almost 3 months post removal, yellow stool, pain and nausea

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Hello I had my gallbladder removal on 1st Oct minor complication of a bile leak which was washed out in theatre during operation. Since the operation I've had lots of different problems in not sure if all related to removal.

1. Hot flashes now and then (I'm 33)

2. Temp elevation my temp with tympanic is always 37.4-38 degrees Celsius I don't know if this is only after op as I never really checked before.

3. Yellow stool, now and then sometimes loose bit mainly normal form but always with urgency now if I need a bm I need it now I cannot wait. Is this normal I knownirgency is bit the yellow stool? Today half was brown half yellow. Sorry if tmi!

4. Last 2 weeks experienced nausea and a burning pain in stomach not extremely painful bit annoying and stops me enjoying life.

5. Since I woke up from the surgery I have had intermittent hoarseness and throat clearing gp thinks its laryngeal pharyngeal reflux but I think its odd it only started right after sigery isn't it more likely my throat was damaged by the anaesthetist?

Dr has prescribed ppis he thinks pain is gastritis but I haven't taken them yet as I read I could be h.pylori bacteria and if you tale ppi gje test wont be accurate so I want to see Dr again and ask for that test.

I'm so lost and fed up and very scared all these symptoms are something like cancer.

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    Hi Michelle the main cause of gallbladder problems is excess estrogen. This can be caused by birth control, hrt, steroids and being overweight. The liver is responsible for balancing the hormones and also for filtering toxins. When we have excess estrogen the liver cannot handle it and the bile becomes thick and sludgy and gallbladder problems ensue. Also commonly linked with this are ovarian cysts, fibroids and other hormone related problems. Yes your hot flushes are most likely your hormones fluctuating. Removing the gallbladder adds extra strain to the already overworked liver. Your right not to take the ppi drugs unless you know for certain you need them. They are also a cause of gallbladder issues as they stop your stomach producing acid which causes the gallbladder to contract. The yellow stools are normal and for most settle within 6 months to 2 years but for about 10% it remains. I had mine gallbladder removed a year ago and had diarrhea, nausea vomiting and dry wretching and burning in my stomach afterwards. Unfortunately for me I had a large cyst on my ovary which was found when they found my one stone and neglected to tell me about it. They now admit it was the cause of my nausea and vomiting and dry wretching. I had it drained and biopsied and am awaiting the results. If you are on any hormone drugs stop them for now. I have been taking psyllium husk powder 1 teaspoon twice a day for stop the yellow stools. It's worth trying. Also get yourself a good liver tonic like milk thistle which will help your liver detox and get rid of any excess hormones. My surgeon did tell me that gallbladder problems are caused by hormones and mainly on woman. The 5 f's female, fertile, 40,fair and fat. I'm female and 40 and probably fertile but none of the rest!! Mine was caused my hormones drugs prescribed by my endocrinologist. Also digestive enzymes and probiotics might help you too. If you can avoid the ppi drugs if you can as they have long term side effects one of which is diarrhea! Take care x
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      Thank you for your reply Acejohnston. I di feel my hormones are all over the place, I don't take any hormones. I was actually wondering if going on low dose birth control pill might help to regulate them do you not think that would be a good idea?

      I hope your results are all clear did you have the Ca125 blood test too? I hope you get your results soon. What kind of cyst did you have? Did you have pain in hip and thigh and back?

      I will look for the psylium husk. And liver cleanse I'm taking actimel but I know it isn't the best probiotic I should really be taking one from a health food shop!

      I'm so sick of feeling ill everyday I feel like an invalid at 33 years old.

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      Hi Michelle,

      Be careful with what you take for now as your liver is adjusting to working without the gallbladder. The best thing I did in the last year was go to an acupuncturist. She explained more to me about how the body works than any doctor. She put me on herbs for the cyst last June and it actually partially ruptured and was down to 2cm so I stopped taking them and unfortunately it filled back up within 6 weeks. I'm back on the same herbs now a few weeks and am hoping they will help to dissolve the shell of the cysts. I had 1 large fluid filled cyst (8cm) with some septation and specks of calcification and then another Hemorragic cyst attached to it with a 4mm wall. The second cyst was only found at the beginning of December after having horrific pain. My ca125 was 40 last March and the cyst was 7.5cm and just fluid and my ca125 is now 61! My GP is concerned that it's rising but my gynaecologist doesn't seem that concerned. I do get pains in my hip and lower back and also my groin too and for some reason my ankles. I also have headaches a lot and breast tenderness and dizzy spells. I would also get your estrogen and progesterone levels checked as they are key to all this. I asked my GP to check mine and my progesterone was very low and my estrogen a little elevated. Once your progesterone is low you are estrogen dominant. Agnus castus is a great herb for balancing hormones and estrogen and progesterone in particular. If these herbs don't help me I will try that. Have a look at the symptoms of low progesterone. It makes interesting reading. I know other woman who've had their gallbladder removed who've also had issues and they also have low progesterone. If you know a good naturopath I would try that first as so many seem to go down that road after this operation to deal with the side effects. It's still early days for you and I do know a few people who have nausea vomiting and diarrhea for 6 months after the operation and it eventually stopped. I also know a few people that had it for a year and then it stopped. My GP told me it's a very slow process. Also eat more alkaline foods if you can as it will help you too. I'm so sorry your suffering and only 33. My sons Playschool teachers 10 year old daughter had her gallbladder removed nearly 2 years ago due to 1 stone too and she hasn't been right since. She vomited every day for 9 months afterwards and then that stopped and she now suffers from awful constipation and tummy pains. Poor girl. The hospital keeps telling her that her body is still adjusting. Research as much as you can as unfortunately once you start having issues after the surgery there's very little doctors will do except prescribe anti diarrhea drugs or ppis. It's really all about finding something that works for you now and makes you feel well. Give it more time though. It will get better and your not on your own. I haven't had any indigestion for a very long time and can eat most things now. I just can't eat as much as before. If this cyst was gone I've no doubt I'll be back to myself. Take care and keep in touch xxx

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