Anyone Tried Homeopathic Treatment?

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My Endocrinologist would like me to start Carbimazole but as I had a multinodal goiter says it probably wont work - I dont want to go on the jounrye of Carbimazole with its links to liver problems/Radioactive Iodine with its links to breast cancer or have it removed.

I have been given some fairly dire warnings if I dont take it.  However I have been prescribed spongia by a homeopathist and since taking it all the symptoms I expereinced which I now know are connected to an overactive thyroid have completely disappeard including palpitation and sevre skin itching particularly at night, as all the surrounding symptoms have disappeared and I feel very well I am considring refusing to start treatment - has anyone else seen a homeopathist?


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    Jenny do you also suffer from joint pain?

    I have appointment at hospital re treatment of over active thyroid I am concerned what medication I will be put on I have heard so many story's

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      Beryl, No I dint suffer from Joint pain howevr I take Astaxanthin and Krill Oil I also do Pilaties and Yoga on a regular basis and eats lots of oily fish.  If you are in the UK and ffered emdication it will probably be Carbimazole - all the best with your treatment. 

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    That's fascinating that The Spongia helped.  It's actualy prescribed for coughs and contains iodine (that an overactive thyroid should avoid) and bromide.  I would personally be cautious.  The thyroid is inclined to suddenly become over active due to various triggers.  I'm not aware of a link between carbimazole and radio active iodine and not sure what you mean.  

    Do keep us informed on your progress.  I'm sure everyone will be very interested.  

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      Homeopathy works on the basis of like treating like, for example someone with watery eyes would be treated with Onion which explains why I've been prescribed Spongia (from the sea)  I initially went to GP with a cough that wouldn't go away thats when I was sent for blood test and the thyroid problem was picked up on.  The cough was the first thing to disappear.  There isnt a link between Carb and RAI it was the way I typed it - RAI is the next treatment if Carbimazole doesn't work I was told that it not usually sucessful in cases of multinodal goiter which is what I have the next treatment after that is RAI. I have an appointment with an opened-minded GP on Wednesday to discuss the medication and will take it from there.

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    Wow Jenny ..... I'm delighted to hear  you're feeling so well ...  long may it last,  I hope it never comes back as I too know the terrible symptoms 

    that go along with Overactive thyroid ...

    I have Graves' disease since 1 year ago, I was very ill andl was contemplating suicide I was so bad .......  I made an appointment with a dermatologist because of extremely itchy skin   ...and she asked a few questions ..... after two minutes she said  ...  You have a  thyroid problem and I'm gong to write to

    your GP right now  !!    ...  she did .....  he laughed at her cheek and reluctantly did the blood tests ... telling me  I'm  ... " just itchy  "   I'd been going on and off for years for help with symptoms ..  and never received any type of assistance from GP with my dreadful symptoms , he put them all down to menopause !!!!!!!

    anyway .. that can't be helped now ....

    MY GP said don't worry , I'll arrange for RAI  and you'll go HYPOthyroid 

    and you  just take thyroxine every day for the rest of your life !...or have radical thyroid surgery  !!??

    I said I did not want that ... and made a private appt. with an Endocrinoligist

    who immediately put me in 20mg of Carbimazole daily.. then down to 10mg

    then 5mg .

    during the period of 8...9 months I came on here and gained knowledge of the supplements that would help stop  my immune system from attacking

    my thyroid , as that is what Graves' disease is !

    i started to feel well again after a few months  and lost all feelings of 

    misery I'd had and also started to lose the terrible joint pain I had for sooo

    long.  I am now off Carbimazole

    I am no longer in pain and my extreme fatigue is almost gone now .. my hair has grown back , no dreadful hot flushes every hour of the day and night ,I feel and Look like my old self again 

    and I'm so happy again... thank God !

    I have never heard of Spongia ... but about to Google it 

    I never a had any problems with Carbimazole at all .. regular blood tests

    showed no liver or white cell problems ... Many people have used this treatment to stop the thyroid hormone causing havoc with their bodies 

    I was only too glad to try ... anything at the time !

    I hope the same for you if you try it .

    Stay Well ....  M??X

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      Thanks Madge lookis like you made the right choice, I've not ruled Carbimazole out yet but cant see the point if all the surrounding symptoms have cleared up and I feel okay.

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      There are many supplements ... that we need to stock the immune system attacking the thyroid ...

      and what suits one person may not suit another.....

      I did not want to destroy , either partly or in whole, my thyroid gland...

      pas I know how crucial it is to take care of it !

      the aim was to make my immune system more healthy so

      that it would leave my thyroid gland in peace !

      RAI and surgery were DEFINATELY not what I wanted I now take


      ......                  as its reckoned 70% of the immune system is in our Gut



      Zinc and Copper 

      Vitamin B1

      Vitamin B 12               MUST be sublingual !

      Vitamin B Complex 

      Vitamin D3

      Vitamin K be taken with D3

      Vitamin C                     High Dose

      ... and a few others .... but these are most helpful

      i don't think I would have been as successful only on Carbimazole

      I also used L Carnitine to wean off Carbimazole ...


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      I have arthritis and the prescription drug that helped me is a very old one called Arthrotec.  Helped my brother too.  I think it is better than the newer antiinflammatory arthritis drugs.
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      I take all vitamins separately, that way I know the strength of each..

      But that is optional I suppose !

      Copper and zinc I buy together

      And magnesium I always take on its own .. Not with added vits.

      Google each vitamin ...

      And ask for example :-

      Magnesium deficiency ....

      And you will get the symptoms of that deficiency

      That helped a lot when I was researching...


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      Delirious ... I'm not an expert

      But I tried to sieve thru all the

      Knowledgeable advice on here to

      Help myself ,as my GP wasn't doing that too well !!

      He was treating me for Arthritis ..

      Because I was in so much pain

      ... And only doing that because I drew an outline of a body on A4 paper with arrows at every spot i had pain and presented it to him !

      Anyway , he Pressumed I had arthritis and gave me Arcoxia for two years !!!!??

      I felt worse on that !! And stopped .

      However , when I was diagnosed with Graves ...and started on Carbimazole.. I started to take all the Vitamins I was advised that were beneficial to Graves disease ...

      So whether it was the Carbimazole or the vitamins ... I do not know !!

      My feelings are the vitamins did it for me ... Bs , D , magnesium Etc

      .. Cause I know I don't have it Now !????


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      Hi delirious

      No ... I'm finished with carbimazole !

      Thank God !

      ... Saying that ... I'd take it again rather than go through full blown Graves' disease attack !!!!

      I will just continue to have regular blood tests .. To watch out for a rise in antibodies !

      My blood results are ' Normal '

      And I've been told I'm euthyroid ...

      Although ... I do feel ever so slightly

      ' Going at speed ' sometimes ... But

      Nothing I can't cope with !I don't want to become Hypothyroid ...

      And if I feel worse I'll just take

      L Carnitine .. And continue with all my supplements ... Sometimes it's possible to ' heal thy self '

      Without the help of our naive GPs


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