Any Ideas For Weight Loss I'm Desperate and Down!!

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Iv been told today by my Gp today that im not allowed to go on Orlistat because my BMI is only 26 and it has to be 30 or over...Is this correct or is he just fobbing me off?? He also said that my weight is not that bad and that i should not be worrying about it!!

Thats ok for him to say but its me it affects,me that it gets down so much!!

I am hoping there is something else out there that can just aid me to shift these unwanted extra pounds!!

Im 6ft and weigh 13 and half stone although tonight when he weighed me i had lost 5 pounds so now go 13,2!! Iv no idea why that weight has come off i can only put it down to stress!!

Im really desperate to loose weight but do find it difficult for many reasons.....firstly i have PCOS so obviously this makes it incredibly difficult to shift the weight!!

I also have extremly poor mobility since my accident and walk with crutches, so any kind of exercise is NON EXISTENT!! Even when walking,because i go so slow it will have no impact on my weight!!

Also because i have a BAD relationship with food,which im sure most can realate too. I missuse it in times of comfort when im down. IM having therapy for a number of reasons 1 of them being to help with my relationship with food!!

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about what else there may be out there for me?? If you do i would be SO GRATEFULL if you could tell me.

Thanks off now to stuff my face on 50 CREAM CAKES, 100 PACKET OF WOTSITS....PRAWN COCKTAIL FLAVOUR and an APPLE!! :cry:

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    Hey :D

    Yeh thats true your BMI has to be over 30 or over 27 with health worries.

    I've been on Orlistat for a month and don't feel it's working for me.

    3 of my friends are on another diet pill you buy online and each one of them had lost alot of weight.I'm thinking of starting that if i see no difference with these soon.

    The other pill is called Lida and you buy it off of for £7.You should have a look.

    I know alot of people dont agree with buying pills online but as i know a few people on them im not as worried.

    Anyway Good Luck and i wish you every success with your weight loss. :D

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    Sorry forgot to say the Lida Tablets are Herbal. smile
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    HI Luckymum

    I'm almost 6ft and if I weighed the same as you I would be over the moon, I didn't think it was too bad because of your height. It's a long time since I've weighed anywhere near that. :?

    I don't know what to suggest really. Maybe work through your therapy, feel better with yourself, then think about tackling your weight, you do seem to have a lot to cope with and unfortunately we can't deal with everyone at once, oh, how I wish we could..... lol.

    I've just had a quick look into Li da tabs, and side effects can be dizzieness and loss of blood pressure, the would put me off taking them straight away.

    I've been fine on Orlistat and I must say they are really retraining my mind where food is concerned, which is good for when I stop taking them, not for a while yet though.

    I wish you lots of luck whichever way you decide to go.


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    Hi Clare. Thanks for your advice and help regards my situation i really appreciate you taking the time to read my too Snubbles...FAB name by the way!!

    I have not yet looked up the pills you mentioned...and i suppose obviously like snubbles said if the side affects are not that attactive tnen perhaps i will leave them.

    But il still however certainly take a look and see what it says.

    I know what your saying about my weight and height snubbles,its just i really do get so down about it and although im not as heavy as some its still depressing.

    I had to work so hard to keep my weight off before when i got to a size 10/12 and so to be back up to a 14/16 now makes me feel so FAT,USELESS, and UNATTRACTIVE its HORRIBLE!!

    And belive me that is not a dig or nasty comment about anyone who is that size or bigger its just me and how i feel. I have been a big girl most of my life and use to be a size 24 until i lost it all. So i am talking from experience and in no way shape or form am i being disrespectfull to anybody who is of larger size like myself.

    My husband is so supportive and is always telling me i am gorgeous and that he loves me so im very lucky. An so too do our children and other family and friends....but it does not matter if a thousand people tell you if you do not belive it or feel that way yourself then the compliments mean nothing!!

    You are right though about continuing to work with my therapist as i will admit and agree that not all my issues are just about weight. Infact most of them are because of other things horrific that have happened to me in life and i suppose i use my weight as an excuse to hide behind so i dont have to face up to those other issues. Because while all the time im moaning,worrying and crying about my weight i dont have to think about anything else!!

    Well il still have a look at those tablets and see what else is out there but will also face facts and continue to work on my mental state and not just my physical one....who knows maybe one day i will be happy!!

    I often think about the amount of time we waste in our lives worrying about our weight and what we look like...where as if we used that time productively to tell ourselves how GORGEOUS and GOD DAM SEXY we are im sure we would be in a much better place mentally and emotionally...problem is we all know that its just so bloody hard to put into practice ay!

    Thanks once again really does mean so much to me for you to try and help me like you have..

    Best wishes and good luck to you both in the future

    love Jaimie x x x x x x smile

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    Hi Jamie

    I know its hard but please try to stay positive about things and don't lose hope.

    Even though you're not taking Orlistat, I don't see any reason why you can't still come on here. I'm sure other's will agree there too. If it helps you to talk about things, then I say go for it!

    Keep our chin up.


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    Bless your heart thanks snubbles. and you made me laugh when you said about the fact of me being on this site even though im not on orlistat....thats the about as much use as a pair of sunglasses on a man with one ear when it comes to using these sites!!

    Iv no idea where to go to post things appropriate to me!!

    I mean ofcourse also being an essex girl really does not help matters either!!

    When i come on here and click the part for WHAT HAVE I MISSED and see the new posts the only way i can find to ask a question or put my own post on is to use the reply box already on someone elses i making sense??

    I cant seem to find how to do i know im on here when i shouldnt be and im sorry about that guys as i know i can not join in your conversations as im not allowed the drug :oops: ... but i am trying to make my own post or post on a topic that is relevant to me.

    Anyway il shut up now as im waffling on as usual!!

    Thanks again for all your help advice and support and your kind words snubbles. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL on here take care bye guys :wink:

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    When i come on here and click the part for WHAT HAVE I MISSED and see the new posts the only way i can find to ask a question or put my own post on is to use the reply box already on someone elses i making sense??

    I cant seem to find how to do i know im on here when i shouldnt be and im sorry about that guys as i know i can not join in your conversations as im not allowed the drug :oops: ... but i am trying to make my own post or post on a topic that is relevant to me.

    Anyway il shut up now as im waffling on as usual!!

    Thanks again for all your help advice and support and your kind words snubbles. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL on here take care bye guys :wink:[/quote:577dbaf010]

    Hi there luckymun

    To start a new thread:

    At the top of the messages you have 2 options. 1) Reply to Experience or 2) Post a New Experience. If you want to start a new thread click on Post a new experience.

    I cannot see why you can't post here just because you aren't taking Orlistat.

    The people here are very friendly and supportive.

    However, if you are looking for somewhere else to post of your experiences why not try using the search facility.

    Good luck and take care

    Melbi x

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    Hi Melbi

    Thank you so much for trying to help me and also for your kind words. I know what you are saying about the people on here being good people and kind hearted,i am yet to come across someone who isnt...and i doubt on here i will find someone who is!!

    I feel very blessed and honoured to be around so many KIND,CARING,GENUINE people. People who really do listen to your fears and concerns,people who do not try to judge you but try and gently guide you in the right direction.

    There is not enough of that in the world,this site has become a big part of my life,and i now could not imagine not being a part of it....even if i do end up on the wrong site..Ha!!

    I did exactly what you said to do regards a new post Melbi,and that is how i ended up on here. I could not find on the main page of posts any headings regards people who are not allowed the drug or are feeling down etc.

    So i just chose a post with the heading Orlistat and started a new post for myself from there.

    That is what i am on do i get a post on the main page?? How do i start a new topic of my own without having to go into someone elses first...if you see what i mean??

    I am glad i posted on here though as it was kind of relevant...although i know i have taken it totally off track now by asking about how to use this im REALLY VERY SORRY guys,i dont mean to muck up your chat room,but the problem is il admit IM NOT THE FIZZIEST DRINK IN THE FRIDGE when it comes to these kind of things!!

    But i desperately want to stay on this patient uk and talk to others and make new friends as i feel so lonely at times...even with a gorgeous husband,2 daughters and family and friends i still feel so alone and down about things in my life right now.

    But what i dont want to do is start upsetting and offending people for being on their sites when i should not again i am really sorry for offending anybody i never meant to. I didnt want to leave here but understand what im talking about is not what this topic is about.

    I have managed to put 2 posts on here about my injury asking if anybody can relate to it and if they are experiencing anything like i am one has left a reply..not one single reply!! Ha ha typical...its just my luck and just about sums up my life!!

    I found how to do that by going into a specific back problem posting site on here,but what i really wanted was for my post to show up on the main page so people can see i need help and then can maybe help me...but i can not seem to get my posts onto it!!

    Anyway im doing my usual waffling on and talking a load of old tripe so il shut up now but will just say....once again thanks for all your kindness and support especially about the fact im on here...thank you for letting me use it as it means alot to me it really does.

    Love and best wishes to all Jaimie x xx x xx x xx

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    Hi luckymum

    If you would like me to I can move this thread for you. I think the only appropriate other one would be Weight Loss (intentional) but there is not much conversation going on over there at the present time.

    Either that, or you can stay here - I am sure that the other guys here won't mind and will continue to support you.

    Please let me know what you would like me to do.



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    Hi Luckymym

    Stay on here - everyone really helpful an dI see you have PCOS - so do I. There is PCOS thread going and I am on both so stick here if it is helping you.

    The chat and support helps to keep me going and I'm sure noone will think you are gatecrashing!!


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    Hey anyone with any kind of weight problem needs a little smile and cheer up if they are on the tablets or not, you still hthink you have a weight problem in but dont over do it any excercise is excercise is excercise even a wiggly of fingers and toes and ankles.

    Come on girls get wiggle wiggleing someone in phsyio could give you something to do to go with your problems i am sure and keep your safe.

    Some health shops offer some options to hlp some worked some dont. But eat plenty thats where people go wrong there is never any need to go hungry.

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    Hello everyone. Thanks once again for your kind words and support. Thank you lyn for the offer to move this to another thread,and also Kj for showing your support.

    Infact Kj im sure i emailed you the other day privately regards PCOS but knowing my luck the message never got to you!!

    Thanks also to the member who suggested about other forms of the mo the team of medics that are looking after me will barely share their names with me...let alone give me any ideas about keeping motivated and active!!

    Although saying that im intelligent enough to work out what i can and can not do or manage and so will certainly follow your advice and start WIGGLING in the best way i can!!

    Your right also about not eating enough..thats my problem !! I dont eat allday NEVER BREAKFAST NEVER LUNCH i will only eat about 7 at night which i know is TERRIBLE!!

    Because also when i do finally eat it is not always the best kinds of food so i know im really not helping myself at all!!

    But i suppose if i do enough WIGGGLING then i should be able to maintain my terrible nocturnal eating habbits!! :lol:

    Thanks again guys for all your help...if i can ever help any of you anytime im always here...take care love and baet wishes Jaimie x x x x

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    hi jamie, i know how desperate u feel about losing weight coz i feel same as im sure many of us do on here.ive struggled with weight all my life some people telling me im fine others telling me i need to lose it!!!! it gets me down alot too i have just started with orlistat and hoping it will help me. im alone, have no support, i have children but are young so i have to manage alone :cry: you sound a lovely genuine person with a supportive family so im hoping that things will work outfor you. dawnx
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    I never got your message about PCOS - sorry. Feel free to ask me on here


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    hi folks..

    picture this:

    i'm a bouncer (a female one) smile

    i'm 15.5st / 99kg (according to my doctors scale, 96kg according to mine)

    5ft 7'' (166cm)

    and my bmi is 38! which apparently makes me clinicly obese smile

    i'm in the gym 3-5 times a week for 3.5hours each time

    been on the bike for 2.5 years now

    i've got a different boyfriend for every day of the week and they all come back for more :D

    taking little blue tablets for a month and [b:eec3600cd7]i've gained 8lbs!!![/b:eec3600cd7]

    i've got constant runns and urges preceded by sharp pain in my abdom, mood swings, lapses in concentration etc. sometimes when i'm driving - on a crossing - i forget where it was i was going and why. i've almost caused 7 car accidents since taking the pills!

    i'm waking up in the middle of the night with hot flushes, sweats and racinh heart, and a feeling that something isn't right - and guess what - i need to run to the loo or i'll literarly sh**t myself..

    i'm binging on fruit and flowery products - my boddy is very clever - if you can't get callories you need from fat, get them elswhere. i've got spotts in places i never had them (down-below) and they don't want to heal. my dundruff got worse and i can't go 12hours without sleep.

    i'm ditching the tablets today. going to ask for some other ones on monday. if they won't help - at least i know i'm a hopeless case smile

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