Amlodipine - Left Side Muscle Pain and Numbness

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Hi, I wanted to share my horrible experience with Amlodipine. I had/have major Left Side issues (shoulder pain, abdomila pain, leg pain, foot pain, numbness, shortness of breath, insomnia) with Amlodipine 10mg. It didnt start untill few months after taking it, plus I was training for Half Marathons, so muscle pain I thought was due to overuse. After about 4 months I began having the distinct numbness and slight tingling on entire left side of body, including head/face.

My initial thought was OMG I might have had a stroke and didnt realize!?!? Went back to doc about the left side numbness symptoms (didnt ellaborate to much on muscle pain at that time), yet she did not make the link, nor did I. Had multiple X-Rays and MRIs, saw chiropractor and nuerologist plus ortho sports doc, all said there was nothing wrong.

I quit running due to pain on left side, eventually quit my job in Florida and moved back home to Michigan, became quite irritated by the littlest things, and extremley frustrated with my "mysterious illness" that a dozen doctors could not diagnos. (Frankly I continued to think I must have had a stroke that was undetected).

Fast forward 2 1/2 years later, 2 jobs later, 1 hip surgery later, 20+ pound later, 1 nuerophyscologial evaluation later, and thousands of dollars in medical bills, I somehow stumbled on these forums of people describing much of what I've been dealing with and the lightbulb went off!!!!

It's only been 3 days since my last pill (taking Lisinopril now) and I think feeling a little better. Hoping to see major improvement after some time being off this Amlodipine that I am fairly certain has been poisining me over last 2 1/2 years.

Anyhow, wanted to share my story for anyone else experiencing same.

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    Should mention, I am white male, began taking Amlodipine at age 37 (I am 39 1/2 now). Other than High Blood Pressure I "was" in excellent health running 30+ miles per week and felt great! Prior to Amlodipine I was on Metoprolo for 2 years but my heart rate was often in low 40's so doc switched me to Amlodipine. (We initially tried Lisinopril for short time at age 34 but didnt seem to do much for me)

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    Jonathan just make sure your doctor is aware you stopped that medication. I finally think my new doctor has listened to my side effects and will take me off the Amlodophine, I see him next week.  I never in a million years would have put together these side effects without this forum.  Hope you are soon back to normal and able to enjoy life
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      Indeed Margaret, my Doc is aware and have appointement scheduled in 2 weeks to review. Meanwhile i'm taking the Lisinopril which seems to be working well.

      Thanks! I hope to be feeling better soon! I'm thinking positve and feel a new lease on life coming for me smile

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      Johnathan  so glad you are feeling better.  I started taking BP meds when I was 27 now 73.  I trusted my doctors 100 percent to give me the right meds and never once questioned them.  I never thought side effects just that I seemed to have constant health issues that I didn't have before I started taking meds for my BP.  The feeling of being spaced out one of the worst.  i am now confident that I can discuss with my new doctor, with confidence that he needs to look at the amolodopine first.  Smart move Johnathan

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    My goodness that is terrible ,why can't these drs understand these side effects .I've got tingling in my right thumb Dr says nothing.and lower back pain, I feel so old with flu like symptoms I don't do things I used to do each time I call drs office I'm 29 Preston down the line to get appt terrible medi- cal

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    Wow... and I'm so very sorry to hear this!!!!! Thank you for sharing!!! God bless you.

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    Just a quick update. After 4 days of being OFF Amlodipine, I am feeling so much better. Specifically, muscle tension in left side is letting up, numbness feeling in head and arm and leg is mostly gone, lower left abdominal pain is mostly gone, no more shortness of breath, foot pain is letting up. Also, my mood is so much better, not sure if its just optimism or if the Amlodipine was actually affecting me mentally as well.

    I am 100% sure the Amlodipine was causing these symptoms, and so glad my nightmare is pretty much over. Only time will tell if any permanent damage.

    Im now on 20mg Lisinopril, and going to be very observant to see if any side effects.

    Happy Happy Happy! smile

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    I had the tingling and terrible pain in my calves. The doctors didn't identify as side effects. I then started to get what looked like yellowish blood staining on my legs. Every doctor I saw didn't know what it was. I even asked if it could be side effects. My legs are now a total mess. The are a disgusting colour and are patchy. I love swimming and just can go because I look like a freak. To top it all the doctors say that veins are no longer done on the NHS. I was given these awful tablets on the NhS and am now left with disgusting legs.... The company needs to stop making these tablets

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      That is terrible, I'm so sorry to here such suffering of these terrible side effect day I decided to look up all my BP meds and their side effects most of them have similar effects as amlodpine .I myself don't.know what to do I know I need to eat healthier exercise

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    How terrible Jonathan! I started taking Amlodipine in June this year. I was very alarmed when my feet started to swell up, my feet were very painful, I had episodes of pounding in my head/rapid pulse. I was already on a statin, but my GP halved the dose because one is not supposed to take more than 20 mgms of simvastatin when on Amlodipine. I already had worsening muscle pain, due I think to the statin. One month after starting Amlodipine I decided to stop it and my feet went back to normal, but remained painful.

    I suffer from white coat syndrome and argued with my GP that my BP will always be raised wnever I am at the surgery! He knew this, and despite having a 24 hour monitor in at home taking my BP at regular intervals which revealed that the averages over the 24 hours were normal, he still insisted that I commence Amlodipine. I started taking it again and gave now been on it for. 3 months, but the symptoms returned. My son is GP and he knew I had stopped it at the time. I am now about to stop it again and ask my Dr to put me on Lisinopril if he is insisting that I need to take a drug for hypertension.

    I will keep you posted.


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    Hi Johnathan /all, 35 yo male 6 ft 5 and 300 lbs.

    ​Ive been on amlo for about 2 years. First taking 5 mg which didnt help the bp much but also didnt give me too many side effects that I can remember except for heart pulpitations and what I think Im realising today, sore sore solid feeling feet. There may have been more but anyways, my doctor added olmatec i think 20 mg but it didnt seem to do anything however i kept taking it for a few months. I went back to the doctor because my bp wasnt that low 150/ 90 ish down from 160. So she changed the amlo to 10mg. a couple months later I started feeling weird and zoned out and light headed so I stopped the olmatec that didnt work anyways and split the amlo in half. 5 mg in the am and 5mg in the pm. That was fine for a few months until a week ago I became light headed and dizzy spells, feeling foggy, feeling anxiety and empty and feeling like Im dieing, heart pulpitations, tight tingly chest, slight headaches, cold fingers periodically, tiredness and Im sure theres more.So yesterday  I went to the doctors to get off amlo because of these side effects and she got a bp reading of 180/? and sent me to the er. They checked my heart and said its fine. So even though the emerg doc told me i shouldnt stop taking the amlo but should add to it I stopped and didnt take any last night or today. Let me tell you I feel sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better even after that short period.

    ​I went to the doctor today and got Coversyl HD and will give that a try. She said I can stop taking amlo and go straight to coversyl. BAM! So hopefully the rest of the effects go away soon. One thing I noticed between yesterday and today is a minor very brief pain on my lower left side of my oblique area. Ive only felt it about 6 or 7 times for about 5 seconds at a time and it is minor but it is there. Also I just noticed tonight that the bottoms of my feet barely hurt at all! Ive been messing around at the foot doctors the whole time and nothing until today, a day and a half off amlo. I havent had unsore feet for years and hopefully they are even better tomorrow. Just took my bp with no meds 30 mins ago and its 140/97. Ive been monitoring it every couple hrs today and its mainly been around there but one reading today was 160/100 after 2 hrs of driving in downtown traffic mid morning and one reading 155/ 103 after fairly strenuous physical work mid day. High yes but I feel great and would take the high bp in a heartbeat over the amlo if I had too.

    ​Still a bit too early to say for sure if it was the amlo but it seems like it and I will update.

    Thanks for everyone who put info on this forum. This really is a life saver.


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    I had bad experiences with perindopril, ibersatan, doxazocin and decided to quit.... 2 years today , my BP was 160/116. Put on Amylodipine and just swallowed 10mg. After reading your experiences, it must be the only one that my system will see. I can't describe how bad I felt on the other drugs. I was everything that you have all described on Amylodipine. .....reason I went to the doc today was because of my eyes. The rst of my body gas been great without the pain, weakness, gout, severe weakness , and feeling of impending doom. I was dying slowly from within. Good bye Amylodipine. am going to work on my weight

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      Hi Olyd, so have you not been on any meds for the last 2 years and just started amlodopine today? And what is the issue with your eyes?
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      Hi Bigpat,

      I was getting severe headaches and was unable to read beyond my page. I decided to go back to University now that all my children are grown, but i was finding it hard to read, on a very intensive course. At first I thought it was aging issues, or some kind of late adaptation but then I started getting double vision and that is when I went back to my GP. My pressure was high, and I had to amke a choice this time between blindness and bad Side effects.. I was prescribed Amylodipine and 2 weeks later Indapamine. I havent started the indapamine..No more headaches, I can now read,but then I developed oedema ( swelling of the lower limb. It is not as bad now..and I havent yet got the bad sideffects I used to get with the other meds...I am only hoping that they wait for at least a year me time to complete my course.

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