Anyone have any ideas?? doctors dont know and being passed from hospital department to department.

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i have had bloating after i eat for the last 8months. i have bloated from a extra 6inches to 17inches depending on how much i eat. what i eat doesnt make a difference. i am diary intolerant. (not lactose) so i know this is not the cause i have had literally hundreds of blood tests and everything is normal.

i have no idea which are relevant or not but here are all my other symptons i have:

hot fushes constantly (29 years old and been tested its not early menapause) last 12months.

always tired last 8months.

i can lose 1/2 a stone in 1 day and then takes 2months to regain the weight.last 8months.

migraines (always suffered from) have become more frequent gone form 1-2 every few months to 1 a week.last 6months.

whole body aches everyday.last 6 months.

mouth ulcers are also alot more often than normal if that is relevant. last 2months.

nipple discharge (milk) i have had this since i had my daughter nearly 11 years ago and after i had my son 3 years ago it still hasnt gone.

does anyone know or can think of anything?? im going insane i cant eat out ive had to buy bigger clothes to hide the bloating. i am a size 6-8 so i have a very small frame and when i bloat i look like im about 7months pregnant in the space of like 20minutes. even sweets will make me bloat.

they have tested me for cealiac disease and that is negative too. i ahev also had the camera down into your stomach test all came back fine (except that this gave me aspration pnemonia which has taken me 2 months to fight off)

please i just need ideas so i can ask the doctor to test as everyone is stumped! i have to find out what this is as i have 2 much to do with 2 kids and house etc to be knackered all the time and uncomfortable etc.

i finally have a appointment at gastro clinic next week so hopefully they will find it.

thank you for reading please comment anything you think could help. xx

also apologies for spelling mistakes, brain does not function quite as quick as it used to.

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    Just because the celiac test (which isn't very accurate anyway) came back negative, doesn't mean you're not gluten intolerant too. I had gluten \ dairy and it took a while to work out. Avoiding gluten is a bit of a nightmare, but a lot easier than it used to be. Try it for a week and see how you feel. Also, consider probiotics and 'proper' antacids  (ie omeprazole). There are some theories that food sensitivity is caused by damage to the gut, which could be due to acid, or even parasites, which is another avenue to explore.
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      thank you. i am already taking 2 omeprazole per day and also taking mebeverine 20minutes before i eat and that does nothing. the celiac test was done through bloods as well as a biopsy of stomach.

      even plain salad makes me bloat so not sure if gluten is it? 

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      I had the same celiac tests which came back negative, but I stopped it anyway and was fine. There's a difference between Celiac, which is an autoimmune disease and sesitivity. But you're right, if salad triggers it, chances are it's something else, maybe Candida, as per my later response. That could also explain aches \ fatigue etc. There's no quick fix for Candida, but if you have a compassionate GP, you might be able to get a short prescription of antifungals from them (ie lamisil tablets), to see if you improve, but long-term, there's more to getting rid of it than medication. You'd have to re-think your whole diet.
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      i have never heard of that i will have to google it. my gp is fantatstic she is willing to test me for anything as she wants to get to the bottom of it so i dont think asking her to test for that will be a problem.

      just to clarify i dont eat sweets all the time lol it was just my way of explaining how really little things can effect it what i mean by sweets is 1 boiled sweet will bloat my stomach to at least 6inches. 

      dinner is 17inches (that is my current biggest) i measure myself every time i eat anything so i can measure how much i bloat.

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      You're lucky you have a good GP. Most are apathetic at best as far as I can tell. Ask for a candida test, but again, NHS testing is hit and miss, so don't dismiss it if it comes back negative. Maybe consider a nutritionalist for more testing. I'm not a medical person btw. I've been through a similar experience as you and cracked it through trial and error. Agree with the later post by John999. Take your diet down to the basics. I ate like a rabbit for a few weeks, then gradually re-introduced things to see what tirggered it. Painful but effective. Good luck !
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    I just read the bit about sweets. Cndida is a possibility, but you'll be lucky to find a sympathetic GP. They seem to dismiss it as mumbo jumbo in my experience, but I know people who have gone through the pain of a candida cleanse and feel years younger.
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    Have you had your thyroid checked? Some of ur symptoms sound like overactive throid. With the aching body, which I currently have, I am vitamin D deficient. Have you had your levels checked?

    Finally in regards to your bloating, how are your stomach muscles? After having your children? I've had 3 (4,3&9 months) and my stomach muscles haven't come back together, I can have a flat belly and then after eating anything even something small I bloat to about 6 months pregnant! I've tried buscopan. It didn't work on the bloating!

    I hope you get some answers soon! It's the not knowing that's so fraustrating!

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      stomach muscles are fine i think. 

      yes i have had thyroid checked about 7 times now. have had constant bloods, urine sample even done the whole day urine sample ones. 

      everything i coming back normal so stumped.

      also had a ultrasound and smear to make sure there is nothing wrong there. this is also completeley clear.

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      I'm glad you've been so throughly checked smile it's good that's it's been done but fraustrating for you.

      I hope the gastro can give you a diagnosis!

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    The telling symptom to me is your "brain does not function quite as quick as it used to". That is typicall of fungal problems. Combined with the fact that you still have milk discharge, I am quite certain that's at least one of your problems.

    Baby gets born, and picks up from mothers' birth canal whatever is in there. Birth canal has the same flora as our tummies. If your intestinal flora has been damaged by antibiotics and poor food over the years (or even just an infection or two by somethng that promotes fungal overgrowth), then the baby gets that too. You can tell by the baby having problems digesting well, usually gets to be colicky and later has allergies and such.

    Your milk intollerance points also to lack of healthy gut flora.

    Replenishing the flora may give relief, but it is important to figure out why it is gone in the first place. Usually the causes are either a parasitic infectoin (helminths or flatworms or even protozoa which all feed on probiotic bacteria), or simply too many antiobitics.

    Try taking human strain probiotics (almost impossible to find in Europe though, they are all bovine and that makes them useless) and see how you feel. Or start eating as if you have diabetes, perhaps combined with some anti-fungals such as Nystating (for many months) and see if you have an improvement.

    Probiotic bacteria should re-populate your tummy even if you don't take any supplements, provided you remove the cause of their disappearance.

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      my dairy intolerance is the protein in cows milk that i cant digest. my son who is 3 years also suffers from it. my first born my daughter has no allergies at all. she was only breast fed for 6 weeks, i did not breast feed my son as i dont produce enough milk.

      where can i get probiotics? 

      i'll be honest yes i eat healthy and eat fruits and veg and meat and salad i do not eat processed foods and i do not eat fried food like mcdonalds etc. but that is me eating healthy i do not but vitamins or buy those yogurt biotic things (mainly because i cant actually drink them).

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    Forgot to say that baby then re-infects mother's breast by sucking milk as fungi live in the oral cavity, and also that mouth ulcers are typical fungal problems.

    Don't try to test for that, it is one area that doctors understand poorely. There are however supplements out there that may help you, but most important one is - reducing Glycemic index of foods you eat, and eating only sterile (cooked) foods. No fruits, no sweets, no starches, only cooked GREEN vegetables and well cooked meats.

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      Because those are the healthiest. We could also say "Those that grow above ground" as that would include all kinds of squash and such which are all good too. But veggies that grow below ground such as potatoes, parsnip, carrots, and even onions which are normally very healthy (except Garlic which is excellent anti-fungal!) they are all high in sugar/starch.

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