Anyone has completely recovered from the effects of Amlodipine?

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Hello dear forum members ...

I have been on this forum for months but could not be sure if anyone has fully been off amlodipine and reversed all the side effects?

It appears that there are many stories of relief .. but always some issues linger .. and it may or may not be because of subsequent changer of medicine for hypertension .. or some other medical or age related issues having subsequent effects ...

I am really curious if anyone has fully recovered .. Might i invite anyone who wish to share .. i relate myself in this description :

Male 50 ... 3.5yrs on / 5 mths off .. amlodipine 5mg to nebivolol 5mg... residual issues .. neck and shoulder tension .. tiredness .. lack of mood .. mild to moderate.

Anyone care to elaborate their......?

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    I would also like to know if anyone has completely recovered.  I still experience lack of mood and swelling in ankles and fingers.  When I brooched the subject last week, my cardiologist snorted and replied:  "What do you want good health or cosmetics."  I was highly offended.  I quite taking that crap because it made me feel as if I were dying among other horrendous symptoms.  Had to take myself off it a couple of years ago.  You will never guess what he put in the record.  He says I am "allergic".  What a lie.

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      Hi brenda ..

      You are the first to reply this post in 2 weeks and i think people do recover and disappear off the radar in this forum but is not a clear recovery but definite ease off ..

      Personally i have several close frens who are medical specialist and i can understand this well now . There are specialists in every field of medicine except the research field where they treat patients with very bad health experiences with bp nd diabetic long term medications .. cos there is no defined speciality and no market for treating such cases ..

      So yr only avenue is still a good GP or a pharmacologist . However ... someone pointed here that unless that doctor or pharmacist personally had taken amlodipine nd suffered the same issues .. he or she will simply not be able to understand the patient's perspective...

      In some EU countries .. the doctor sends the patient with the prescription to the apotek and the pharmacist there probably owns the business and knows everyone well and when such side effects are comminicated .. good sound advise is given rarly and the medication stopped... elsewhere .. no .. the gp runs the discussion nd they have a mentality of benefits outweigh the bad .. and they are not paid to deal with such .

      So yes .. i think people leave this forum when the both ceases to preoccupy them and that's the good part of the story ..

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    Hi Chi

    How r u doing after 7 mths off?

    I'm on my 12th day off of Amlo 2.5mg. I monitor my blood pressure regularly at home. The 1st 8 days i was feeling ok except for fatique. But after tht, i have headache, anxiety and nightmares too. Headache went off after 2 days as well as nightmares but since the last 2 days i feel terribly tired like i hv no energy at all even to do my normal activity of brisk walking in the morning.

    I wonder how long this withdrawal symptoms will last... i hope i am strong enough to face the challenge. I dont want to be on any bp meds. I just wanna be an old me.

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      Hello... i am fine .. well 75%...

      Cos I am on 3.5 yrs and off 7 mths... therefore .. in the first 4 weeks .. many issues subsided ... but because I was on Amlodipine 3 yrs plus .. there are some changes that I think will be persisting some time .. cannot be helped ... so says many people here ..

      I think if u give it time .. it will subside and u will notice less .. but it is good u stop it when the issues started .. else like me is very bothersome...

      I still have neck issues .. tiredness.. tension anxiety .. just feel sickly..but is less now ... but when it comes .. it is bothersome..

      Let me know how u progress please...

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      Hi Chi

      How r u doing? Have u fully recovered or still have withdrawal symptoms? Hows ur neck?

      It has been 22 days off for me. Still feel sick sometimes. Even though I wasnt that long on bp meds ie. about 3 months (2 mths on BB then changed to CCB) but its enough to turn my life upside down.

      There are days i feel better but there days i feel so weak and hardly do anything. Today i feel terribly tired, stiff neck and anxiety. I hv been travelling since last week & lack of sleep so it might also be the reason why i am so weak now.

      Let me know yr progress. This forum has given me hope and keep me strong to get through this tough time.

      U tkc.

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      Hello Ann .. nice to hear from you ...

      You are on short term usage of CCB ....whatever the side effects should not be prolonged ... however .. it is quite common for patients to develop some disorder .. or u may call it GAD... general anxiety disorder .. caused my medications of longer term nature ... the symptoms u described comes in "dips" and these include anxiety.. tension.. muscular discomfort.. sick feeling .. weakness and tiredness and fatigue .. and insomnia. I do believe that these will go off .

      However .. if it really develops into GAD like in my case after 3 yrs usage .. it becomes harder to treat .. mainly because I am still on BB and low dose of statins .. and also .. there are really no medical specialists that treats disorders due to drugs .. you can try alternatives like acupuncture or homeopathy or .. etc etc.. this is a really grey area ..

      The best thing you can do is to distract yrself and also ea t and sleep and drink water very regularly .. the body has a better chance of restoring itself .. and stay off totally on the killer .....salt ....


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      Hello Ann .. how are you yrself ...

      I am on a slow path but there is some relief as time goes on ..

      The bad is not as bad.. the anxiety is not as prevailing... the neck issues are not as acute .. and the tiredness and tension is a little easing ..

      But it is all there .. just slow changes ....😊

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      Hi Ann

      Might I suggest u make a note of the

      1. Palpitations,

      2. fatigue,

      3. neck pain and

      4. headache

      Rate each from 1 to 3 ....1 for mild..2 moderate... and 3 severe....

      So if today u feel mild except severe neck ... that's a 1 1 3 1 = 6

      On a perfect day .. is 0 0 0 0 = 0

      I do this to mentally track if my progress results in gradually lowering scores and self assure

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      Hi Chi

      Thank you so much. Will definitely keep track as advised.

      Today i feel much better. More clearer mind and less fatigue.

      How r u?



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      Hello Ann

      Blessings ... funny u should ask cos last 3 days I have very bad tension... tired .. sleepy and dazed .. was well the prior 10 days...

      I think is not as bad as some episodes I had in the past .. but the point is that it still comes back ..

      So .. I just lay low and rest for a couple of days .. tide it over .. there is no relief from medications etc.. just have to ride it out ..

      Sometimes I read about some of the severe symptoms here .. I try not to complain ...😦

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    I'm so glad I found this site! My no is like 150/84 and have raynauds syndrome . I was put on amlodipine about two months ago. I take many other prescriptions , my Dr knows this . I'm supposed to take 1 pill 3x a day or all 3 at once. The day he told me to up my dose I became so sick I felt like I was going to die. Throwing up, feel drunk, off balance , depressed , like a shocking pain on my right side of my hip, arm. Grumpy , confused etc... I have so many side effects I don't want to take this pill !!! I'm getting emotional discussing it . Any info will be greatly appreciated . Thanks so confused ??

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    i have been taken amolodipine for almost 5yrs now just started having side effects from it joint pain swelling of left ankle pain in ankle like I was being cut by a knife or sharp razor , headache severe pains in my temples the doctor said I was suffering from migrines iyeah migragrine from the that amolodipine this drug is horrible it also made my blood pressure out of control  from trying to come off it to fast this drug was designed for a long term use you must wean your self of of it taking 1/2  everytime I tried to restart it cause the same problem get off of it  and stay off of it    Hibiscus tea really works but they say it causes liver problem thats a side effect some people have been on it for years with no side effects and its does wonders for them  I can't tell where my side efect is coming from because Im also on lorsatan but im going to find out if the Hisbscus tea is causing me headaches or the lorsatan i'm no longer on the amlopine but my ankle is swelling up on me me again   making it painful for me to walk  at time I have to elevate it and the swelling goes down off and on will let you know what I've noticed  one thing for sure that Hibiscus Tea does lower your blood pressure read up on it throughly also Black seed oil diffenately wil keep your blood pressure in check but its also a blood thinner so if your on blood thinners or asprin you can not use both and before any surgey you must let the doctor know 2wks before your surgrey your on black seed oil look it up on utube all the reviews there are thousand of people on this and I 've been experiementing with it my self and believe me it works  I tried the capsulee they were 500mg they are very strong you can not take nore than two a day  I would really say 1 a day  to sample please don't take (4)  I know  from experience almost felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest  because the bottle said take 1-2 capsules twice a day! they say the oil is better than the capsules and you use less of it  I'm going tp try that!  please tell yoir doctor what you are trying some doctors will tell you not to take it but  I know it workand I fell like this if we keep taking those medications its evenually going to kill us so if I have to leave here from something I rather it be something naturally that I tried to help my self with than a medication Chi000 please do your homework on both  they also have medicall studies  make sure its the original because there are knock offs. Hope this helps  


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