ankle pain when walking in the boot

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hi guys,any advice appreciated, i'm 5 weeks post op, everything looking good, got the air boot on monday, when i sleep foot is fine in the morning, once i walk for a short while in the boot, my ankle is in severe pain and swells up, is this normal, any answers please, thanks digmon

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    For sure normal , as i use injured leg for fewe hours non stop ankle get swollen!!



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    Stay off UR ankel..r u prescribed pain meds/ anti inflams .. Follow the dr advice..and  Ice every to relieve swelling.Swelling causes pain and pressure on nerves in the foot, icing helps &  elevate foot up above the heart. Take anti inflam & Pain meds.

    Take care tendons take longer to heal than bones so be patient. Give UR body time to heal properly so this will not contine to sneak up on u years later. 

    Been there done that..




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      i,m trying not to take any medication, just rest, and i am trying to take things easy, but you do have to move about, and my physio has told me to start light foot exercises which is ok until the swelling starts, is this normal and would you advise anti inflammatries
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      My advice would be same as hope4cure. You need to keep foot elevated above heart. Only do what your body lets you. If you are in pain your ankle isn't ready or strong enough. I used my crutches when walking for some time but still putting some weight on my injured foot. Swelling is normal. I am 9 weeks in and still swelling although has gone down a lot now. I was given cocodamol and certainly helped with pain. Everyone heals at different times. The thing is you don't want to have a week ankle as will cause problems later on in years. Frustrating time but I have taken much longer than peace human for instance.
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      thanks karen, it seems to have been better the last two days, but still getting the odd niggle, also getting a bit of pail from the other leg, around my knee, maybe thats because that's taking more stress
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      Yes I've got a lot of pain in my other ankle because I am now walking unaided with crutches and this blasted boot is so high! Feel like I'm on stilts. Now I know what's it's like to be 5"8 lol
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      I'm beginning to lose track of the weeks, seems to take forever, I'm starting to think I'm glad mine ruptured in Turkey,  listening to some of the horror stories on here, got another week with two heel lifts, then two more weeks with one lift, then see how we go, my right knee has been giving me real grief yesterday,  but it's today 
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      It does get better. I took my last heel lift out on Wed and back to hospital with good news. No more injections don't have to wear boot now except outside. Got to try and walk round the house bare foot. Feels weird but OK and getting better each day. Great feeling being able to walk again all be it a bit lopsided but OK with that for a short while. Can't wait for physio next week. For your knew are you doing exercises with your boot on? Do some leg curls for knees and leg lifts I'm doing 20  x 2 a day. Hope getting better each day.
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      i took 1 heel lift out yesterday, feels ok walking with the boot on, walking un aided as well, 2 more weeks then back to see the consultant, i'm doing foot excercises for my ankle and tendon stretches, nothing too heavy but trying to get the ankle moving again, not much pain or swelling now either, and stopped taking the painkillers as well, my knee has settled down thank god, speak soon,keep you up to date xx
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      All sounds good to me. I have taken my boot off now and walking around the house without it, I use it when I go outside. It has swollen back up be coz it am using it I guess. No blood flow which is not. Ice to see. I am going to the physio today at long last 10 weeks in and hopefully I can then add to. Y exercise routen hopefully I am doing the right exercises. Not enjoying the limping lark but hopefully with more exercises that will disappear. Glad things are improving for you will let you know how I get on too. Karen
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      hi karen, how's things now, i'm back at the ulster hospital tendo clinic monday,getting about ok, still in the boot, but not much pain or swelling, movement in my ankle foot and toes all ok so fingers crossed, my nightmare will soon be over, how are you getting on ????
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      Hiya, sounds good, yes this is a nightmare, just wish it would end soon. I gave been out of my boot for 2 weeks now and was hoping to be further down the line than I am. Went yo physio but didn't do much just want it to hurry up but at the same time don't want to rush or re-rupture. Not using boot indoors at all but using book outside. Put my trainer on and my foot swelled up big time so haven't used again. Blood flow not great guess I want things to happen quickly. Can't wait to get a shoe on and start to walk properly.

      one frustratedlady!

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    Hi I've just got my airboot after 6weeks in plaster cast I am told I can put full weight on my foot in the airboot , but when I do it hurts were the scar is after having an ankle fused I can't take a step with out it hurting I'm hoping things will get easier. I was told to take it off at night  like your ankle mine also swells. Up
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      Hi Heather, I seem to be having the same problem as you encountered. I came out of plaster after 8 weeks after ankle fusion operation. 2 weeks in I am unable to completely weight bear, and cannot wear the boot longer than 15 mins before foot starts to feel like burning, then swelling starts, making walking in the boot unbearable. I would be grateful to hear how your progress continued.
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      I feel ya,just got the ok to do weight bearing today and there's no way I can do it without the assist of 1 crutch it hurts bad.And I had ankle replacement so scar ankle bottom idk all hurting plus whole foot and toes still numb. Been obviously years for you all but looking for some advice

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