Anybody also using a PEMF device for Hypertension, want to share self-treatment progress?

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I'm new to PEMF, but need to lower my BP quickly -- it rose from having stress/anxiety for to go to ER at the hospital and complications.

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    If you have been DX hypertension, besides using a) Diet, b) Lifestyle, and c) Meds to lower your BP, it always a good idea to have tests to see WHY your BP is up. Initially a blood test might give clues to some background ailment causing BP to rise.
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      That's interesting!  I've had maybe 10 blood tests in ER, from several doctors, just since Sept 1st, and nobody has given any comment at all, re hypertension.

    • Posted have a very good point here about blood tests. I do have something going on in my body...very sore upper trapezius muscles, Osteoarthritis in parts of the shoulder, some calcium deposits as well...Also the right shoulder has tendonosis., no calcium, but there is evidence of impingement. My blood tests come back normal, which boggles the mind...Yes my bp is elevated..

      I'm a firm believer in the theory that bp rises when something is going on in the body. It's the body's way of saying..."something's not right here". I'm at wits end with it all. I'm having trigger point injections, but as of this writing, I'm not getting much relief from them. Perhaps I need a stronger dose, or the Dr. needs to inject the  right side as well, instead of just concentrating on the left. We're awaiting MRI results on the left shoulder. He said that depending on what the MRI tells us, he'll refer me to a surgeon. The ultrasound revealed the calcific regions, the OA, etc.etc., so I don't know what else the MRI would possibly reveal.

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      As you say BP going up could well be a symptom of something else going on. If you are lucky, docs track down the culprit and take it from there. Sometimes elevated BP is up due to such things as narrowing of and artery(s) which in itself is a difficult one to fix. When I have blood tests I always ask for a printed copy and check to see if electrolytes, and ideally to see where abouts within the perceived normal range they are. E.g. potassium at 3.9 is normal for many but not for me [Range in UK 3.5 to 5.3]. Nothing is ever straightforward with BP issues.

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      Conns...I hear 'ya, Buddy!!!!! I too always get a copy of my blood test results. In fact, I can get them online, then I print them, & file them. I do look the numbers over. The attitude with doctors here in Canada is that if your score is within the parameters set by the lab...they don't do anything. You can be 1 number below or over the reference, i.e. if the parameter says for example (Hematocrit) the levels are 03.50-04.50., yet my score could be 04.49...they won't do anything. I believe in keeping a watchful eye on that a patient has a fighting chance of controlling a situation before it gets out of hand or the patient becomes ill. My doctor explained to me at one time that what is a 'flagged' result in one lab could be normal in another, & the patient could have that very same blood test a few days later & the result could be normal. 

      My electrolytes are just fine..always within the normal ranges. Potassium has a tendency to run on the lower side, but my doctor has me taking a potassium supplement. Go figure, diuretics are an important medication in controlling blood pressure, yet they have a tendency to lower potassium; so one takes a diuretic to help control bp, then a supplement to stop the potassium from dropping. Makes no sense to me at all. Potassium levels at the lab I use are 3.5-5.2  My last blood test which was Sept.14/2018 had my score at 3.6, therefore I was within the reference range just by the skin of my teeth. 

      As for tracking down the culprit responsible for elevating bp., I'm not one of the lucky ones. I could be a few pounds lighter that's for sure..& I do have problems with my neck...& shoulders (I'm sure you read what I wrote in my earlier post. When the body is experiencing pain, bp is elevated. I have days where I feel like garbage...headachey, nauseau..which can last most of the day, or go away within a few hours. To tell the truth, I'm about to give up. I do believe the worst thing that happened to me was the start of taking bp medication. In all honesty, I've never quite felt the same since starting the meds...a 'foggy' feeling most of the time. My quality of life isn't that great that's for sure.

      Sorry for the rant, but you've got a clearer picture of what's going on with me...

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      Hi Mike,

      When I finished reading your post I noticed potassium down at 3.6. Is this a blood test result while you were taking potassium supplements? Also the 'foggy feeling' peaked my interest as well. I assume you know why I chose the name 'Conn's' as I have Conn's Syndrome which was picked up in 1977 - an adrenal disease in which sodium is stored and potassium is off-loaded which causes BP not only to rise, but also become fairly resistant to treatment. Not saying you have Conn's but low potassium is a major player.


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