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i get get lots of different symptoms and signs throughout the day/ night, like pains in arm, shortness of breath, anxiety attacks, I'm constantly worrying that I'm gonna have a heart attack which makes my anxieties worse to the point where I struggle to go places (stupid I know)

my blood pressure is fine it's always spot on and I have been to the doctors but when I get the idea in my head it won't go away!

does anyone else get silly ideas like this? 


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    Hi I have just post about almost the same as you. I have the same problemes as you and i have found a site that describe the symptomes of low progesterone levels. If you google low progesterone levels click on the 3de link from the top.

    i also straggle alot with anxiety, insomnia and irrational fears. so tomorrow i am going to get progesterone cream and see if it will help.

    i hope you feel better soon.

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      Hiya NonnieDD

      I suppose I had a bit of the 'Anxiety Annie's' a good while back (stressy times: selling Business/Home:  not something I'd recommend if you want a peaceful life!).

      Found I got panicky when I was put on the spot to make a decision; over-breathed (not quite hyperventilating as such); questionning/ doubting things ('But what if?); sweating; emotional. 

      It calmed down in the aftermath of the sale: I went from running full throttle to stationery, within a couple of weeks. Took about 6mths to recover from the emotional fallout of it all I suppose.

      But I then decided to dedicate time specifically to 'Me', because I was aware that I was in Peri and had been for ages. 

      Last summer I 'trialled' some bioidential Progesterone Cream, after reading about low Prog/High Eostro and thought it might help me with a few of my more,' mental/emotional' symptoms!!  Used it for 3mths then stopped to see how things panned out.

      By Nov I was like the proverbial whinging bird: going over and over silly things, making mountains out of molehills etc. Tiny bit tearful. Bit hot but not sweaty, aching like mad.

      Went to see Nurse Pract'r to talk about my symptoms. Wasn't expecting much aside from a few blood tests maybe. Made a joke about getting a bit tearful over an episode of 'Don't tell the Bride'.....and the silly cow prescribed me SSRIs/ADs!!  Me and my bloody sense of humour!

      Well when I got home and finished my mother of all rants about this (which my ol' man agreed with and supported me) it gave me a real wake up call.  My worse symptoms were not that I was unable to cope mentally, more I was exhaused and I was aching like crazy.

      It made me do my own research and found this wonderful forum, and decided after Xmas I'd get myself some more Prog Cream (to check for definite if it was any use to me) and some vits & mins.

      Well by mid-Jan I was feeling so, so much better!  I can only imagine the vits & mins were replacing the almost depleted supply I had, making me feel better so quickly. 

      My general mood improved no end, and I still feel much happier 3mths down the line. 

      I never really suffered from hot flushes as such, but I feel a lot more comfortable generally, I seem so much more calmer (even though I am a hot head by nature, as are all my sisters!), and my left shoulder and elbow showing a 1m% improvement in comfort!

      Whether this is the result of using the Prog Cream and/or Menopace Original together, or one or the other stand-alone, I don't know. But all I know is that I feel so much better since I've been using them and can't imagine stopped either just yet:  I'm not that brave!

      I've been advised, quite wisely by some very knowledgeable sources on this forum to use the Prog Cream sparingly and with caution, which I will.  But as I don't want to take HRT just yet (but won't rule it out in the future) I'll see how things go for me using these.

      I read about Lesley's issues re: HRT with her epilespy. Thats a shame.  But I also see that justlease has sent a great link for her to read, and jayneejay posted a great long article about Vit B etc. 

      Maybe going doing the vits & mins supplements route might help Lesley?  But of course, because of underlying health issues, I'd defo speak with my GP if I were her.

      Nonnie, don't you just love this forum?  Where would we be without it, I ask myself??


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      It's great knowing I'm not suffering alone and will be making an appt with doctors tomorrow to see what I can and can't take with the epilepsy!

      thank you ladies For all your messages and replies as to what you've gone through to. 

      L x

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    Oh yes!!!I had a couple good weeks about a month or so ago and now im back feeling the same way you do...also having palps frustrating but im still just trying to keep goin....Also have had some serious stomach issues so really watching what i eat...I was put on Estrovera but its not working had bloods done to see where im at on levels...i really try to keep anxiety at bay and dont do bad some days but other times that anxiety just has a mind of its own and no matter what you do you cant ignore it.....sorry you feel bad and hope it lets up soon....
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    Hi Laurie

    unfortunately I cannot take any HRT cream or pills as I'm a  epileptic.

    so the anxieties and symptoms are annoying as its doing my head in. 


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    Hi Lesley 

    I have a lot of anxieties myself. I understand what you are going through. Yes it is hard to deal with anxieties and stress. 

    When my anxieties are high my blood pressure goes up, and so does my heart rate so you are lucky that your blood pressure does not go up.

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    I know wat you mean..... I have been going thru the exact same thing an it seems like a point of no return😔😔 I googled online with regards to anxiety. Bout four months I too had these bodily sensations went to drs everything was ok with blood results an ECG for the heart perfect.... As I didn't want ne medications anti depressants I searched an came up with panicaway....Barry omg forgot his last name, but ne ways I applied some of his techniques.... I mean you will have to put in the hard yards to get good results..... It's ok it's helpful hope this helps you..... Plus there's other avenues you can research good luck😊😊😊😊😊
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      You are right I am on antidepressant zoloft and ativan for anxieties and trazodone for sleep I feel like some of my anxieties are down but I still get anxious not to the point where I am in a panic mode exept for today I was in a panic mode because I wasn't feeling good and I was tired up half the night with my urin problems do you have that when you are anxious
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      not so much the urine .... but like i have lightheadedness nervousness anxiousness weakness an heart palipitations an loss of weight that is enough to set ne body off in a frenzy.... im actually sleeping on my own without aid of tablets or teas before i couldnt even rest my eyes ... my mind was racing twitched every time there was a noise....unwanted thorts... oh the list goes on but  like isaid i did apply barrys techniques just like reverse pyhcology..... it wont happen over nite but with determination youll get thru it .... in his book it tells you have plenty of fluids ..... an before i did 3 weeks ago but it has come down.... read his book youll be greatful u did...... njoy hope this helps you a great deal.... ps i dont get as much bodily sensations ne more i apply my techniques good luck susan

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