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i never had an issue with acid reflux. now my throat is so sore everyday! i went to ENT and he said its GERD and can be a side affect from having covid as this started directly after. anyone else experience this?

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    Both my husband and I are experiencing GERD and had CV (or Omicron - wonder if more common with this strain? ) this January. My husband said his started while sick, I did not until just recently. He is using Nexium so I will try that. I hate to think there will be a few months of this but will try some natural/nutritional remedies also. Wonder if anyone is doing any research on this?

    Anyway, I'll post if any remedies seem to work. Hang in there everyone and thanks for sharing your remedies/thoughts.

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    For those looking for relief, I started with post-CV gerd about 5 days ago and after learning it was a thing in this forum I took some of the information and ran with it. Today is the first day I haven't had the acid reverb upon awaking and only woke up last night once but chewed one Tum and back to sleep. I started taking Nexium (knock off) on day 2 (3 doses so far) and each day noticed little improvements (not sure if meds or other things too), today being a break through. The bloaty feeling is still there (after eating) but much better.

    The additional things I've been trying were:

    1. First thing - increased water intake, used tums, ate plain rice and chicken broth with just little salt for my meals. Did this first two days.
    2. Then cooked rice with fresh spinach and rice using little broth to saute for breakfast and cooked apples and added some boiled chicken breast for dinner...this was first day start of Nexium...still using Tums as needed. Also I ate 4-5 small meals just 1/2 portions of a meal which probably keeps bloating lower.
    3. Day 4 I added low salt rice cakes (which, if I eat without drinking water with it I think may help absorb some of the acid) between meal and/or fresh cooked apples in water (sauced) and I made cabbage rolls using the rice, ground turkey, chicken broth for stuffing, lite seasoning (Paleo mix) for some flavor and cooked in broth. Actually, after 3 days this tasted pretty good but only had 1/2 portion with more apples, and had leftovers this morning.
    4. Also, yesterday I got some ginger-tumeric tea and candied ginger. The effects were immediate whether drinking the tea or chewing on candied ginger for slight acidity which was still there yesterday but better.
    5. Going to keep it low (portion) and slow (few more days after no symptoms) once sure this is working and also add in a few mild veggies (no acidic ones yet) .

      This is not a prescription or by any means cure-all but its working for me thankfully, so I thought I'd share in case you are not having any success so far or just starting this awful journey. My husband made it through his after about a month, mine just came on later (6weeks after CV). I am grateful for all the input here and knowing what this probably is.

      Hang in there.

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    it seems i'm chiming in a bit late in the game but i just came across this discussion as im laying propped up in bed at 5:20 am jaws clenched to keep from puking praying my propped up position will help alleviate the agony that im in by keeping the acid down... im 3 weeks post my testing positive for covid and im suffering so terribly from acid reflux that i literally think i will die of it continues to get worse. It is responds to none id the otc meds . im praying the Doctor will bw able to give me some advise at my appt this Wednesday!!!

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    I had Covid few weeks back and recovered but got Acid Reflux for the last one week

    and it is terrible.I am experiencing heart burn,chest pain,chest tiffness daily and my condition is horrible.

    I have taken ECG,Chest Xray and Blood Tests.All the reports came out good but still I am facing these symptoms

    Doctors advised me to take Gaviscon and Esomeprazole.I am using it daily(for the last 10 days) but still my situation is worst.I am scared.

    Could anyone having the same issue let me know how they have recovered?

    Please let me know the options/medications which they have used and improved their health?

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      Hello! I started having reflux-like symptoms after COVID too and OTC omeprazole was helpful for me (2 20 mg tablets in the morning). It took at least 2-3 weeks to see notable improvements, and I stayed on it for 2 months, but it did improve with time. Omeprazole can't be taken with certain meds/antibiotics though, so of course work with your doctor for options.

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      Thanks for your response.

      I too started taking Omeprazole .I took for 3/4 weeks and then discontinued as it made it worse and my situation was not improved.I have taken other medicines like Gaviscon,Nizavit but nothing changed.I have started using pantaprazole and there is some improvement but need to use it for one month and then check it.I am having too much gas in body.I am having a healthydiet,exercising daily and drinking lots of water but still facing issues.Need to discuss again with Doctor.Have an appointment with Gastroenterologist next month

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    Yeah, I feel you. After COVID I'm having the same problems with that. Went to ENT was the right decision. You just need to control that.

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    That's interesting; I started having silent reflux/LPR-like symptoms a couple months ago and I'm still debating it it was my diet or potentially long COVID that caused it.

    The most notable symptoms were:

    1. Intense dry mouth for about a week even with plenty of fluids (doctor says this is not usu assoc w reflux though some articles assoc it w PPIs and LPR)
    2. Gagging when trying to swallow solids (converted to liquid diet for a while as a result)

      in mid-February, about a month after testing negative for COVID in January from mild Christmas COVID case (still tested negative during reflux GI symptom onset)

    I've never had reflux symptoms during my entire life and it came on suddenly and got worse over the course of a few days.

    I took OTC omeprazole for a couple of months (20 mg for a week then 40 mg for the rest of the time since it wasn't helping at first) and my endoscopy came back perfectly normal. I've been off the PPI for almost a week now and my major symptoms have mostly decreased (dry mouth gone and difficulty swallowing manageable though still sleeping elevated and trying to eat healthy until I know my triggers).

    Very curious about others' experiences with reflux/LPR and hopeful that if it is long COVID, it will eventually totally go away.

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    thank you! i was on Lansoprozole for about teo weeks which is essentially a better version of gaviscon. now am off it as need to do stool test.

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    oh yes ! i tested poditive for covid and had no stomach problems (my parther had pretty bad diarrhea ) but on day 8 i started to have stomach pain bloating and diarrhea its been seven days now and i dreading havingto go to the dr to get poked and prodded and more blood tests that always seem to come back normal . Apparently the covid virus can stay in your GI tract for months after you have recovered . I just need to find the right remedies to heal my gut .

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      I found taking pro and pre probiotics and enzymes before large meals have helped me. I never had this problem until Covid, few drs said its caused by us stressing over me sick and worrying to much about Covid. but who really knows what Covid does to us. My life has been turned upside down an inside out because of it. 6 moths an still fighting long haul. DRS are clueless and i need to find a covid dr who specializes in long covid.

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    Hello there,

    Im not sure if this question is still open but i just wanted to message to say i have also been struggling terribly with reflux/ LPR after testing positive with covid back in December and am still suffering so badly now. I have also been referred to ENT who scoped me and said I've got lots of congestion in my throat and had different tests with gastroenterology and am about to start having a trial on a new medication to see if it eases things. I too have terrible symptoms regardless with what i eat and have got progressively worse to the point where i struggle to keep cups of tea down. This is a horrible condition and would really appreciate hearing from any of you who are nearing recovery and what helped you get to this position! Thank you so much 😃 ...

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    I think maybe the medicines are acidic in nature, But you can go to your nearby doctor and check it as health is priority.

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