Am I making a massive mistake starting on Mirtazapine?

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Hi, I picked up my first presentation yesterday for Mirtazapine. I stumbled across this website when looking into the medicine.

It seems to be just negative things I have read about it. 

So much so that I’m contemplating not starting it as it’s worryig me too much. 

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    I have taken 15 mg mirtazapine at night since July 2015 and never had any problems.
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      do you have problem with weight gain ? because I am VERY conscious about my weight and I don't want to buy new clothes because of this issue. 

       I just started 15 mg, to help with my chronic insomnia (4 nights without sleep AT ALL). 

      I am afraid I will have to go to maximum dosage and I will gain more weight. Please help. 

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      I have never had a problem with weight gain. I did gain a few pounds and lost a few quickly. My weight has stayed the same for the last two years. I would like to lose a few more, but my weight isn't am issue now.

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      Went on 15mg for insomnia, 4 months and 40 lbs later i am depressed, sleep deprived and off of mirt 15 weeks tomorrow. Think about how many pounds are worth a good nites sleep. For me, it worked for my insomnia from the beginning. Then quit. No need to up the dose. Works at 15mg for sleep. You will know if its right for you. Follow your instincts early on to avoid problems...good luck.
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    i think there is some people who it agrees with it some it don't only thing you can do is give it a try and see how you feel taking it, when I started on mirtazapine it worked pretty fast so with in a wk or so you might have idea how your feeling taking it..

    i had all the side effects while taking it and it didn't help me at all but we are all different so maybe it will work a treat for you

    i know 2 people who use it and think it has really helped them

    is it depression your taking it for ? 

    Good luck 


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    Thank you for your replies. 

    Yes, depression and anxiety. Also worrying about the weight gain, I know it’s different for everyone but I know if this happened I would become really low.

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      its really hard to tell if it's going suit you or not don't be put of by what your reading on the site as each of us is different and we all react differently to meds.. you could give it a try and see if you notice any side effects as I said when I was on them I felt the difference in about 5days , they just didn't suit me as side effects never left me, I didn't suffer anixety but once I was put on mirtazapine I did... so that alone told me they weren't helping me at all 

      I was on them around 16months and I'm 15weeks free of them today

      wish you all the best in what ever you decide to do


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      I started mirtazapine November 2017

      I had refused any drug for my depression and insomnia for years. Tried 2 other types before mirtazapine

      Mirtazapine has no side effects for me

      We all have different bodies so my opinion is talk to your doctor how you feel

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    For me it worked very well for major depression with anxiety,couldn't sleep,or eat,and was constantly anxious.started on 15mg and was titrated up to 45mg over many weeks.cant say I noticed any start up effects,certainly let me sleep full night immediately,but for ME it took up to a good 6 months to gradually get better.have been 100% mentally well last nearly six years.if there were start up side effects then I was so ill I didn't notice,and kept taking in hope of better day.

    i have gained two stone,but with being very strict with diet and swimming and walking have been able to lose weight on this drug,but you have to be very disciplined.

    titrating off this drug now for other reasons.

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    Firstly it is a great anti depressant and is marvellous for sleep problems. Here's the will almost definitely pile in LOADS of weight because it messes with your insulin and you blood sugars. It is also a very difficult med to get off of. Those are the facts, which I'm sure most people who take or have taken it will agree with. If I had this info before starting it, it would have asked for a different a/d. Goodness only knows why these are dolled out without responsible advise re side effects

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      Hi Lorraine 

      are youbetill on mirtazapine or are you tapering or off it ? 

      I like yourself if I'd of known about it before I started it noway would I of put myself through this nightmare 


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      I'm tapering. First drop was from 30 to 15 for 6 months. Next drop recently To far so good. It's dropping below 7.5 that worries me as this is where I failed before. I'm trying to stay positive in the hope that I can do it this time. Appetite still the same unfortunately. I wonder if anyone reading this could tell me at what point the hunger subsides. Thanks 

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    Its a good medication with a good track record and that's why professionals are still prescribing it.

    there are side effects and downsides to all medications, most of it is just legal coverage for drug companies.

    Just go look at the side effects on the patient information leaflet for paracetamol or aspirin which on the whole for most people in the right doses  are benign medications but are both actually more of a risk than most antidepressants.

    Mirtazapine can successfully treat depression anxiety and insomnia.

    You dont have to look too deep onto health websites before you come across the usual suspect the naysayers wo will tell you that it's the worst thing you could ever do.

    but there will be the same amount who will tell you it's changed their lives positively.

    try it


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    Thank you everyone for your replies
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      Work out if it's helping you. What I would say if it's not get off it as soon as you can . I've only been on it a short time really and I certainly knew when I made my first drop. I would think long and hard before taking it as if I new now what I did when I started taking it I wouldn't have touched it. All the best whatever you decide.

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      totally agree i was taking it but still feeling totally depressed i was thinking of taking more but for some reason i decided to just try taking half of 45ml for a few weeks and after 2weeks i was feeling great so since then ive just done a rapid detox im maybe taking 5ml a night now this medication is scary now to me i would never consider putting 45ml in my body it would totally incapacitate me its not for everyone ill say that

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