Anyone had withdrawal symptoms coming off Bendroflumethiazide?

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Hi everyone,

Has anyone stopped taking bendro and had any withdrawal symptoms? I stopped a week ago because after several years of taking them I recently started getting muzzy heads and light headedness.


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    Hi Lina, why have you stopped taking it?  The symptoms could be related to your blood pressure.
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    Looks like this is a drug given in the UK. I’m not familiar with it but as with any med I would advise a talk with the doc and slowly tapering off these type of meds. 

     Sorry I don’t have any more to offer other than that 

    Good luck 🍀 

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    Lina3x..this is a diuretic...One should never stop taking any meds without consulting their Dr. As one writer already stated, your bp could be elevated because you've stopped this diuretic. 

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      Hi everyone,

      Thanks for your prompt replies. You are right, of course.

      I have been on 2.5mg for border line blood pressure for several years. I haven't been feeling well for a long time but bloods, xrays, echocardiogram all ok apart from a diagnosis of osteoarthritis. Lately I have been feeling ill after taking them, headaches, muzzy head, head pressure. I thought I'd try stopping the med and the symptoms went away but now I am a bit light headed at times and I was wondering if it was withdrawal symptoms. Because I am taking Citalopram 10mg also I thought they may have affected my sodium, potassium, magnesium levels because there can be a drug interaction with these meds.

      I plan on seeing my doctor tomorrow or day after to see whether beta blockers would be better for me. Because I get anxiety I sometimes get fast heartbeats.I'm not taking any other meds other than otc painkillers.

      If anyone has any thoughts about this that would be great.


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      STAY away from Beta Blockers!!!

      Look up my posts on Metoprolol and read more on this sight about these bad drugs 

      You didn’t stop Citalopram abubtly right?  

      Please keep us posted 

      Before you think about beta blockers 

      Read this forum 

      What are your BP readings that are considered borderline high? 

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      Hi Tee

      Thanks for the warning. When I had my echo the specialist suggested beta blockers to me. I couldn't take Metoprolol anyway because that interacts with Citalopram. The one I had in mind was Bisprolol because there is no know interaction. The other thing the doctor may suggest is taking a potassium sparing diuretic alongside Bendro. I am still on Citalopram, not coming off it. I tried that and failed.

      I will read your post on Metoprolol.

      I can't remember what my BP was back then but just now it was 154/84 which is a little high.

      Many thanks.

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      Hi Lina I take Bisoprolol, Bendroflumethiazide & Losartan.  I saw a Cardiologist last Tuesday & he has added Eplerenone to the mix & I have felt dreadful ever since.  It is a Potassium sparing drug & I have to have my bloods checked on Thursday.

      I have been on the Bisoprolol for 20 years & the Bendroflumethiazide for nearly as long.  They added the Losartan 2 or 3 years ago but I had to take Mycophenolate Mofetil, which caused my blood pressure to drop & it has been pretty erratic since then.

      Be wary of your otc drugs.

      [My BP has been in the stratosphere & is much better now but not stable]

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      I was put on Amlodipine when I had to go to A&E twice but that is a nightmare of a drug.  It brought my BP down but caused me to put on a stone in weight & then they tell you to lose weight!!

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      Hi Mrs Mop,

      Did you start taking Bendro and Bisoprolol for high blood pressure to begin with?

      I have OA in my neck, knees, and other areas but have been told it's border line so I have been wondering whether the diuretics could be causing gout giving me my aches and pains.

      That's the problem once you start taking meds, they seem to increase them as time goes on when they stop being so effective. I wish I had never started them I am not overweight, in fact I've lost a stone. Never smoked nor do I drink alcohol.

      I'm sorry you seem to be taking an awful lot of Meds, no wonder you feel unwell. How were you when you started the potassium sparing Meds, if you don't mind me asking. I hate all the side effects of these Meds.

      Thank you

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      Well after reading your posts I don't know what to do for the best. I've looked up potassium sparing diuretics but again they clash with Citalopram.

      So, I will speak to my doctor and I will keep you posted.


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      Hi Lina, I took Bisoprolol first, then they added Ramipril but I developed a cough, quite common apparently.  They swapped the Ramipril for the Bendro & everything was fairly stable until I had to take Prednisolone & a multitude of immunosuppressants, one at a time, not altogether!

      The Losartan was added & things were ok until a different doctor started to tell me what to do.

      I had a lot of extra stress last year, which didn't help.  My blood pressure was very erratic so I was referred to the Cardiologist, whom I saw last week.  I am seeing one of my other Consultants next week & will ask for his opinion because I am not happy with this Eplerenone but I will take it till next week & see what happens.

      I was diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome in January & last year, they found that my Vit D levels were very low.  I am waiting to be referred to a Rheumatologist.  Sjogren's causes joint pains as well as the dry mucous membranes.

      I did have gout about 10 years ago because of diuretics & that pain is excruciating! I think you would know if you had gout.

      Good luck with your GP I hope you can find a useful direction. 

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      Hello again,

      So sorry to hear about your health problems. Isn't it really odd how everything escalates once you start taking meds?

      I'm afraid of developing gout whilst taking Bendro. I'm also afraid of the meds affecting my sodium levels etc. I have weird aches and pains all over and one of my fingers is really swollen. It looks like gout but my rheumatologist said OA. Sometimes I get pains in my feet but no redness or swelling there. My neck gets really stiff and creaks but even this has eased since stopping Bendro.

      I'm sure it's to do with my meds

      I wish you all the best with your upcoming appointments and hope you get some answers.

      Take care.


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      Don't worry about gout, I got it when I took Furosemide for a couple of brief courses.

      Do your doctors do blood tests?  My Dermatologist is very keen on bloods!

      I've noticed that once you develop one autoimmune disease, they seem to breed!

      Ask them to check your Vit D3 levels.  Low levels can cause joint pains.  A Rheumy is a good Clinician to have on board.

      Thank you for your good wishes - I hope you find some answers too.


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      I had a full blood count done before Christmas and they were ok apart from a slightly raised CPR. I developed a chest infection in the New Year and haven't been right since. I was on antibiotics but felt ill for several weeks. That's when I lost my weight and my appetite is not what it was. Maybe that has something to do with my meds, not eating and maybe secreting too much sodium?? I've also been to ENT for tinnitus since Christmas but they couldn't find anything. I no longer see my rheumatologist. Happy days!


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      Hi mrsmop,

      Well, I did something I know I will probably get slated for. I went to an online doctor and explained everything. It was suggested that it could be fluid/electrolyte imbalance. My advise was to reduce Bendro by half, consume more liquids, drink lemon juice, green tea, coffee, butter milk, coconut water. These all act as a diuretic and contain potassium. Sleep 6-7 hours, morning walk, deep breathing, yoga, and maintain a balanced nutritious diet. Avoid stress, anxiety.

      Well, I've done that for a couple of days, apart from yoga, I still have lightheadedness and headache after taking my half dose in the morning but my blood pressure is under control and I do feel a little better. I should see an improvement within the next couple of days, although there will be withdrawal symptoms.

      So, if I am not feeling any further improvement after this weekend I will see my doctor.

      Hope you are all doing well.

      Best wishes

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      ...and you believed an online Dr. who doesn't know your history??? 

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       Does your regular doctor know you’re doing this ???   How do you even know the online doctor is real doctor ?   I suggest you contact your actual doctor and talk to them about tapering off the medication that’s making you sick and maybe make dietary changes and such but following the advice of a so-called online doctor is very dangerous 

      Please call your REAL doc. If you’re real doctor doesn’t help go to another one doctors are a dime a dozen keep going till you find the right doctor

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      I hope she calls her real doc.  

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      did you lose the weight? I Can't lose, despite trying everything

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      Hi Angeldarcie, I haven't lost weight & seem to be developing more problems.

      Has your GP given you any suggestions?

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      i saw a different gp to my usual doc, i have had blood tests but not heard anything yet. i am exercising hard, 4-5 times a week, drinking 2litres of water a day, ive cut right down on salt as of yesterday. 1400-1500 calories a day. weight seems to be static! very tough

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      Hi have a look at Histamine . especially ACE inhibitors . any of the prils .. fosinopril . lisinopril.even aspirin .low dose . that Histamine can cause a myriad of probs , constipation, migraine type headaches, fibromyalgia , muscle aches . pulmonary hypertension .breathing short of breath. all the b vitamins plus c vitamins. just me but vitamin B 12 must be washed away taking bendo. nasal problems. blocked nose.

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      hi mrsmop . did you ever read about Thiamine B1 while taking Furosemide , seems it depletes B1

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