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hello, smile

just wanted some feedback about my sore back sad

since having CFS ive had a few aches and pains. a little bit in my hips, and that sort of fluey ache, but nothing really that bad.

but this last few days my back and rib cage have been really sore :hangover: i feel like ive slept on the floor, or a really bad sofa, but i havent. im having problems turning around and bending over, and its really quite uncomfortable.

i just wondered whether that sounds like typcial CFS pains/fybro? i thought that was supposed to be more in your joints or muscles?? :?

i've got scoliosis and had to wear a back brace when i was younger, so i really hope its not that - my rib cage has started squeaking along to my heart beat which is not only very embarrasing but makes me wonder if my curvature is getting worse. :?

i did mention the squeaking to a doctor and she said it was just my cartilage. but then she was the one who told me to eat more tomatoes :tomato: when i was getting really tired, so who knows? :roll:

what do you reckon?

Trees x :rainbow:

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    Don't know Trees, I am a total convert to chiropractic, it has done wonders for me - and still does - but you have to be prepared to pay for it unfortunately. :roll:
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    If you can stretch the pennies to go and see a chrio person, I get alot of neck and hip pain. It takes it out of me for a few days after but the relief afterwards makes it worth it.
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    Hmmm ..... difficult one Trees :?

    Pain can really be felt just about anywhere with ME - my 'bible' talks about 'aching back or neck, general muscle tenderness with some acutely sensitive spots'.

    And then there are the trigger points of fibromyalgia - I should imagine they are shown in your Dr Charles Shepherd's book - which can certainly affect the upper back, shoulders and hips.

    I do hope your pain is not to do with your scoliosis. Can you think of anything that you have done which may have strained the muscles in your back or ribcage - carrying something or other? The pain from over-exertion can be horrendous and last for days.

    Do you have any sign of a urine infection? Kidney pain can also be felt in the areas you have mentioned.

    Sometimes, (if I have the energy) a nice long soak in a hot bath with Epsom salts really does help for a while. The salts are supposed to draw the pain out from the muscles - it's certainly soothing :towel:

    Hope this helps a bit :smiley:

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    a bath is a very good idea actually! i will do certainly have one later...


    the only thing i can think of is that ive been driving a lot, and the other day i took my friend to brixton station and back, which actually took ages and was quite strenuos. had to pull off some remarkable 3 point turns for one reason or another :?

    i know driving is not very vigorous, but if the extent of my physica activity is a bumble to the shop if im lucky, i wonder if the combination of arm and shoulder exertion, plus unusual sitting situation might be it? :?

    will certainly check out the shepherd. maybe when im in the bath :D

    i hope its not fybro sad although i dont know what would be worse actually, that or complications with my scoliosis...

    Trees x

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    It could simply be the driving Trees - soon after I became ill and just wasn't well enough to walk my daughter's dog :dog: I threw a ball :football: for her instead only a dozen times or so. The following day I had the most tremendous pain in my arm and shoulder area and it lasted for days.

    This is from my new American ME book:

    'When muscles do not have enough energy as in a patient with ME, you might think that they would go loose and limp, but that is not the case - they actually become tight - as stiff as a board - and they will hurt'.

    The book then goes into quite a bit of detail about as a result of not having proper, restorative sleep, our muscles never really have a chance to recover.

    Three point turns are in actual fact quite strenuous, and the muscles that you have used would certainly be in the area of pain you have mentioned.

    Hopefully, it will soon start improving :D

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    i think you might be right katie - it hurts when i twist my trunk, which would be about right :roll:

    i cant believe i used to do yoga and be all bendy and toned...

    and just to have another quick whinge, my ear is KILLING me! :x i had a piercing done ages ago in my tragus (grisly bit) and for some reason its now gone all manky :hangover: now its swelled up and very painful and is making me feel cross :evil:

    ah, it's all fun and games. sorry for the whinge, bit bored and lonely today. decided to take it easy cos of aches and pains, plus felt a bit wibbly and have done such a lot lately.

    Trees x

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    Yes, that's how it goes I'm afraid Trees sad

    I know exactly what you mean by feeling 'wibbly' :?

    The only thing you can do is rest up - and yes it it very boring :evil:

    Do keep an eye (or even an ear :D ) on your piercing. Sounds as if it is infected. Bathe it several times a day with salty water, drying it well afterwards and see how it goes. If it doesn't clear up soon you will need to have some antibiotics (cream or tablets).

    You don't want to end up with a cauliflower ear :shock:

    My daughter made a right mess of her navel with several piercings and as for the tattoos :roll: All without my permisson I might add - she was only 16 at the time.

    Take care and hope you have a better day today :D

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    Gentle hugs and luvs from me too.

    Katie, that sounds right, my neck/shoulder/back muscles are always tight and sore.

    My doc was mentioning Fibromyalgia again today as the x rays of my hands showed up nothing.

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    back still horribly sore sad am moving around like an old woman :roll:

    on plus side bathed ear in salty water last night and its slightly less yukky today. smile

    am being quite stubborn and not wanting to take it out as it hurt SO much going in. i've had 14 piercings at some point or other (most of them gone now) but this was so much more painful, and i know if i take it out ill never have it done again.

    in fact im off to give it a salty water bath once again.

    hug for everyone :cuddle: lets do something fun later? maybe word assoc or just talk about fluff. ive got to go for meeting at the bank, urgh :x , so will be nice to have something light to take my mind of it.

    Trees x

    ps katie, my mum almost had a heart attack when my sister got tattoos. it was the one thing she really, really didn't want us to have. i think she's still in denial! :lol:

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    Alicia, I'm sure your pain IS fibromyalgia ..... it's in exactly the same place as mine and the specialist confirmed mine without a doubt. It's a burning, heavy pain. It comes on the minute I have overdone it, and I always have it in the evenings whatever. Mind you, leaning over a laptop doesn't help :roll:

    Have you really got two tattoos :shock: Have just scrolled down and read that bit :shock:

    Yes, Trees, you will really have to watch your ear or it will end up like :goodluck: ....... that was the nearest I could get to a cauliflower :lol:

    Yea, we'll have to think of something interesting to do later. Alicia is good at that sort of thing :wizard:

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    Yes, I have got Max Dog's actual paw print on my left leg just above my knee, where his little paw rests when he jumps up to greet me - ahhhhhh. I also have a stag's head on my right upper arm to remind me of my daughter and when we spent an evening together analysing a poem about a stag for her English A Level. I am planning a Blue Moon rose on my right ankle in memory of my mum but haven't got round to it yet.
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    ooh that's so cool! :shock: ive been wanting a tattoo for years but not got round to it

    think i might need a cyber hug - just had bit of a sniffle :cry: had to go to bank (yuk) sad and then had to sort stuff out with the people from my uni. they advising me to take a formal break in my studies.

    also, found the original letter saying id got a place at kings, and was remembering how happy i was and what a great time i was having there, and how hopeful i felt about the future, and then felt very sorry for myself. :wah:

    this is rubbish sad

    Trees x

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    Oh Trees, I really do feel for you :cuddle:

    'A formal break from your studies' ........gawd, that's really tough to have to face up to sad and just sooooo unfair :cry:

    Have they suggested any sort of time scale or can it depend on how you are feeling as to when you can return :?

    No wonder you are feeling so miserable ...... I could cry for you :wah:

    :hug: (massive group hug)

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    Fancy you having tattoos Alicia :D

    A male friend of my daughter's has a tattoo of a lipstick kiss mark on his neck ..... looks totally real :shock:

    How daft is that :roll:

    If I ever have a tattoo done I will have a :rose: on my bum ...... :lol:

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