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This started in September 2017. I had a sharp pain under my rib cage, centre, above my belly button and was throwing up every time I stood up or walked. Dr came and out and gave me some tablets to help with acid, I just let them melt in my mouth. Took 1 and the next day the pain had dulled alot.

Went to the drs again as was still in a little pain, mainly on the right side, just a dull ache, said it was probably Gastritis after checking my stomach area out for quite a while, pressing down and all that said she couldnt feel anything unusual. Said to keep on the tablet, but go down to 1 a day instead of 1 twice a day. and eat bland foods and I should be alright in  a few weeks.

I had been worrying in case the illness didnt go away as I was going on holiday and didnt want thr pain to spoil it. I was worried and questioning all the “what ifs” etc. The pain started to ease off whilst in the middle of my holiday. 

After getting back (October) I went back to the drs as I had booked the appointment while I was away but the pain had eased a lot, went back, checked stomach again and put me on a lower dosage of the tablets as the infection probably hadnt cleared fully up and went for a blood test.

I had started eating normally again by this point and havent had any trouble with any foods. 

After having my blood test, I started the tablets, i needed to swallow these ones 30mins after food. I was told to take 2 a day for 2weeks and then 1 a day for 2 weeks ( i think)

No problems in this time. It took me to early November. Didn’t hear anything about my blood test, so 2 weeks after having it, i called in and asked about it, everything was fine. 

Thought nothing else of it until last week. 

I was slightly concerned if I would be well for Christmas as the past few Christmas’ i have had and upset stomach or a headache or tired, and I want to be well enough to enjoy the food my grandparents have made as they go to a lot of trouble and dont want to let them down. 

On Sunday I woke up with a cold, so I spent the day doing as much as possible to get rid of it by keeping hydrated, sweating, blowing my nose etc. On the Monday, I was sat down on the computer with the hot water bottle and I felt a pain in the middle, just below the rib cage. I didnt know if it was the water bottle digging in me or the pain coming back but I haf a cold sweat due to it. 

The pain had been there ever since. 

I had been sneezing a lot and had a constant runny nose so I dont know if mucus couldve gone down my thought and caused an upset or if its just down to the cold. I had also been stretching as well before going on the computer.

I havent taken any antiacids or anything like that because last time, they didnt do anything.

Any ideas what it could be?

Im 25 male, I have never smoked and not a big drinker as well. I suffer with anxiety/depression and take a tablet each day for that. Other than that in ok health 

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    So, one person here has already diagnosed the symptoms as gallbladder disease and has told "the wolve" what medication to take. Let that be a dire warning to everybody else when posting here. To do this without ever meeting,  examining, or questioning the patient is ridiculous. Go back to your Dr and ask him to arrange an endoscopy or other examination of the problem area if he thinks it's warranted. It's your body, mind it.

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      I had a blood test and nothing was wrong.

      Its weird as I hadnt had the pain in a while and then got a cold and then it came back.

      Im going to the doctor again nexr Thursday, wont be able to do much this side of Christmas as it is an evening appointment so anything that needs to be passed on will be on the Friday, then the weekend, then Christmas and boxing day. Hopefully will give me some tablets again. 

      I am thinking about getting some gaviscon double action to see if they do anything. 

      It doesn’t feel like its my stomach, but the tube leading down to it. 

      I have been having a Yakult every other day. Cant see that doing much and they are pricey. 

      Food, went back to normal foods, dontbhave much fried or spicy foods anyway, i have changed somethings though, like grilling bacon instead of frying. 

      Drink, mainly just been having water, tea and milk. Im not a big drinker of alcohol anyway.

      Just a pain that i dont do drugs, dont drink, dont smoke but I enjoy my food, and now cant eat some foods.

      The pain feels better if I lie down as well. Doesn’t feel better or worse while eating as well.

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      Sometimes things can flare up again when you’re poorly. Quite possibly your cold has aggravated your symptoms again. Give things time and try to relax, this can only help. Stomach problems can take a while to resolve. Take care.
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      I have booked an appointment to see my doctor next week, lucky really as its the last one before Christmas. Hopefully will give me the tablets again. I think after seeing a doctor you generally feel better as you know something is being done.

      Weird thing is I haven’t had the pain this notning until now, no reasoning behind it at all. 

      I guessed that my cold couldve aggrovated it, as on Sunday my nose was constantly running, and sneezing then monday occasionally running nose and sneezing but got a cough as well so that was pulling the area as well. 

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      On the right side pretty much in the middle the if the last rib I had been having a little pain a week before but just put that down to pulled muscle, as I tend to stretch in the morning snd sometimes can feel it when i do.

      Mostly its when im  half asleep do dont mean to do it. 

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    if you still have your gallbladder it could be that had that rype of pain many months after birth of my daughter they figured out finally it was gallbladder stones and took it out solved the problem


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      I do, when i had the blood test nothing came back. Doctors on monday.

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