it gone?
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    Whatttt?oh er....."A monkey In A Cage" :lol: :oops: Its still there, but made Hilary delete the rubbish I did last night. :lol: 8)

    Oh no, my new trainers gacve me blisters and my laces are all covered in blood :cry:

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    Hi Katie

    Please dont listen to your "expert" about your illness, we all know theres loads of symptons to M.E and we all suffer most of them "but not all of them", but just because your intolerent to alchol that doesnt mean youve not got M.E, theres proberly symptons that you have and i havnt, its such a varied illness i dont know how a expert could even suggest that!!

    I personally carnt tolerate alcahol, even 1 pint and i suffer a hangover for days, so i just say no to drinking :evil:

    p.s just remember experts can be wrong !!

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    Thanks for that Jay - stupid woman (Hope she doesn't read this!!) :roll:

    Katie xx

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    ERmmm.....I think I am hallucinating that Unicorn getting faster? Yeah....theres no such thing as an expert....or a novice. " :lol: You may be right, I may be wrong" :lol: :oops:
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    Hi Katie

    Have you decided you are an imposter on this forum now? :lol:

    With something like ME there is no way there can be a definitive set of symptoms or else we would all feel the same! That is what ME is all about... diversity. :weird:

    I stay off alcohol because most of the time it makes me too ill :bubbly: :hangover: However I can drink sometimes with no problems I just dont know when that will be. It is easier not to imbibe :cheers:

    If you can tolerate alcohol drink it, I say!

    Dale xxx

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    Right then Dale, I jolly well will.

    Thanks guys and gals - you are all great!! :hug: (group hug)


    Katie xx (hic)

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    Awwww. did anyonelse love Paddington Bear? I had one, and an ironing board and BP Jammies and a dressing gown to put him, ive gone mad! Help!!! Dont want to go down again Me = scared, but happier

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