Alcohol related Dementia

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I hope I don't have dementia yet! But I was wondering if Alcohol could cause it eventually?If I knew for certain it might stop my frequent Binges! My mum has dementia- it is a terrible illness. Any one out there know ? Actually my mother never drank very much. Not an Alcoholic like me. Being very good this week so far!!! 


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    My husband is 68 and been an alcoholic for over 25 years, at a recent neuro  appointment (he has had 2 strokes, ) they told him that because of his binging on vodka, he now has the brain neurones of a 90 yr old, and that this will get worse. I can see it in him, he cant recall things, has no interest in socialising ("if I cant drink, what's the point?) has become a loner, and is heading towards dementia, which his teetotal father had. Google Alcoholic Dementia- it is all there.
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    Yes alcohol abuse will cause brain abnormalities, if it goes unchecked and you do not take medication to help correct it. When I was in hospital last year for a stroke, I was also detoxed because i became jaundiced. So after they had stabilised me for the bleed on the brain, I ended up in what I can only describe as a ward for people who had liver problems. The was a lady across the corridor on her own, who constantly had a nurse with her. She was always shouting 'help me' and crazy things. In our ward of four, we just thought she was a bit mental, but in hindsight, because of where she was located (the hospital did have mental ward attached to it) I realise that it was probably alcohol related.

    I take on prescription, amongst others (8 different meds) lactolose. This is because my liver doesn't remove some of the toxins from my body, in particular, ammonia, which would otherwise build up and rise up to my brain and cause

    I also take thiamine (b1) as alcohol can impair the monory and you can end up with the following

    I would highly recommend anyone that continues to drink heavily or has done so, looks at taking

    Thiamine b1, lactolose and vitamin b compound strong. I believe all three are available over the counter without prescription.

    If you are intending to come off alcohol, it is suggested that you take thiamine b1 and folic acid (again I take the latter as part of my prescriptions, but it is another over the counter item).

    See the section titled vitamins

    Again vitamin b compound strong is recommended as this helps to start repair on a damaged liver.

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    Hopefully my post will be unmoderated soon, it gives some detail as to what can happen and what you should take. There are no profanities or spam, so I'm not quite sure why it has gone to moderation. It contains some useful information, as I could have been heading down that route if I hadn't stopped. It is seriously worrying the things that can happen to you with long term heavy drinking.

    And I don't just mean getting a bit forgetful in your old age.

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    I know a man in his 50s, alcoholic, drinking 60 or so units daily became extremely confused and was diagnosed with alcohol induced dementia. Is now in a care home, only recognises his mother, has no memory of his life since his 20s, will be there for the rest of his life. This is only one person, but shows it can happen. Hope you're able to get things under control. Good luck.
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      Hi to everyone posting on here. Wow powerful stuff and sober thoughts. Really good advice. Think I'm going to print these out and stick on my front door for the next time I feel the urge to relapse.

      i take the strong Vit B and Thiamine from dr but didn't know anything about lactulose. 

      Gratitude :-)

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      Also I've just looked at the multi vits I take which give me folic acid 200 percent RDA. Do I need to take lactulose too?
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      I too thought what excellent information and shows what can happen. Good idea about printing off info for if I feel like going off the rails again. You sound a lot better. Off to town and won't be bringing back any bottles, apart from vitamins!!

      many thanks RHGB, an excellent post and a warning to us all.

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      Lactolose is for those that have damaged their liver. I had ascities and had 10 litres drained from stomach when I was in hospital.

      If your doctor has not indicated liver damage, there is no need to take it.

      Emis Moderator comment: I have replaced the given link with a link to the equivalent article on our site.

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      I've just realised what lactulose is and I've got a bottle of it in meds cupboard..haha! 

      Yes a lot better today thanks. Xx

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      Yes it is a laxative and quite a powerful one, your body does adjust to it after about six months. As previously said, you only need to take it if liver damage has been indicated.

      This bit is for anyone reading who is dependant on alcohol. Please get help or you'll end up going through what I did. Two months in hospital (albeit a stroke as well as sorting my body/liver out). They wanted to keep me in for longer, but I said I would discharge myself if they didn't discharge me.

      But it is not pleasant having a tube to your stomach to drain you. Waking up to find you have a catheter pushed up your man bits and a tube with a bottle of pee strapped to your side, so they can monitor your urine and fluid intake.

      Having a lactulose enema (you won't like it, believe me, I complained to the consultant so they couldn't give me the one the following week that they were threatening). A canula in your arm because you're having so many injections and they take blood every three days. Having obs (observations blood pressure, heart rate and temp) taken every four hours, and when I say every four hours, I mean every four hours.

      If you're not awake by 6:00am they wake you, then 10:00am, 2:00pm, 6:00pm, 10:00pm and yes that's right, they would wake you up from a deep sleep at 2:00am to do it, then back at 6:00am for the next day.

      The highlight of the day was all the consultants coming to see me, so many, then the consultants with a set of students in tow (they always asked first and I said yes) as I was a special specimen, that had beaten a bleed on the brain stroke with a 50% mortality rate (a special type, most strokes are clot related) and stubbonly remained alive despite my dire predicament on the liver front. My main consultant later explained to me that I shouldn't still  be here (dead) and they don't get many like me, so everyone wanted to see a real live specimen.

      Oh, and if you've ever been in hospital for a few days and not liked hospital food, imagine what two months does. It is the same thing week after week, I completely lost my appetite and along with the liquid drained, I managed to lose five stone during that period. They were so worried that I was assigned a dietician consultant at the local hospital, saw her yesterday actually and I was put on a high calorie diet along with fortisip (high protein drink that is so expensive, not even GPs can prescribe it).

      If you would like to see the opposite of a diet sheet (as in losing weight) this is a dream to anyone who likes to eat lots of food.

      This is what they gave me.

      Oh, I forgot to add, that two of the major factors for my type of stroke were excessive drinking and unchecked hypertension - which I knew I had, but gave up taking the beta blockers.

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      Oh my, that's serious stuff. Someone is definately watching over you to survive that. 

      I too have had quite a few spells in hospital due to alcohol accidents or od. I ncluding 1x6 week spell, a 3 week and a 1 week spell. Was on life support as all organs packed up. Also broke pelvis, 3 ribs, an arm, and fractured 2 vertebrae, plus punctured lung. Had caffata( can't spell!), tubes coming out of lots of places

      Im not boasting, but want people to know where drinking leads to when it gets out of hand. 

      If id read it a few years ago when I was just drinking a bottle of wine at night, more on a weekend, I'd have thought that won't happen to me! I ran a successful business for 15 years and brought up 3 kids( grown up now), Had to sell biz 3 years ago and am divorced now. That's where it can go. 

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      Hi Paper Fairy.How are you doing? I had a lapse last week due to a stressful situation so had to start again!! Bought a bottle of Lactulose this afternoon.Does that mean I have to stay near a toilet tomorrow??Interesting disscusions today.Take Care.X
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      Hi.No you won't! I've never had a problem with it like that. Just helps you regular if you haven't been for a while!!!!

      Got the shakes, headache etc tonight. Xx

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      Lactulose is only really needed for those that have had/have liver damage. If you are just drinking heavily, thiamine b1 is the most important thing you can take, otherwise your memory will start to go. Your body needs it for cognitive functions and heavy drinkers, a) don't eat well if at all sometimes b) their liver doesn't process it due to the alcohol.

      One of the problems with alcohol is it is loaded with calories, easy calories, so the body always grabs them first, thereby supressing the appetite, when the body needs nutrients the most. If nothing else, take thiamine b1.

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    It can l use to forget were l had parked my car when l use to drink a lot, l was taking 1/2 litre of vodka per day.

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