All in my head?

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I've had an issue for a while concerning painful sex and bleeding after.

This all started after a prolongued hospital stay and antibiotic treatment including several thrush flare ups due to the antibiotics.

I've seen two docs who have examined me and ran swabs and found nothing so referred me to psychosexual counselling.

They have said they won't refer me to a gyno.

The issue now is that my lady area has started flaring up and getting really sore now without any physical contact at all. So how can it all be in my head? I understand tensing in anticipation of pain but how can my mind cause inflammation and soreness? I just don't know what to do and this is ruining my life!

Does anyone have any ideas?

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    I don't believe it is in your head at all. There is a condition called vulvadynia, that causes pain during sex, but I don't believe it causes inflammation or pain outside of being physical. Can you give more detail surrounding your symptoms?

    BTW, your doctors sound like a bunch of a** hats. Sorry you have to deal w that. Do you live in the UK to have that terrible healthcare?

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      Hi feelbroken

      Thanks for replying.

      It's actually flared up this morning. Had no physical contact at all and the outer area of my vagina is red raw. The inner area around the Labia. It doesn't feel lumpy or look rashy at all just really red and sore. Like when you have a fresh burn almost. So bad It's affecting me going to the bathroom as so painful to us toilet paper. It doesn't hurt when I urinate.

      It does this alot and settles after a few days but then flares up again.

      I have another gp appointment Thursday morning and going to demand a referal. The last time I went they asked me what I wanted them to do about it!!!

      I said I want you to find out what it is and fix it so I want referring to a gynochologist. They said they will take swabs AGAIN but if no infections come up they won't refer me as gyno won't do anything!

      Would help if I had any ideas what it could be but can't find anything online hence posting on here xx

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      Have you been tested for herpes? Swabs do nothing, unless captured w enough fluid from a sore and has to be w in 48hrs of a sore. If you are not presenting w sores, swabs will turn up nothing. I recommend yiu get a herpes blood test. You are actually experiencing many mild symptoms of herpes.
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      BTW.. Having no smell or discharge, further convinces me it is not thrush and possibly a mild herpes ob. Most women actually experience what yiu are experiencing and sum it up to thrush, because it eventually goes away. Maybe even in the course of completing meds for it, when in reality, it was just a coincidence. Most people so not have what yiu read about herpes on the internet. Those are usually worst case.
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    I agree with feelbroken that it is certainly not in your head.

    Are you in UK?

    I think that you are right to link the antibiotics as - wonderful as they are - they do have side effects for some of us.

    I had a course of Trimethiprim for UTI [think advocaat if you will] and went down with severe thrush feet, mouth and genitals [balinitis]  - certainly painful red blistery bits. My female doctor called it "Stevens–Johnson syndrome" which you can Googe if you want to worry yourself!  I think she was over dramatising though said "ow" whne she examined my bits! 

    If you have to wait before seeing Doctor and are in UK you can get a combined treatment [pill and cream] at the pharmacy.  They are normally for women but "can" be used for men and fortunately I know the pharmacist ...

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      Yes I'm in the Uk x

      I got the combined treatment over the counter each time but worried the amount of times I had it in quick succession could have damaged something.

      I had it in my mouth too each time.

      I was on trimethprim for 6 weeks after 2 weeks of IV antibiotics then the infection came back twice after that x

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      If you have that high level of yeast in your body, you need to take a probiotic daily. That is the only thing that fixed mine and my beat friends issues w getting thrush constantly. It means the bacteria levels are off balance in your gut, where 70% of your immune system lives.

      I've had major issues w antibuotixs and large doses and recurrent infections, but they did not cause the types of symptoms you are experiencing. I am ibcmuned to believe that, there is a possibility that your immune system is lowered from whatever illness you have and you are experiencing a mild herpes ob and then no symptoms, when your immune system is normal again, which is why you're assuming it is thrush. Yiu need blood tests asap.

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      Yes I get colds and tummy bugs very often!!

      I drink a pre biotic yoghurt drink every morning.

      I get a rash just under my mouth very often and only an anti fungal cream gets rid of it!

      My stomach is regulary bad but I thought it was IBS which I have had for years.

      I recently came off Clomipramine (tricyclic antidepressant) which i was on for 9 years!

      I have never tested positive for an STI but i do get coldsores x

      This is really helpful guys thank you!! Going to write a list for when I see doc on thursday!

      Any other suggestions? Xx

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      Yogurts only do so much. The live cultures are being destroyed by your stomach acida. You need to take a probiotic such as pearl probiotics, that have a capsule that makes it past the stomach acids, w undamaged bacteria, where your intestines can absorb it. That is the only way you will benefit from a probiotic.

      When you walk into a clinic and ask for a full STD screening, herpes is not included in that. The only ones included by law are HIV, clyamidia, gonnarhea, syphillis, and the different hepatitis's. This is why people so often are clueless and think they have a clean bill of health. You have to specifically request a herpea test. If that word does not roll of your tongue as a test to take, they will not test you, even if you asked for EVERYTHING. Please, research it if you don't believe me.

      I had menigitis and was receiving the strongest antibiotic that exists intravenously, every hr on the hr. This did result in massive recurring thrush and bacterial vaginosis... It appeared once my body's natural pH balance had been the own off like that, it has never been the same. I still have one spot from those days, 12yrs later, that itches constantly . I went through what you did, but burning when you urinate is not a symptom of thrush, unless you scratched yourself half to death up in there and left abrasions.. But it won't be excruciating.

      You need to ask for a herpes test.. When I kept having those issues after all those antibiotics that was causing massive itching from thrush, they eventually biopsied the skin, thinking I might have herpes. One thing you don't mention is itching. Thrush will make you itch like crazy. Herpes does w some people and some it doesn't. Herpes makes me itch. Also, herpes when present on the skin, seems to think the skin, which results in easy tearing. Read the herpes forums on here for recurrent breakouts or girls having mild breakouts that sound like yours to a T and get a blood test and are shocked to learn they had herpes.. They thought they had thrush this entire time.

      Don't stress. This is worst case scenario.. I think you need to rule it out. I think ruling that out first, yiu can go from there and also mention vulvadynia

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      I haven't had thrush for about a year now luckily and no itching or the telltale cottage cheese of thrush.

      Just this constant soreness xx

      I will mention herpea to doc and vulvadynia!

      I think the skin has been thinned! Xx

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      Yeah sweetie.. Just hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Skin thinning and soreness, tearing aka, also known as fissures, are very mild herpes symptoms. How long has it been consistently like this or does it go away and then reappear?
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      Constant irritation below the belt from recurrent infections, can start causing nerves to misfire, resulting in some, painful intercourse. There's also a chance you have broken out inside if you do have herpes.

      85% of people who have genital herpes are asymptomatic, meaning that they carry the virus, are contagious at times and experience no symptoms or so mild, a red bump is mistaken for an ingrown hair/pimple, or an itch that comes and goes, thrush, jock itch. Between the vast majority of people w herpes not knowing, being asymptomatic and not included in a full STD panel, is the reason that this virus continues to be an epedemic.

      Most cases of herpes are transmitted by asymptomatic people who are completely unaware of their status. There are people on this forum who learned they had herpes from a blood test and are utterly shocked they have it, because they've never had any symptoms, have no idea who they got it from but their partner suddenly has an ob, prompting the other partner to get tested.

      I have recently made a friend on here, who caught herpes from her bf, who has never experienced a symptom a day in his life. He too was unaware that herpes is not included in the panel and was under the impression he was clean, because his STD tests came back clean...

      I sincerely hope this isn't the case and I hope I'm wrong. Get in for a blood test immediately and keep me up to date. I'll be wishing you well and good luck. :-)

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