Am i breathing?

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I feel as tho am nt breathing no matter how i try to relax . Tea an calmness not helping . My stomach feels horrible at night . Any suggestions?

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    Be sure your tea is decaf first of all. Maybe activity? Sometimes if I try to be still and calm when I’m headed for panic mode it backfires on me. Exercise helps. Yoga or brisk walk maybe? One thing that never helps me is conversation. I need to be left alone when that feeling hits. 
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    Well I take medical marijuana at night a glass of wine and 1/2  Xanax and melatonin to sleep . Whatever gets you through this right ! 

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    Hi Wendy … its scary when you feel you are not getting enough oxygen into your blood stream. I had this and I was so scared I drove myself to A&E and there are many women who have done the same. This is very common and the main thing is to try and distract yourself and tell yourself you will be okay. It is difficult at the time this feeling will pass. I have had awful stomach and bowel problems also through peri and it is when your relaxed that your tummy and bowl can kick off. 

    I take a probiotic tablet and this has helped but it may just be down to the changes your body is experiencing through changes in hormone levels. My GP said to me way back that one the hormones change, everything changes and oh boy is he right.

    Keep hydrated during the day and exercise is great for anxiety and worry. Keep checking in here when feeling like you are not coping as its a great place for support.

    Sometimes you just have to ride it out, knowing you will be okay. Trust me, I've been there and are coming out the other side and go easy on yourself through this change. CK

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    Hi ladies

    Im in the same boat been in peri ten years just gone a full year no period.


    I went 13 months last year so still expecting it to pop up.

    I am havinf awful chest tightness and like you ferling like i cant breath or not getting enough air.

    Its terrifying!!!!

    Ive had this on and off before.

    Been doctors previously

    Chest xray all good oxygen level all good ecg all good


    Its still frightens me every single time it comes back

    I was crying to my mum yesterday saying i cant breath

    She said but you are breathing fine and we have been here before.

    I can honestly say this has bern 10 years of hell.

    Ive bern posting on these forums for years

    Never imagined i would still be here going through it still.

    I dont take any meds im 51.

    Since no periods im angry with everyone and everything.

    Feel so sorry for my husband and family.

    I actaully cant stand myself right now lol.

    Ive hot flushes for years but OMG they are so much worse now.

    I even find mysrlf crying when i get them now.

    I feel so despondent. Its been going on so long.

    I dont want to take HRT to be honest. My doctor days they only advise a maximum of 5 years on it. Then what?

    I just wanted to let you know you are not alone. I wont list my symptoms because ive had every single one and then some.

    Ive been stopping myself from going A&E all week trying to calm this anxiety monster.

    Take care xx

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      I agree Michelle the breathless thing is one of the worst symptoms of the menopause feels like your gonner just keel over . I had to go on s sedative along with my hrt the anxiety was through the roof  . I never had any symptoms at all till my periods stopped . Your not alone 
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    Hi Wendy, yes the feeling like you cant breathe can be so scary! Lime you can't get that deep breath...And to Michelle I can so relate to what you say as well , I think I've experienced all 66 symptoms and more, anxiety isn't on that list but have that as well too, so all 66 and more! But oh man I remember crying calling anyone saying I just can't get that deep breath I can't breathe, and they would say well go to the hospital.. Well by the time you make it to the hospital your back to breathing just fine! So no to going to the hospital and being told its all anxiety! And what ck says. Its so scary when you feel your not getting enough oxygen into the blood.. And you know with me it always would get some relief after I would belch, so it was definitely related to swallowing to much air, and or after eating, and during higher than normal anxiety, so all gastrointestinal related for sure, but if I make myself calm and sip some water and make myself belch it would relieve a lot of that ...

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      I hear ya hun.

      Its so debilitating. Every time it happens i say to my husband what if something is really wrong?

      Like with my lungs?

      Yes i know ive been here before and yes eventually it goes and you would think going through this 10 years i would be better at it.

      But no.

      And dont get me started on health anxiety!!!

      All my mum and husband say is when you are over menopause you will be normal again but im now beginning to believe it will never be over.

      Sad thing is my husband is a pastor and just started his own church and i cant even pray anymore.

      I really hung on to jesus and prayer but lately i just cant.

      When you have been in hormonal hell for 10 years its hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

      Stay strong ladies x

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    HI wendy, this is a scary one, I’ve had it too.  I think it’s called air hunger.  It is a feeling manifested from anxiety...because our hormones are playing tricks with us!  I can assure you though, you’re body is smart, it will not allow itself to not take in the proper amount of oxygen!  Try and concentrate on how your breathing too.  Are you a chest breather?  Holding your breath? Then hyper ventilating?   I was... not good!  You need to belly breath...  here me out...there are tons of free guided meditations, listen to them before bed, (I like Michael Sealey)...put a tissue on your stomach and watch your breathing.  After a little training, you won’t think about it so much.  

    I still catch myself holding my breath sometimes still while anxious, especially driving!  I also started to take Lexapro...I’m a tough sell on meds, but, it’s helped with my overthinking.  Good luck!  😊

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      Hi Michelle, Lexapro has not helped my sleep as I had hoped. I fall asleep, but I’m lucky if I get 2-5 hours. Mirtazapine and Prozac were the first ADs I tried...I lasted less than a week on each.  Mirtazapine DID help my sleep  (crazy dreams)...but too many headaches.  I don’t complain too much to my dr as I know they’ll just give me an additional medication.  I’m going to try liquid melatonin.  🤞

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      I was given prozac years ago it made me suicidal and i couldnt sit still like i didnt feel bad enough already.

      This stopped me from trying anything else for years i was terrified.

      I felt the mirtazapine helped a little even if just it helped me sleep. But gave me restless leg at night. Glad urs is helping x

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      Because SSRI's like Prozac, Lexapro, Zoloft, etc, numb you emotionally. A lot of people gain weight on them and a lot of people complain that they have zero sex drive on it(I'm talking about people in their 20's and 30's). Because it make you an emotional zombie. This doesn't happen to everyone but it happens enough to where I will NOT take SSRI's. I tried two different kinds and had the worse side effects. Lasted three days on both.


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    Yes, this happened to me a couple of times last year. I was walking to the kitchen to fix dinner and all of a sudden I felt like I wasn't getting enough air in my lungs! It passed quickly but it was scary! It happened may two more times and then it stopped.

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      Yes happened to me a few times in my sleep ... like I’m stressed in my sleep . It’s awful decide I’m not taking any more phone calls before bed time ... as that stresses me out . 
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