Alcohol withdrawal anxiety

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hi first post, just wondering if what im going thru is normal, Im a alcoholic not had a drink for 130 days before that tho I was going thru alot of alcohol a day so much so I got jaundice of liver, turned yellow and urinating blood, but after 2 weeks in hospital and on medication think im on mend not to go back to hospital for 6 months for check uo, what it is tho is the anxiety since stopping drinking, find it hard to go outside local shop a no no for ovious reasons cos of my anxiety just wonderd if this is common, im stilo relivety young at 34, thanx hope that made sense

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    Hi, I'm new to this forum and have had a steadily increasing drink problem for about 10 years now .. I average about 26.2 units a day now but was in denial untill last night after I decided to drink less yesterday and woke up in a right state at half one this morning .... I called 111 who put me through to a doctor so me and my partner are off for a 5pm visit to a nearby clinic. Like others here, I've worked in mostly bars and restaurants most of my life. It sounds like I might need a hospital stay so I've just called my boss who's been fantastic in his support, he'd already caught me drinking at work and didn't sack me ... he says he'll get the staff to support me as well because apparently I'm a nice bloke. I'm pretty scared of facing up to this all but reading some of your stories tells me there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks everyone for reading this and congratulations on your sucess stories ...       
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      Hi christian so glad to hear your giving up the drink, I was like you in total denial, also worked in bars and restaurants think its quite common with employees, think its the easy access to alcohol

      good luck at hospital it is a scary time but they shud but you on librium and that helps alot with withdrawal, I had a 2 week stay with tests but I turned yellow, you arnet at that stage yet so you may just need help withdrawal,

      I no it gets said alot on here but it does get easier being sober, you probably won't believe me(cos I didnt at first)but im now entering my 5th month of soberiaty and it truely does get easier

      We'll done again and good luck at the clinic im sure you'll be fine


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      Good luck to you. Beginning is scary. Just let it.go, visualize what you want and make it come true. When I bounced I was always drunk at work and drank with the boss a lot of the times. It is a different culture for sure. Just visualize and make it come true for you. 

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    Thanks Steven and Mathew for your support ... sorry for jumping into your thread Steven, I'm new to this board but nice one to both of you for abstaining for so long ... 

    I had my last drink (vodka) at 6am on 5th of November (so haven't had a drink for 25 days) after another bad night and my GP arranged for an ambulance to pick me up and take me to the hospital for more tests .. I was sitting in the public waiting room and three senior blokes with clipboards approached me and asked me if I wanted to start a detox there and then. I spent my first ight in the urology ward (because I've recently had kidney stone problems) and they did give me something to stop hic-cups ... I spent the rest of the week on a different ward, the first couple of days on a drip of I think vitamin B and something else and they started me on a course of decreasing levels of librium. I was also given a few anti-coagulant injections. The staff were fantastic, the only crappy thing was not being able to chose when and how much sleep I could get because of the nurses/HCA's monitoring my blood pressure and blood sugar levels + the typical noisy hospital ward sounds. I had loads of support from my family and friends so was very lucky in that respect. I still feel like going out and buying vodka sometimes, I still work behind a bar sometimes and can honestly say at work I'm not tempted to drink which has suprised me. I think it's because I've got something else to think about at work, it's when I get home that's harder. I realised I was still reaching to the side of my armchair for my booze so have replaced it with cheap fizzy pop. I take one 100mg Thiamine tablet three times a day. I've been lucky in that I haven't anxiety in public problems but I have been irratable and depressed sometimes since being discharged. It's a relief hearing that it gets easier as time goes by and my workmates have noticed an improvement in me which is encouraging =) ..... My appetite has improved, in fact I couldn't stop eating for the first week or so! .. I've had one "friend" offer me a can of beer a few days ago, someone who knows what I was in hospital for but I was able to turn it down and called him a pusher. Christmas could be a bit tricky but I'm taking it one day at a time. I have a support group contact number but haven't used ot so far. I'm hoping that listening to other people's experiences and sharing my own here will help ... Thanks again for listening ..       

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    Hi Ya Steven

    I am new to this forum, i have read some of the other comments and encouragement from others and find it enspiring. My experience spans over 30+ years until eventually i was diagnosed alcohol dependent (litre bottle of vodka + p/day). Eventually i had to be taken into hospital where i was chemically detoxed via a drip. I have now been abstinent for 9 years and hold down a very stressful full time job.

    For me it was easy to give up once the alcohol was out of my system. It was like being reborn, everything seemed brighter noises sounded louder and my smell and balance began to return. Before, just walking normally across a flat floor took all my concentration.

    6 months after withdrawing i went to college where i gained an ACCESS to higher education diploma in science. One year on and i was studying for a BSc in psychology at one of the top ten Universities in the country. Realistically i was still looking for answers to why and how i could become dependent on alcohol.

    Using my university privelliges i started researching until i came across something called AWS (alcohol withdrawal syndrome). If you havnt already? Google it. It will tell you why you feel anxious, it explains the biological process the withdrawal of ethanol has on your brain. The spectrum of symptoms for AWS range from a simple hangover, anxiety, depression through to siezures and worse.

    Once i realised i was one of millions in the country who suffer severe reactions to the withdrawal of alcohol i percieved myself to be allergic to it. I had a real diagnoses from a nobel prize winning biologist to prove it. Take a look (AWS) i hope it helps you as it did me. Good luck and always look forward steven, the worlds your oyster.

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    Hello Steven, I am 35 use to be a heavy alcoholic but two months back I had to quit due to my cholesterol level was high. After quitting for a week I started having withdrawal symptoms... And I don't had any idea what was going on.. I was dizzy whole day... Too much anxiety.. Afraid of staying alone.. Was hungry but cudnt eat... It was a horrible experience.. I use to be short of breath and always dizzy. The thing is what I came out with.. You have to give it time.. And load on vitamins and other needs... Eat lot of fruits.. Detox ur body with little turmeric powder with water every morning. Do go out with someone. And sit back and relax.. Ur body needs time to cure itself.. And neurotransmitter in brain are the main reason for all withdrawal symptoms... It will take minimum 90 days to even out the symptoms. So help ur body and brain by feeding lots of fruits.
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    You are so young! Congrats on 130 days! Having been a sober alcoholic in AA, and staying continuously sober for a solid ten years,I relapsed on weed, the finally, on alcohol after 23 yrs! I drink daily, suffer liver sickness and withdrawal when not drunk, can't keep a job and now: due to a lack of money, I've had Sun. 72 oz 3.2% lager, Mon. Same, Tues. 48'oz of same, Wed. 0 alc. And today it took all day get in the shower, my lips are cutand burning, well, you get it. I feel like I'm dying. We are both textbook alcohol addicts and we are both in danger of losing our lives I am a 63 yo grandma who is very close to grandchildren and I'm scared. I feel alone. We are not alone, tho, are we? Please get to the doctor and be honest. I don't want either of us to forsake life sober. It's not only doable, but sobriety is very beautiful. All love, holly70902
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    I know this is a old post and I know what ur going thru I have drank myself almost to death waking up lightheaded and dizzy . I've been binge drinking for about 4 years and been sober a total of 6 months combined . With anxiety and shakes and relationship issues it makes it worse . I don't wish it upon anyone but being scared of falling asleep waking up at 4am for a sip it's crazy . I'm actually feeling withdrawals right now I'm writing this to help cope with my anxiety . I deal with social anxiety And it's because of the alcohol . You'll be fine I was taking citalopram and Ativan to help cope
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      Hello ,

      its OK to reply to A old post . It shows up in our new posts updates.

      You might try reading a book entitled Living Sober. If you do go to a meeting for AA then plz try & just ask someone for help. No end to the support you can expect there.

      Also, have you ever considered formal treatment? I believe in recovery and redemption. I have seen many families unraveled, trails of wreckage, and yes, many deaths from this disease. My son has been thru it all so many times. Try to  educate yourself on this site there are many new drugs to help take the cravings away. Read the side pages on this site for help.Never detox without the supervision of a dr.

       I also see long term recovery, restored sanity, happy productive recovering people with intact families whose children are not devastated by this disease, as I read thru many stories online in alcohol treatment sites.

      I realize how frightening this is. I've never met anyone who happily dances into rehab--most have been dragged there and/or to AA. It's a good place to start. Most people I know try to drink and or use 'recreational' drugs for years believing they can control their use. It never gets better that way--it only gets worse, much worse.

      You've tried and tried to control your use. Ready to at least try something else? Please get an AA Big Book or read it online. Please also take a look at the book, Living Sober & another good book called,The Mind of an Alcoholic. Available Online.  You may see yourself on the pages of both of these books. Please--keep coming back. I believe on some level you are getting ready to try another way. Best wishes.


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    Hey everyone,

    So I've been a frequent binge drinker for the last couple years (every other day, drink from the time I get home to when I pass out) and finally decided to quit four days ago. I do have an appointment with my GP soon, but want to ask some questions about withdrawal symptoms. I've been experiencing heavy anxiety and some confusion. Is this normal? It's been hard to cope at work, although I'm sure I can get through it. I've noticed these symptoms in between binge drinking sessions previously, which is what led me to quit. I have blood work done every six months, which has never come back with any concern. I also feel fatigue from time to time, any information would help.


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    Hello, this my first post here, I have just started my quest for not drinking, only on my first three days and have been drinking on and off for the past 20 years. 

    Things came too a head  Sunday 15th April, when i hit the pub on one of my benders got and past out did not remember anything about weekend, over the three days of none stop i lost a lot of good friends. So now time to kick alcohol out of my life.

    I have chosen cold turkey not through choice but because i do not have the money too drop myself down slowly.

    Ok that said i am struggling at the moment but i know it is the right thing for me, I have been here before but this time i am doing it for me and me alone not just too please other people. I need too do this as at 63 i may not get another chance to do so.

    I will keep posting on my progress in the weeks and months ahead, and very encourage by some of the posts i read before joining.

    Thank you  

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      High colin

      I think you would be better to start a new discussion yourself.

      This thread goes back four years, so rather than adding to an old discussion, you’ll probably get more replies if you start a new discussion

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      Thank you for your help, have now done as you suggested

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