Anxiety fearing the worse because I'm loosing weight again

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NOW I have a new fear , I'm loosing weight , but I'm eating all the time and the only activity I do is yoga once a week and walking about 2miles a day but I'm eating pizza, burgers and fries, milkshakes , anything I desire I eat but nothing is making me bigger and I'm about 5ft 6" tall and I only weigh 159lbs I need to know am I dying or something I'm scared

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    No lol. Yoga and walking is great you are fixing your metabolism in a positive way. Im around that height i was 111 at one point.  Don't worry about that. My doctor told me goal is 135-140 and i bet your blood pressure is fixing itself too. Probably a good idea to eat healthier though.

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      eating junk food is not a good way to gein weight

      Please believe that

      It's the "wrong" kind of weight

      Regular balanced meals are the way forward. Did you read my responses? That was the way I did it. And I went super thin. Looked awful, I truly did

      A healthy diet will make you not only look good but feel good too!


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      Yeah I did read your responses and those are foods that I love I know they are not good for you , I know there is a healthier way to gain weight ,I just have to find the foods that I'd love to eat and that will make me pack on a few lbs without killing myself slowly

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      Good girl!

      Eat and enjoy, Jenni. Food should be a pleasure..and experiment too. It's fun too

      I love my food

      I am a hog and one of those annoying people who can eat like a horse but hardly ever put on weight


      when my weight plummeted through my AD, I made the effort and slowly but surely gained it all back to what it was originally

      Weight loss and anxiety often go hand in hand but it is one of the easier symptoms to overcome

      And if I did it so can you smile

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      I cannot say it loud enough, TOSS OUT THAT SCALE! ! it is not about the pounds/stone, it is about the way you feel. Do you have energy?  are you strong? can you walk up hill without getting winded?  No one cares if you are fat or thin. There is more to life then your weight.  I am serious, stop obsessing and go out and live life!!!  Concentrate on being healthy, eat UNprocessed foods as a main source of fuel,  meat and veggies, eggs, a little fruit. No more pizza and burgers, treat those as a treats, once a month or less, best if not at all. Your body will be what it is supposed to be and you will feel better.
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      WHen I was diagnosed with celiac disease, I was whining about the food I had to eat. The dietition said, and I quote, "You are an adult now, it is time to grow up, you have to eat this way, period".

      Ouch. she was right, it is not about what food you like, it is about being an adult and eating sensibly or you will keep feeling like sh**.  

      No one can do it for you Jenni, you have to do it for yourself and own it.  

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    Well your diet sucks, lol


    BMI, body mass index is a good rule of thumb for the scale of healthy weight

    I am 5ft3" and weight about 136ib but my bmi is within a healthy range

    I lost huge amounts of weight when I first had AD and the more I worried the more weight I lost

    I threw away the scales, stopped focusing upon it/worrying myself thinner, and gradually, slowly, my natural weight was restored

    Dear, you are not underweight smile

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      Thanks for supporting my response!

      Much appreciated because I found I was getting obsessively fearful over the drastic weight loss I suffered

      The more I worried

      The more weight I lost

      I don;t want anyone else to go down that path

      I was always weighing myself because my clothes were dropping off me.

      I was incredibly thin, dropping to 84 pounds

      And who was to blame?

      Me. No one else. Just myself

      Once I thought, Oh, sod it! I started getting well again, putting back the weight. Took me almost a year and I brought all that upon myself by worrying when there was nothing to worry about

      I would hate it to happen to anyone else

      A lesson learned

      Thanks Dee smile

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      I was not trying to correct you, I just want you to stop worrying about your weight.  Think about how you feel, that is what is important.  

      When I lost 40 pounds in 4 months from CD, I was horrified. Weight loss is a funny thing, it effects all of the body, which includes the mind. 

      I really have no idea what I actually weigh. I tossed out my scale. Last weigh in was 15 months ago at 119. My clothes still fit the same and I feel mostly OK. I have diseases so there is that to contend with.  

      Seriously though, get rid of the bread and replace it with real protien and lots of veggies, but before you do that, get a CD test. 

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      😂😂😂 I know Helen 😩 I just want to gain a few more lbs just a little because I lost so much weight from the anxiety I think I'm not healthy. But more than likely its mental

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      And that's me now I'm worried all the time if its not about one things its another , but I'm eating but not consistently and with all the worrying my clothes are not fitting the way the once were when I was in a happier less stressful state of mind

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      I know sweetie!

      Been there

      Done that!

      It's awful isn't it? I understand because I went through that and it scared the hell out of me

      But, you have to be consistent, Jenni. It's no good skipping meals then trying to make up for it with crappy foods

      Make a determined effort to eat regularly, good nourishing food. Other than the physical and emotional advantages, it is a form of taking back control.

      This will ease your anxiety, Jenni, because you are doing something about the problem, something positive

      Please, don't worry!

      look what happened to me when I worried Like a fricking stick insect It was a horrible sight, lol


      You can do this smile

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      Thanks so much Helen for taking the time to give me some encouragement and I'm going to definitely look into eating much cleaner and gaining my weight the right way !! I'm here if you every need someone to talk to also

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      Aw thank you!

      That's what it's all about, isn't it?

      We all help each other where and when we can

      Friendships forged and then we have someone to turn to when we are worried or scared!


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