Any more advice for blepharitis

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Hi have had bleph and dry eye for some years. I was at the eye hospital this afternoon to have

stitch taken out after cataract surgery. My eyes were really bad last week which I thought might be

air polution we had last week (see my recent post). They seemed to feel much better this week so

was surprised and disappointed to learn that when the doctor looked under the slit lamp the bleph

is very bad, lots of debri and blocked glands. I do usual hot compresses (flannal) massage and

cleaning with cotton buds and baby shampoo in boiled water. Anyone got any other ideas I also

take Omega 3, doctor suggested flaxseed oil and one of the bags you can buy which goes in the

microwave, also blephasol. Anyone tried these, they are all expensive and as a pensioner I am

worried that they won't work, and I will have wasted my money which I can't afford to do. Any

suggestions welcome.

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    Hi Libralady,

    Our Dr. (he's good on yeast problems and thyroid) told us most Dr.'s do not know that much about the thyroid. He always tests for the F-T3 and F-T4.

    I had really high numbers and my GP took me off the thyroid meds. Our thyroid Dr. told us that this was a case of being really rich but cash poor. The Free T3 and Free T4 is what you are actuallly using. It even said that on the test results. Always get a copy of those and learn to read them. Not hard with a little info like this.

    We do not take the thyroid meds before our tests. Most of my family uses thyroid meds. I was on the prescription ones from the drugstore but after about 5 years didn't work as well. I then switched up to Armour (from the pig). I am now on a compounding one (from the pig too). Works really good as has the F-T3 in it. They now have a chemical T3. The regular prescriptions have only T-4.

    I take Soy at night for estrogen along with the flax. That's getting old for you. I don't want pill from Dr. as now they realize it is dangerous. I also had a friend who went to a Cancer Research Dr. as she ended up with stage 4 bone cancer. He was in Prevention Magazine. He kept her alive for 30 years with stage 4 cancer. She took Tamoxifen (suspresses your hormones) for 11 years. After that she took Soy, Flax and Red Clover to suspress her hormones. She had brest cancer which led to bone cancer and they are hormone fed. That worked for her for another 13 years until she quit doing it on a regular basis when started raising grandchildren.

    She would still be alive if she had stayed on the program. The Dr. said she was the only person who did what he said. They now put women on those homone suspressing drugs for only 5 years and then nothing.

    They do this as the drugs cause liver problems. She had that happen and just used Milk Thistle and cleaned her liver up and went on to the Soy suspressing program. Now she used 140 Isoflavones a day. I use only 70 plus all the other stuff to suspress her hormones.

    I used the Soy for female problems when I was 48. It kept me going to 54 before I had menopause. I just don't take it near the thyroid time.

    Talk about getting off the subject. But good for others to know this info too. I have even newspaper articles that talk about plant estrogen not letting your own estrogen get into the cell. It is becoming more know now then when my friend used it. If I had cancer and I was taken off the drugs I would do as she did as that Dr. kept her alive from age 30 to age 60. She was my best friend. She taught me to research. She though, got into Dr. research stuff. Not me.

    Hope this info helps someone. I sure hope you get relief on your eyes. I had no problems and the relief was right away when using these wipes. Honjon on this site had same results too. He actually went down even faster then I did.

    Thinking of you,


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    libralady, so sorry for your struggles, but congratulations on your cataracts surgery. May I suggest you get a hemoglobin test? I found that when I began a course of iron supplementation, I had an almost total remission of blepharitis symptoms.
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    Hi Natalie I have been having yearly blood tests for 20 odd years as I have to have thryoid levels checked

    plus usual blood sugur,chlolesterol etc. I had these done this week so should get the results soon. I have

    never had a problem with hemoglobin or needed to take iron during this time and I have had belpharitis for

    10-15 years although it has got worse last few years. I had been wondering if my thyroid dose needs

    adjusting as I have been feeling cold which is one of the symptoms. Thank you for offering this advice.

    See what happens when the tests come back. I have just purchased a eye bag and bottle of blephasol so

    will see if that makes a difference.

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    Good for you libralady13, sounds like you're on top of your health. I hope you find something that works.
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    Hi libralady13!

    Just replied to janet to say that I also eat flaxseeds, take Omega 3's as well as astaxanthin (red algae) which seem to be helping the dry eye aspect.   But it's the red eyelids and rims and the itchiness that's a problem for me.  I haven't used the hot compresses for a while now since I started with the Lanacaine (see earlier messages).  I only use the baby shampoo 2x per day.  I haven't seen blephasol in our stores here so am interested incomparing the ingredients to see if we have a similar product.  These ingredients were recently posted.  Frustrating, isn't it!

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