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Am at wits end. For the past month i have had sinus congestion , sinus pain and cough. Was prescribed doxycycline for 7 days. Went back to the Doctor . Prescribed another 7 days of the same antibiotic and flonase and some cough medicine. Then had to go back again after 7 days for the same but now with alot of clear mucus from nasal and cough especially in am yellowish mucus. Its funny because when i go to bed i dont cough all night just in the day. Then she prescribed Levaquin for 7 days. and a inhaler Flovent . Today is the 7th day of levaquin and i am still with the same sinus issues and cough nothing has changed. She says my lungs are clear and she thinks that it could be allergy related . She suggested an allergist and another round of a different antibiotic. What i dont understand is why i am having this productive cough ? Still no fever . Could this be allergy related ? I am getting afraid that this is turning into something ? Ive never had a sinus infection last so long . AM really desperate for some suggestions ? Thank you.

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    Hi, sorry to hear about your troubles. Are you seeing an ENT or a family doctor?

    it might possibly be allergy related. there are other meds you can take with the flonase which is singular (if allergy issue).

    have you ever irrigated your sinuses? there's the simply saline stuff you can buy OTC.

    I WOULD STOP with all the antibiotics.

    Make an appointment with an allergist and go see a good ENT (if you haven't already).

    Is this the first time you've ever encountered this?

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      HI Phil , thank you for taking the time to answer my post. I have been seeing my primary . I have done saline rinse with the neil med in the past. I usually get a sinus infection twice a year and i take an antibiotic and it goes away. But this time it just doesnt want to quit. Your right I do not want to take anymore antibiotics and am going to make an appointment with an allergist and ENT. I was reading the other post by Miriam and since I started the levaquin ,my left knee swelled up which has never happened and my joints and muscles ache and i feel like a 100 pound elephant is sitting on me. But its not the flu and I dont have a fever. . Since I have taken levaquin in the past and never felt like this i just thought it was part of what is attacking me. If you have any other suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks .

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      Anything to do with sinuses you should definitely see an ENT. Not all ENT's are alike as well. Some deal with sinus issues in different ways and/or procedures/medications. So don't be afraid to seek a second opinion if the 1st one doesn't fit the bill.

      I can relate when it comes to being 'at wits end' with the sinus stuff LOL, have to deal with it on a regular basis myself.

      Well I hope the ENT and Allergist can help you out. You might want to look for an ENT that has an Allergist on-site as well, but it's not necessary. Also look online for reviews of the doctors to try and find a good one, unless you know someone that can recommend a great one in your area. Ask your friends and family.

      Best of luck!

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    I also suggest not taking any more antibiotics. You've been given two very strong ones and you still have the problem - a responsible doctor would have taken a sample for culture to find out what bacteria (if any) was causing the problem instead of just giving you ABx which kill off all your good flora as well as any bad guys.

    Levaquin has had several black box warnings in the past to make sure doctors no longer hand this out without good reason. It can affect your gut badly so perhaps take some probiotics to help establish good flora again. Actually, you have colonies of good flora in your nose and sinus so probiotics should help these too.

    Levaquin (and the other Fluoroquinolones, including Cipro) can cause severe problems in some people so make sure you don't take ANY of the Fluoroquinolones again for maybe a year. Many people tolerate one course ok then their problems start with the second or third. If the FDA took the trouble to announce (in 2016) these problems can be very serious, disabling and possibly permanent you can be sure the threat is serious.

    Perhaps don't take any NSAIDs or steroids for a year either - just to make sure. These can bring on the FQ side effects!

    It could be allergy related so maybe it's a good idea to try to find out. Please don't let your doctor make wild guesses a to which antibiotic may or may not work - any AB causes mayhem to the body and they should never be overused. The threat of resistance is getting very real yet doctors act as if they are candy!

    Good luck!

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    Hi Miriam , thank you for answering my post. After reading your post I realize that i have been having side effects related to Levaquin. After the first pill my left knee began to hurt and it swelled up. Then the next few days my joints and muscles ached and I felt like a huge elephant was sitting on top of me . Now one day after I finished the antibiotics my knee still is swollen and my body just aches. This explains it. I didnt put two and two together because i have taken levaquin in the past and I have never felt like this . I have been seeing my primary and they did not do a culture she just gave me the ab and the flonase and the flovent inhaler. The ab she gave me now is Z Pack but i am going to take both of your advice and hold off on the ab. It just doesnt make sense. You would think that after taking such a strong ab I would be feeling better. And when I go to bed am able to sleep without coughing which usually when you have something you cough all night. Am going to make and appt. with an allergist and EN T and I will keep you posted. DO you know how to counteract all theses side effects ?

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      If it is the Levaqin (and I hate to say it but your description of the elephant fits!) it's not an easy job to counteract the side effects. You're best bet is to join a support group where you can ask questions, search the group history -and get speedy replies. I'm guessing you're in the US? Many groups on that well known social media site who's name I can't mention beginning with f! The group I find most helpful is called Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Group. They actually have members from all around the world but the majority are US. Be warned, some people have been hit very hard and you may find some of the posts distressing. The overall feeling of the site is one of helpfulness and supporting each other to get through the problems that FQ cause.

      Also take a look at the FQ thread here on patient. The link below is to a discussion started by the moderator and the top post includes some useful links while the discussions may be of interest (or scary!). Try to stay cool, rest your swollen knee and rest yourself as much as you can. Don't take a NSAID (e.g. Advil/Ibuprofen) for the pain as this can make things worse. Paracetamol (acetaminophen)should be OK.

      You said you took Levaquin before with no problems and this is absolutely typical. A few years ago my husband took two courses of Cipro about 5 months apart and thought nothing of it. His third course was given (for persistent UTIs) and I remember being relieved that it was Cipro as I knew it would work (he'd already had sepsis once). He took 5 (2 a day) and I could see he was getting worse. He then said he was in agony - which led me to search for problems which, in turn, led me to being on here warning people of the dangers.

      Just remember that ALL of the Fluoroquinolones act in much the same way - don't let a doctor give you e.g. Avelox. Always check the class (Fluoroquinolone) not the name. Z pack is not the same class and, if you find you need it, will probably be alright - but, first you need to be sure if it is a bacterial infection and what the bacteria is. Saline inhalers can work very well but you probably need to look at your overall health to find the cause of this problem. Check your nutrition - do you eat healthily? To recover from the Levaquin it's best to really clean up your diet anyway. Go and be checked for allergies and also any deficiencies in vits and minerals, again, to recover you will need increased antioxidants and multi-minerals.

      I hope this helps.

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      HI Miriam , I cant thank you enough for all the info . I will search out the group you sent me . Its really sad that so many people are reacting to this drug . I sure will never take it again. My diet is pretty good but i will have to check on the vitamins . Today my sinuses have been awful and my knee also has been hurting . Our pollen count is at its highest which isnt helping . We are suppose to get some rain so hopefully it will clear the AIR . On Monday i am going to check into an Allergist . Thank you again and I will keep you posted .

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    Sorry sunflower13, You have to suffer like this.

    I can relate with your condition.

    And of course those many rounds of antibiotics isn't working. Yes, I was there.

    Another thing is levofloxacin can cause knee swelling and muscle aches..So stop taking it.

    Book an appointment with good ENT and allergist to see if you are allergic to anything.

    Btw in my case, I used medicated saline nasal wash which was prescribed by my ENT, and it helped me to alleviate my symptoms and also with minimal side effects, as medicines go directly to sinuses, not in the body.

    OTC medicine like loratidine can help but i would suggest first go with allergist and get yourself checked. till then use saline nasal wash, Steam inhalation with eucalyptus oil will also help.

    Keep the humidity of the house appropriate. Like around 50. That will really help in this winter season as we use heating system, which lowers the humidity.

    And keep us updated about your allergy tests.

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      Hi Jello , thank you for taking the time to email me . On Monday am going to look around for an ENT and allergist to see who can I get in to see asap . I didnt know that you can do sinus rinses with medication . That will give me another option . And i will also check on the humidity because I know the a/c heating is not helping at all . Today my sinuses have been horrible and Ive had to take Claritin and mucinex just to be able to make it . My whole head feels plugged up . Thank goodness I dont work on weekends . Our pollen count is at its highest so that isnt helping . We are suppose to get rain so i think tomorrow it will be low. Thanks again and all the info has been very helpful . I sure will keep you posted .

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    Jello, Today i went to the ENT . She did a culture. It wont be back till 1 week. She said that since i already had taken Levaquin and doxycycline that it would be best to wait and see if anything comes out of this. She said that the levaquin is a good antibiotic for sinuses so it should of killed it. She also ordered a CT OF SINUSES. She said it could be allergies . I am to continue with saline and mucinex for cough and claritin or allegra. So i want to thank you again . I will keep you posted.

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