Alcohol withdrawal anxiety

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hi first post, just wondering if what im going thru is normal, Im a alcoholic not had a drink for 130 days before that tho I was going thru alot of alcohol a day so much so I got jaundice of liver, turned yellow and urinating blood, but after 2 weeks in hospital and on medication think im on mend not to go back to hospital for 6 months for check uo, what it is tho is the anxiety since stopping drinking, find it hard to go outside local shop a no no for ovious reasons cos of my anxiety just wonderd if this is common, im stilo relivety young at 34, thanx hope that made sense

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    While I am not at 180 days yet, I totally understand what you are going through.  I just began my third month of sobriety.  At first I felt like a shut in.  But something amazing has happened, I have let go and accepted that I have a drinking problem.  Once I did this, and I told myself that I do have a problem, I have been able to go out and begin to enjoy life again.  Exercising helps tremendously and also going out with friends.  I thought that they would shun me when I went out with them.  None of them care if I drink or not.  They prefer I did not drink to tell you the truth.  Once I made up MY mind I was not going to drink anymore, I do not really feel tempted in any place I am.  But this whole process has been by ME for ME so I am feeling extremely selfish in my quest for sobriety and I think it probably has to be that way in order for it to work.
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      U make me so happy.. Mat I am so happy for u I wish I had the words in my heart to let u know how much I know this means to UR family and friends. Everytime I see you sharing encouraging words I always smile a lot.... Yeaexclaim



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      Hi matthew thanks for the reply,I think doing things with friends might help, ive lost a few friends through my attitude when drinking, but my two closest friends still talk to me and are supportive, I also no I hopefully never drink again, my mindset is Im doing it for me also
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      Matthew, you are so right with that. I went through 3 stages...firstly hiding away to not have to face anyone, second I tried to be really nice and do everything for anyone to kinda make amends in a physical way. Both these arent particularly right or wrong, but the 3rd stage was sort of selfishness. Not in a horrible way, but as you say, it was by ME for ME. There is a lot with this fight that means putting numero uno first and it needs to be done. Keep youself first, buddy, and hope you keep it cracked. All the best, thoughts are with you.
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    Hi Steven,

    PLZ see UR doc and speak with him about medications to help u with UR anxiety and cravings. They really do work! If u take them and not medicate with alcohol.

    i am so sorry to hear u r so sick. I understand what has driven the addicion with alcohol. It is a serious and continuous mind controlling disease.

    If only u could have quit drinking before all this illness. U have suffered so much. I hope u r able to recover completely. PLZ seek professional help for ur addiction. U cannot stop by yourself UR body conditions tells the story sadly.

    I know u r so worth having a good happy life. And I know many people love you and wish with all their hearts that u could join them remain sober and well. UR family and friends wish that more than their own lives. 

    U see my son is a alcoholic and he is 38 and in the third stage of kidney failure. He has been my life. I love him more than life itself. But nothing I can do will save him from his cravings for alcohol. 

    Please read my many stories in this section under Hope4Cure ...My life story....warning it's very real I don't sugar coat anything? It's my truth and maybe if u read how hurt my heart is u can help me too & i understand all to well that most people do not understand addiction. I do unfortunately and I wish there were better clinics for treatment. Alcohol kills more people and is the number 1 disease in the world.

    No one ever wants to live in the pain that addiction brings with it.

    Do try & read my posts. I would be interested to hear UR point of view from my son's journey with alcohol. Most accuse me of being to harsh. I do not care what they think, whatever it takes to stop the madness, that my point. If my story helps u for one day then that's all I need. You see it's my sons story too if he can save one alcoholic from all the madness of addiction from his miseries then mabe he can change tooexclaim


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      Hi thanks for reply and kind words,

      I am seeing my doctor for my anxiety and may b going on c.i.t s next week hopefuly they do the trick

      I am sorry to hear about your son and I'll definatley read your posts, I definatly coudnt have went so131 days of sobriety without the support of my family, im sure your son appriciates your support also


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    Hi, anxiety is a different illness from alcohol all together, most people drink bcoz they suffer from anxiety, u need to go and ask your GP and write down your symptoms b4 u go, the GP will give you some tablets to cure the anxiety, good luck.
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    Hi its Richard again when u stopped drinking u were suppose to take librium tablets , to prevent anxiety and the fear feeling, if u call your GP he will still give it to u its not too late.
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      Hi richard thanks for the reply

      I been to my g.p. there thinking aboutt giving me medication but with my liver being damaged I to wait till my bloods come back hopefully there ok, im on 5 different tablets the now but none of them are librium, I was in hospital for 2 weeks after I stopped drinking so dont no if I got them in there,

      hopefully my g.p can give me somethig when I go back next week, ive been refererd to a phycologist but 5 month waiting list,

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    Hi Steven, congratulations on 19 weeks! Well done buddy! I'm 5 years dry now and remember the same as you....the anxiety of just going to the shops!

    yes, see your GP about anti-anxiety MEDS, but if you're this long in I wouldn't go for Librium. It's really supposed to be short term and being a benzodiazepine it can also be addictive (look up Chlordiazepoxide, even on this site). As an example, I was up at 4am, 4pack of strongbow before leaving at 6, 3 cans on the train to work, 3stellas at lunch then the evening drinks and do it all again. When I got off the sauce, my Librium course was only 3 1/2 weeks. Still have problems with anxiety but nowhere near as bad as when first quitting. My prob was kinda feeling ashamed I guess. Once it's out though it eased. Have you discussed with family & friends....that's always good.

    Hope it all goes well & keep up the good work so gets easier, honest!!

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      Thanks for reply, congratulations on 5 years sober, I was similiar to yourself a few strongbow before work, I also worked split shifts so have few more in afternoon before work again and cos I worked in pubs and restaurants I was surrounded by alcohol constantly around, I would say I was a functional alcoholic and would seem normal

      im defiantly going to g.p bout getting medication for my anxiety

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    Hi that was a lot well done for been dry for so long, but l wonder how you managed to work, with so much alcohol, or maybe you worked for your self.
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      I was a functioning questioned a couple of times but denial, denial denial. After quite a few years you kind of slip in to getting away with it. I drank so much for so long you get used to how to make yourself "seem normal". So glad it's over because as I'm sure we all know here, it's a living hell.
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      Hi richard, I worked in pubs and restaurants mostly split shifts, never got questioned if I was drinking like matt I was a functional alcoholic
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    Steven...Richarad....& Matt...

    luv uv your honesty all of you. UR all giving me so much HOPE I need that sooo much..

    I am proud of u all and will always keep u in my prayers. 

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      I just wanted to say thank you Hope.  This site is amazing.  I look forward to all of the discussions and I am gladdened by the fact that I am not alone in life.  There are many of us out there.  And if we all use each other for support, only good things can happen.
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      Hope, are you suffering too, or a family member? It isnt easy early doors or a long time in. Just know that you too are in many peoples thoughts, even strangers. In the AA meeting (not sure if you attend or not), there's always "a few moments silence to think of those both in and outside the group who are still suffering and fighting the illness". I don't know you, but this includes people like yourself, Matthew, Steven, Richard etc.
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      I am happy to hear you r doing well as most others here struggle every day. We all have our struggles. Some Heath problems emotional or addiction. 

      Just remember. I am always, always thinking of you and knowing that u r not drinking is all I need to hear to make it thru another day. 

      That's  my goal for u to find peace and sobriety and be happy with your life and UR decision to live life and remain in a life full of feelings,ups and downs and still know that u r loved.  I know UR family is so proud and happy to have u back in their lives clean and sober.

      Stay Strong,



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      Thank you for UR concern ...PLZ read my story posted under Hope4Cure. Just do a search in the site search box.

      My son is a alcoholic started as a teen. And yes I suffer every day knowing my son is in the depths of the demon and has had many issues.

      he has drank for so many years his brain has shrunk and has many mental issues.

      I know not all alkies become so lost and that is why I am here. I understand this is a disease and until society and the medical profession treat it as such, there will be many families that suffer from watching a family member slowly die from a alcohol related diseases. 

      Thank u from my heart for taking a moment of silence for my son have shown UR character. Kind considerate and sobriety is a good life.

      i wish u the very best & I am here any time u need to talk. confused


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