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Anterior blepharitis diagnosis! Itchy red eyelids frequently, what can i do to stop it?!

I recently went to an ophthalmologist for the millionth time, who told me that my dry eyes looked a lot better which is likely down to the hylo forte drops that he had previously prescribed, my eyes do feel a lot better in terms of dryness.They are rarely puffy, and they dont feel as sore, i used to get a lot of pain in my right eye like a burning sensation but now i rarely get that too. Thats all for the good points, i was told that i have anterior blepharitis, i knew i had bleph i had been told millions of times and was told millions of times to just wash it with baby shampoo and hope for the best, but now i actually have been told what type of it i have, I'm hoping someone can help me with any ideas to stop the symptoms i get frequently. I have red, itchy, bumpy dry eyelids, ALL THE TIME. I probably get about, 5 days to a week maximum before i have a flare up. It always begins in the very corner of my eye where your tear duct is and spreads out. Its so uncomfortable as it is so itchy, and it is really getting me down, it makes me feel ugly, i sometimes i get extra skin folds that look weird too in the crease of my eyelid, that just come out of nowhere. The doctor told me to keep using heated eye compresses even when itchy and clean as normal during a flare up, he also said to use aveeno creams to take down the 'rash' that forms. I wish this was effective, it just feels like it isn't, i have used tobradex before that gets rid of the eyelid inflammation rapidly but it is a mixture of steroid and antibiotic and I'm terrified of using it alot as ive already been told ive got a fair bit of pressure in my eyes. 

I'm just hoping for some advice on STOPPING how frequent the inflammation is, it is just bringing me so down that it is so often, i have lost all confidence in myself, ive gained weight ive isolated myself from my friends, because as a 21 year old girl, something like this separates you from people your age and leaves you feeling really alone, when you can't do your makeup like normal people and you can't be around people without feeling embarrassed or unsociable because your eyelid is red and itching like mad, my general routine is i wake up and wash my face with a facewash by neutrogena, use a heated eye mask, massage my eyes, wash them with ocusoft wash then wipe them with tea tree wipes, then depending on whether the lid is flared up or not, i use a simple eyelid cream for day to day normal eye use, and when itchy and red i use aveeno creams.  I repeat this again at night. I use eye drops throughout the day to combat my dry eye. 

if anyone has any tips, if anything has worked for you, please let me know. I just want to stop the frequency of it, it flares up without me even doing anything to provoke it and I'm so fed up. 



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  • david01026 david01026 jade00028

    My solution to this annoying problem is to shower every morning under a hottish shower and use a shampoo called Capasal, this is coal tar based and smells a bit but rinses off, it is available on prescription and is prescribed for seborrheoic dermatitis.  Was the eye area thoroughly.

    It has worked for me for many years but MUST be done every day.


    • david01026 david01026 jade00028

      Hi Jade, yes, I wash my hair first then with the suds wash all around my eyes, brows and lashes keeping my eyes lightly closed.  If it gets into your eyes it won't do any harm, just rinse it out.

    • jade00028 jade00028 david01026

      Right okay, found some on Superdrug just now I'll try it! what sort of symptoms did you have? I don't know if mine indicate seborhheic dermatitis/blepharitis I was just told I have anterior but that could mean all sorts 

    • david01026 david01026 jade00028

      Anterior blepharitis can be caused by either:

      a reaction to Staphylococcus bacteria – these usually live harmlessly on the skin of many people, but for unknown reasons they can cause the eyelids to become inflamed 

      seborrhoeic dermatitis – a skin condition that causes skin to become oily or flaky and sometimes irritate the eyelids, causing the Meibomian glands to block.

      The above was found on the web regarding anterior blepharitis and may help to explain why in some cases the seb. dermatitis shampoo works for some people.  I have an oily skin and I have also had 2 chalazions caused by blocked meibomian glands.  The crud from blepharitis can do this.

      BTW, I had  a slit lamp test recently and the ophthalmologist noticed the blepharitis and the remains of the last chalazion (nearly gone), he told me the NHS won't treat these anymore due to cost so if you are unlucky enough to get one, hard luck or go private!

    • jade00028 jade00028 david01026

      I've read those descriptions beforehand but I've got no idea which applies to me, I've got combination normal oily skin so I've never thought of it as a problem but maybe it is, I just don't know. That's what's so frustrating! Oh dear that's ridiculous! Bless you atleast it's nearly gone, did he say anything about the state of your bleph did he comment on improvement since use of the shampoo? 

  • hopeful too hopeful too jade00028

    So sorry.  It is terrible.  Did he mention demodex?  Try Cliradex wipes or wet ones.  Cliradex on amazon.  Did you see discussion on wet ones?  Let me know if you need info. on the wet ones.  I'm overwhelmed with it right now and my 3 kids have it too.

    Stay in touch.

    • KP1953 KP1953 hopeful too

      I tried all of this  it helped initially then it became to harsh.  If it works great I believe each case is different and you need to experiment until you find what works for you.

    • jade00028 jade00028 hopeful too

      Thank you sad no he didn't and I had a very thorough examination, I've seen but I darent use them as they're a chemical just feels like it might be a bit harsh on the skin, it's awful isn't it! No one understands unless they have it sad I've never tried cliradex I'll buy some x 

  • KP1953 KP1953 jade00028

    I feel for you. So sorry your experiencing it.  It's trial and error.  Heat is not good for me I use tepid or cool water....wash with Vani  lotion to wash,Vani cream or lotion and Thera tears drops followed by Vani cream or lotion depending on if I need more moisture.  After trying EVERYTHING this is the only thing that worked.  At first I washed my eyes 6 times a day now only three. Believe me I tried EVERYTHING and found less is more.  Good luck I really feel for you it is a horrible disease to endure.  I wear no make up just lipstick 

    • jade00028 jade00028 KP1953

      Thank you, it's horrible isn't it! I know it is I've been trying different things for about 8 months sad I stopped using heat but was told to upon my most recent visit to the doctor. What is vani lotion? Like what's in it? It's just the worst I'm so tired of feeling crap, thanks for your advice so happy for you that you've had success! 

  • lyse55468 lyse55468 jade00028

    Hi Jade,

    You are describing exactly the way I looked and felt before discovering what now works for me. 

    I no longer do the heat pads and I do not bother with the baby shampoo either.

    I wash my face and eyelids with any normal facial cleanser and I follow up with the following.

    In one quarter cup of pre-boiled water, add 2 drops liquid soap or shampoo and 10 drops of 100% pure tea tree oil.

    Use this mixture to cleans and wipe down your eyelids. It will stop the itching and keep your eyes looking and feeling normal. 

    This amount will be sufficient for approximately 10 cleanings. I do it 4 times a day, but you may not need to do it so often. I suggest that you stop using the Aveeno or any other lotion on or around your eyelids.

    I wish you great success.


    • jade00028 jade00028 lyse55468

      Hi lyse, thanks for replying! What kind of shampoo or soap do you use? Do you store this mixture in the fridge? And how come you think I should stop using creams? Will give it a try! Thank you very much. 

    • hopeful too hopeful too lyse55468

      I would love to know answers to jade's questions too. Hopefully I will see them...kind of soap/shampoo and storage?Or please respond to me too. Did you have eyelashes falling out?  What were your symptoms?  THANKS so much.  I've been dealing with this for a year.

  • lyse55468 lyse55468 jade00028

    I use 2 drops of my facial cleanser but it doesn't matter what kind of liquid cleanser or shampoo you use. It's only included in order to break down the tea tree oil and mix well with the water. If the water is still hot, it will mix even better. 

    I stopped using any cream around my eyes (Aveeno) because it was counterproductive. The oil from the tea tree will not leave you with dry skin around the eyes. Honestly, I look normal again after many years of suffering with this curse.

    • jade00028 jade00028 lyse55468

      Counterproductive in what way? And what do you apply the mixture with? Just a cotton wool pad? Does it get in your eyes? How long have you been using it and how quickly did you see results?

      How did you discover it? Sorry for all the questions I really appreciate your help! 

  • lyse55468 lyse55468 jade00028

    Let me try to clarify. I do not use lotions of any kind too close to my eyes because it makes them itch and get red etc.. 

    I use a cotton round to dip into the solution. I keep this solution on my counter top, ready for the next use.

    I wash my eyelids with this solution and I do not rinse. This has a calming effect. The itching stops and remains stopped for many hours. I wish it was a cure, but it is not.

    I never had the crusting, just the itching and occasionally a sty or two. 

    Since I began using this solution, I need few artificial tears. It just seems to help with that also.

    Have I missed anything? I want to answer all your questions.

    • jade00028 jade00028 lyse55468

      Hi lyse thank you so much for taking the time to explain, I have never had crusting either, only irritated eyelids that itch beyond belief so frequently. I've only had 2 styes in the course of all this and they were at the beginning. Now it's just inflamed eyelids all the time. How did you find this mixture, how do you know to use it? I'm mid flare up right now and my eyes are pretty bad,  I made a mixture of tea tree oil 100%, baby shampoo and pre boiled water in a mug last night and rubbed it on my  eyes with a cotton pad before bed, too soon to tell it it has done anything though

  • david01026 david01026 jade00028

    Hello again Jade, the consultant I saw didn't really go into the blepharitis and chalazion problem I must admit, I was more worried about my eyesight at the time!

    Please try the Capasal, it won't harm you and who knows, it may work for you, I promise you  that in my case my eyes feel horrible in the morning until I have followed the shower routine, it is now 00:45 and they still feel fine but at 08:30ish later on they won't until after the washing procedure.  After getting the entire eye area lathered use a kind  of 'squeegee' action with your fingers in an outward direction (nose toward ear, if that makes sense) to cleanse the area, then rinse suds in a likewise manner.

  • lyse55468 lyse55468 jade00028

    When you use the mixture, it should be immediately southing. It should stop the itching immediately. That's how you will know that it is working for you. Make sure you shake it well.

    It is by trial and error that I came up with this mixture. Too much tea tree oil and it will burn ... too little and it will do nothing. 

    When going away from my home, I put this in a small bottle that I carry in my purse or pocket and I can do it anywhere anytime with no mess and as often as required.

    I really do hope that it will work out for you.

    • jade00028 jade00028 lyse55468

      Okay I just mixed it with a teaspoon in a mug, I put ten drops in may have put too much baby shampoo in it was hard to measure just from the bottle but mixed it while water was boiling so should be okay, I'll give it a trial run and see what happens thank you for your advice x 

  • david01026 david01026 jade00028

    Hi Jade, my last reply is being moderated for some reason, maybe because I included a link.  Just search on Capasal, there are several sources at about £8 a bottle.  There are also sources of other coal-tar based shampoos.


  • david01026 david01026 jade00028

    Hi again Jade, have a look for 'weldricks', they sell Capasal.  There are warnings about not applying neat to the eyes but that is common sense for any soap product.  Wash hair first, then, using the suds, wash all around the eye area with eyes closed then rinse well, it's not done me any harm for many years now and doc is happy to continue prescribing.

    I see my link to you has been basically quashed by

    I found out just tonight that my father's right iris has been scarred by this awful condition, another reason to rid yourself of it.  x


    • jade00028 jade00028 david01026

      Oh dear bless him! Thats awful, it really is such a bad condition to have, i always feel like people dont really get it when you describe it to them. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction! My only concern is that the shampoo won't be suitable for my skin because my scalp isn't dry or itchy, is yours? Just dont want to experience any nasty side effects trying to sort my eyes out with it haha, if it was up to my doctors i would only be using baby shampoo and hot compresses and they've never been that useful just alone i have found, so I'm willing to try anything, its just so scary trying things on the eye as its so sensitive x

  • lynda79 lynda79 jade00028

    Dear Jade,

    I had the terrible itching problem and managed to transfer it to the other eye too.

    I was able to kill the Blepharitis and it took over 3 months. I used Wet Ones from the US. It was the Red Box but now the formula seems to have changed so I used the Yellow Wet Ones on my lashes to make sure it was O K to use and no problem for me like the original ones.

    I did not rinse it off to test it too. You can after 10 minutes. It takes 10 minutes for the Benzethonium Chloride to work to kill the Staph.

    I used mascara while killing it too. That involves throw away wands 2 for each time you put on mascara. Let me know if you want that info too.

     Hope this is encouraging for you.



  • cheryl4557 cheryl4557 jade00028

    I also have dry eyes and anterior blepharitis although that is mild.  When my eyelids start to itch, I use Avenova which I bought from my eye Dr. for $30.  I spray it on my eyelids at night before going to bed.  The Hylo Forte drops have helped me also.  It seems like what works for one person doesn't always work for someone else.  

    Good luck!



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