Anyone else got h pylori negative gastritis

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Hi I had an EGD recently and was told I he gastritis. I was told that I was negative for h pylori. I had similar findings 12 years ago but this time been prescribed ppis (wasn't last time). The thing is, I've been on meds now for 6 weeks and still feel full, burning stomach etc I just don't know what to do to heal it. I don't think they biopsied it so I'm terrified it's cancer that just looks like gastritis.

Has anyone else had similar findings? If so, is there any way I can help myself as I've read that gastritis can lead to cancer.

Many thanks

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    ive had H prylori since i was 13 and i keep going on med and keep come back... when i was 20 it came back pretty badly to the point the med i was on for a week turned out bad and i broke out on hives. and now im severing from Swollen belly so im not sure what causing all this and i realy hope my h prylori don`t come back
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    They must have biopsied your Stomach otherwise they wouldn't know that you are H.pylori negative smile
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    You must be catching it from someone who is infected. Evidently sometimes the partner of the person has it but a different stain.

    If you Google H Pylori reinfection there is a lot of information

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    you do know you can't catch H pylori cause if that was true my whole family would have it and so would my boyfriend you get it from uncooked food and water.and i've had a blood test for H Pylori cause i've had since i was 13 and it was positive for it. smile
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    Oh, No you don't!

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    H. pylori infections are thought to spread from one person’s mouth to another. They may also be transferred from feces to the mouth—if, for example, a person does not wash his or her hands thoroughly after using the bathroom. It is also possible to contract the infection from H. pylori that is present in water or food.
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    Would they have taken the biopsy from the place that was inflamed? Or just randomly from somewhere else? Just can't understand how I can have gastritis without being infected. They found a red patch 12 years ago and biopsies it and it came back negative, I was given no meds at the time, so have potentially had this problem for twelve years without knowing about it. I haven't had a single NSAID in that time and haven't had alcohol for over three years now so don't understand what's causing it. Cos I can't understand that I can't take steps to cure it. Do you think it's worth asking them to re biopsy my stomach to see if they missed anything?
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    It can be caused by an infections other than H. Pylori. Pernicious anemia and bile reflux can also be the cause.
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    Will check that out when I next see the doc on Tuesday. Thanks for the info.
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    Hi, did you ever get an answer on this?  I have exactly the same - a burning sensation but gastritis confirmed but stomach biopsy was negative for H pylori.  I have other symptoms which are typical of gallstones (belching, pain after fatty meals) but have had a scan and there were no stones.  Have been on ppis but they don't make any difference.  This is really getting me down as the docs don't seem to know what's causing it.
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      I have the same. Gastritis diagnosed by gastroscopy and by x-ray, extreme burning which started after I started taking the ppi and biopsy was negative for H pylori. Ppi seem to cause my heartburn since there was none of that before I started taking them. Not sure what to do.
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    Hi Stella,

    I know this post is from quite a while ago but I was wondering if you recovered from your gastritis? If so, how long did it take? Did you find anything in particular worked? Herbal or medication?

    I have been diagnosed with h pylori negative gastritis and have been suffering for 3 months now. I've been taking ppis and altered my diet drastically but nothing seems to help my nausea, bloating and fulness sad

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      Hi Hallie. I still get bouts of gastritis even now. I've been on Ppis for over 2 years now and they've helped a bit but not entirely. The consultant said that basically a lot of it is 'functional' -meaning that our stomachs are, unfortunately more sensitive so that they get irritated more easily.

      I'm waiting on anti reflux surgery (12th September) with quite a bit of dread in case stopping the meds makes things worse.

      As for remedies, I've heard that deglycerissed (sp?) liquorice tablets work really well to soothe the stomach, so they may be worth a try ??

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      If you want to heal your gut, you HAVE to change your diet! First, omit gluten AND dairy. Gluten is poison & cow's milk is for calves, not humans. Then, you need to take some vitamins, minerals & helpful supplements. DGL licorice is helpful, as is Pepzin GI. The first soothes your stomach lining & the second heals it.

      Also, you must avoid alcohol & spicy/acidic foods.

      Good luck!


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      Hi where would I get DGL LICORICE AND PEPZIN GI?


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