Are any visitors currently suffering with Globus? - My update so far

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My life with Globus continues....

It's been two years + now since I was diagnosed with Globus the only trouble is that my mind just cant accept this and always thinks that it is something more sinister..

My symptoms are / have been..

Tight / Uncomfortable sensation whilst swallowing, like there is something there.

Constant thinking about the sensation of swallowing ( due to constant throat sensations)

Clicking in throat when swallowing, worse when drinking liquid.

Stabbing pains under jaw

Feeling that there is something coating the back of my toungue

Senstations worse when tired but not as bad in a morning when i wake up

Long term tickly cough 4-5 months

Different food and drink irritates my throat

My tests/ treatment over the last two years include..

Loads of blood tests including several full tests

Six endoscopies ( camera up nose looking down at throat) with 4 different consultants

One Gastroscopy ( camera down throat & oesophagus to look for damage / anything sinister)

Lots of different Doctors and Consultants feeling my Lymph glands

CBT (Cognative Behavioural Therapy)

Clinical Psycology (Current)

Lansoprazole (in case i have silent reflux)

Two chest xrays




All tests came back clear.. But even after all that lot I am still no better with the Globus and have a second Gastroscopy coming up in early February to check for changes to the condition of my oesophagus and throat since the last one

Please message me if you have had or are having simlar experiences with Globus as it is driving me to distraction at the moment..

I look forward to hearing from you

Best Wishes to all fellow sufferers... I will update after next gastroscopy.

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    Hello there,

    Sedation was optional but didnt really fancy having a 3 foot camera snake put down my throat to my tum and duodenum ( beyond tum) whilst fully awake.

    Absolutely no signs of cancer whatsoever thankfully.

    The biopsies are just small samples of the oesophagus lining to allow the laboratory to take a microscopic look and see if I have any acid damage or anything else that would explain why I am having throat problems and a throat irritated by certain foods and drinks.

    If its all clear then no follow ups from consultant and I will be back to Globus disgnosis..

    Good luck with your ENT

    Keep me posted and dont worry ..

    Best wishes


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    Wow that's great news! I'm guessing your happy with this outcome? Although ur still left with the horrid feeling eh sad but least u no it's nothing significant! And yea will deffo keep in touch and let u no soon as I get my apt through, how long are u sedated for? Thanks again for stayin in touch and I'll try not too worry although it's becoming an obsession now sad
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    The sedation option for a Gastroscopy is only to patially sedate you and not to knock you out cold as you need to swallow the camera snake when instructed by the consultant.

    There were loads of times I was nearly sick as you can imagine with a three foot tube down your throat, thats why you cant eat or drink 4 hours prior to proceedure ( in case you are actually physically sick).

    I have been advised that SLT (Speech language therapy) at the hospital will be able to help with throat and neck excercises to help with globus sensation but they need a report from ENT done within the last 3 months which I dont have, so I may have to have another ENT refferal to progress this one infortunately..

    To be continued ... smile

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    Latest update at 8/2/12

    I have just been told that SLT Speech Language Therapy can help with globus so..

    I spoke to SLT at my local hospital who said they could only help me if I had a report from ENT dated within the last three months.. I dont as my last one was 5 months ago.

    My doc tried to get past this hurdle with a direct call to SLT but they wont budge on the 3 month bit so I am now waiting for another ENT appointment to get me to SLT who will hopefully finally help with my Globus.

    What a journey the last two years have been..

    Still ...Always try to stay positive and keep smiling ...

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    That's terrible how they making u go to ENT again espec after them knowing how many tests u have already had and stuff! That's whT worries me the most is knowing it's took u 2 years to get this far and u still having the problems and my journeys only jut beginnin sad still haven't got my ENT apt!y neck feels worse today too, I guess the only good thing is at least u have been thouroughly checked and u now no it's not cancer, which is brill stay in touch x
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    Hi Cathy,

    My journey with Globus has been a long one and is not over yet, my throat feels really tight this afternoon which makes swallowing food feel awkward and uncomfortable.

    However if just one person who reads this post benefits in any way it has been worth logging the experience, maybe when you have had your ENT appt you could skip my last two years and go straight to ask for a refferral to Speech Language Therapy at your local Hospital to help you excersise the tight muscles in your neck and throat if ENT say it's Globus..

    Has your doctor actually diagnosed you with Globus?, or do you think you may have it by researching your symptoms?..

    Exactly whereabouts is your neck hurting?

    Did you have a look at the Health Anxiety support link that I posted?

    Search for Anxiety then look at Health Anxiety leaflet it will help you to understand what is going on in your mind and also the fact that a certain degree of Anxiety is normal but it is easy to get a little too Anxious as I have found out..

    Take care


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    Saw 2 doctors,1 said sounds like globus,other doc said he didn't no which is y he's referred me to ENT, said e wants to

    Check nothings there! So im worryin mad, I've researched globus and I do have some o the symptoms but other ones too, my neck seems to be more tight on one side not in te middle where moat globus sufferers seem to hve it, mines more one sided on the right? Feels tight and if I turn my neck to the left it feel like the right side is pulling, it's not hurting just strange sensation there and feels like someones lightly holding my neck on that side ? Strange and hard to explain really, sometimes feels a little heavy and numb kind of feelin although if I touch it I can feel it if that makes sense to u, do u think ENT will do the endoscopy there at apt or will they just examine me and send me

    Back for the camera another day? Feels swollen to me too although doc said he don't think it feels swollen x

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      How are you guys now? It's been a while since this thread has been left hangin'. I've read all your experiences and i can definitely relate to what you guys are suffering from.

      I am also suffering from this condition for almost 4 months now, been on PPI's for the first 2 months as my globus is probably triggered by GERD/LPR. Never had some serious ultrasound or CAT to scan my neck. My ENT doctor just performed Laryngoscopy and found nothing in my throat but redness and that was 2 months ago. I would totally agree with you that this is all mental, but sometimes i can't help but think that my esophagos might have been damaged due to acid overflow that reaches my throat sometimes which makes me anxious all the time too.

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      My husband suffers from globus. He is a strong minded man who was always in shape until these symptoms started two years ago. It all began when he choked on a chicken bone and felt a piece of bone was still stuck in his throat. before going to the ER he tried drinking milk, eating a bananna, and even drinking olive oil to get the "piece of bone" down. When he considered sticking something down his throat to get whatever it was stuck out is where i drew the line. We had multiple blood tests done and been to an ENT and had an endoscopy done. All came back clear. The final diagnoses we got was globus hystericus. BULL SHI#!! He cant be himself.. He cant function how be used to.. This is depressing him and taking over his life. We dont believe this is in his head.. Why dont doctors have a cure? He is not just crazy and making himself think something is wrong when its actually not.. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP
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      I'm writing this as I'm at the docs.About 3 days ago I was eating a tortilla with chicken inside and after I ate it,it felt like there was something stuck in my troat.I went to the hospital but they didn't even bother doing an ultrasound or XRay because I had told them sometimes it's hard to swallow. But anyhow after the food incident it just felt diffrent, it feels like there is something stuck on the right side and middle of my troat,there is a clicking sound when I swallow, sometimes it feels like it's tightening up and my voice goes horse and when I swallow .What are your husbands symptoms?
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    Also I hadn't looked at your link u hve posted yet but will do, my doctor said I've got anxiety disorder so my level of anxiety isn't normal,I worry everyday all day and always negative on outlook of things and exaggerate with worrying at times although can't help it, I'm a little OCD too,my worrying is taking over my life
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    Hi Cathy,

    If you like this Globus chat please click the 'thumbs up' icom in the top right corner..

    Ps the info on the link will definately help you understand your anxiety, have a look and let me know if it helps..

    Stay positive


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    Latest update... ENT appointment has come through for Feb 29th 2012. I guess that will involve a seventh endoscopy....
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    Latest aupdate 27/2/2012

    Just had 7th endoscopy all clear.

    Consultant is sending me for Barium swallow and x-ray just to check my swallowing is ok ( I am still getting infrequent clicking when swallowing). He said I probably had pharyngeal spasms that we causing the discofort and tight throat feeling when swallowing..

    So to summarise:

    My doctor thinks it's Globus

    Last consultant thinks its Dysphagia

    Consultant before that thinks its silent reflux

    This ENT thinks its pharyngeal spasm

    Is there any wonder patients get health anxiety?

    Ps .. Good news.. The result of my 8 osophageal biopsys taken 3 weeks ago after Gastroscopy have come back normal / clear

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