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Back pain and abdomen pain on left side under rib cage...scared!

I'm not sure where to start. A lot has been going on in the past month. It all started when I started to feel like I had a couple of drinks when I had not. I was able to calm myself down because I thought I might be having some sort of anxiety attack. Long story short the symptoms did not go away. So I saw my doctor last week. With my vague answers to his questions he mentioned he wanted to do some further testing. Part of the testing was blood work and a 24 hour urine. That was last Wednesday. I had the blood draw on Thursday and turn my 24 hour urine and on Friday morning. It just so happened that I started my period on Friday. Its normal for me to feel a lot of lower back pain during my periods. this time is a little different. I started to feel the lower back pain then the pain moved to my upper abdomen on the left side. Then the pain moved to my lower right side of my back. now the pain is back on the left side of my upper abdomen. Of course everything that I have been reading leads to one thing... Pancreas. after calling my doctor my blood work has come back normal. However my urine test has not come back yet. They told me it could take up to a week. In the past this pain may have been here and it has gone away. But because of how much reading I have been doing on whyI have been feeling funny I've noticed the back pain and the abdomen pain a little more.

I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon. However I'm really scared.

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  • poweronman poweronman JSJLMS72

    I'm not saying it's not your pancreas but I have pain on my left side just under my ribs and in the same place on the back but after several years of testing only thing found was a hiatal hernia so I am just suggesting that it can be that possibly I have had this now for 3 years 

    good luck 

    • JSJLMS72 JSJLMS72 poweronman

      Went to GP and was told gas. 24 hour urine was not back. So he took my urine just to make sure there was no blood and there wasn't. He decided to send that urine off to test for cancers since he did not have that down to test for the 24 hour one. I expressed my concerns about the pancres and all I have read. He stated the symptoms I mentioned to him he assured me he wasn't concerned or thought there were anY concerns regarding the pancreas.

      That night I started feeling very weird. Tingle and heaviness in my left leg....heart palpitations. ....tingle through out my body and tingle in my jaw like you get when you blow up a balloon. Didn't get much sleep that night.

      Next day...m.back pain gone but still felt the funny feeling minus the heart palpitations. Laid around ALL day. Woke up this morning and lower left side of back hurting again. I also feel the feeling in my jaw vomiting.

      He also ordered a ultrasound as he mentioned any cyst or hernia.

      Any feedback would be appreciated. ....freaking out a bit.

    • lynds214 lynds214 JSJLMS72

      I'm experiencing the same thing. I feel drunk all the time. Weakness in legs. Heat palpitations due to sudden onset of hyowrthyoridism.

      I just had a lipase level test come back low. It was 8. Standard range 11-82.

      Lipase deficiency causes that dizziness foggy feeling. But I have no idea why my lipase is low. I'm scared too.

    • karen04684 karen04684 lynds214

      Here is the correct info!

      In a healthy individual, a normal blood amylase level is 23-85 units per liter (U/L), although some lab results for amylase go up to 140 U/L.

      A normal lipase level is 0-160 U/L.

      If the pancreas is damaged, these digestive enzymes can be found in the blood at higher levels than normal. Amylase levels more than four times normal levels, or greater than 450 U/L, and lipase levels greater than 400 U/L, are likely to mean there’s damage to your pancreas or pancreatitis.


    Went to GP and was told gas. 24 hour urine was not back. So he took my urine just to make sure there was no blood and there wasn't. He decided to send that urine off to test for cancers since he did not have that down to test for the 24 hour one. I expressed my concerns about the pancres and all I have read. He stated the symptoms I mentioned to him he assured me he wasn't concerned or thought there were anY concerns regarding the pancreas.

    That night I started feeling very weird. Tingle and heaviness in my left leg....heart palpitations. ....tingle through out my body and tingle in my jaw like you get when you blow up a balloon. Didn't get much sleep that night.

    Next day...m.back pain gone but still felt the funny feeling minus the heart palpitations. Laid around ALL day. Woke up this morning and lower left side of back hurting again. I also feel the feeling in my jaw vomiting.

    Any feedback would be appreciated. ....freaking out a bit.

    • amber26140 amber26140 JSJLMS72

      I hope you have gotten some answers to your problem. I've recently experienced the same pain high in my left ribcage that radiates to my back. I have always had terrible anxiety and sometimes hard to tell if that makes it worse. I had to take three .5 mg xanax just to get relief from this nagging pain. I've had blood work and ct scan but all were normal. Its truly maddening to feel like your pain will never be diagnosed and everyone thinks you're crazy. I'm so torn as to whether its stress related or something serious and if you're anything like me you think every pain in your body is a death sentence😕My pain seems to worsen right before my period. Does this seem to be worse for you around the time of your period?

    • alvis48886 alvis48886 amber26140

      Hello amber. Im just like you every little thing that hurts freaks me out. Right now i have same left ribcage pain, it started 5 days ago, i have no idea what it is, started all sudden. Kinda scares me, plus i got dizziness 24/7, but thats different story.

    • jpoul jpoul alvis48886

      I have upper abdominal pain that radiates to the back, and pain up by my left shoulder blade that wraps around to underneath my rib cage. The pain is worsened after eating. It's usually these combined symptoms that are indicative of pancreatitis. If you have these combined symptoms, it's worth having your dr. rule this out, especially if you have nausea as well. Pancreatitis is hard to diagnose. An ultrasound alone is only 50-70 percent accurate, excpecially if pancreatitis isn't suspected. The most accurate test for pancreatitis is an endoscopic ultrasound. Untill then keep a daily diary of your symptoms to show when you're experiencing the pain throughout the day, then show your dr. In the mean time, try not to worry.

    • karen 6769 karen 6769 jpoul

      indicative of pancreatitis??? Have you ever had pancreatitis? I have been hospitalized 8x from 2005-2014 with it. The pain is no joke and the only thing that can be done to help is no food or liquids and pain medicine. Complete rest for the pancreas, I went 6 day without food or drink, just an IV drip and pain meds. During my last stay in the hospital a Intern asked if anything was consistent with each episode and in fact there was. Every time I was hospitalized for pancreatitis I had also just started my cycle. Mind you every time I got my period I did not end up in hopistal, but every time I had pancreatitis I just started my period. I did some research and I found a blog with other women who like I experienced similar symptoms. Upon my discharge I scheduled an appointment with my gyno and asked if he had any knowledge of a link b/w pancreatitis and Endometriosis, he hadn't. I also had an endoscopy w/ultrasound and my pancreas was fine. My gyno and Gastro consulted and I went in for a total hysterectomy at my request. That was just over two years ago and I have not had a pain since.

    • JSJLMS72 JSJLMS72 amber26140

      Hi sorry for late response . I ended up having:

      Mri ... Normal

      Ct scan with injectable dye... Normal

      Intensive ultra sound .... Normal

      Blood work ..., normal

      24 hour urine .... Normal

      Per reg dr .... Anxiety

      Followed up with neurologist to view Mri..... With my story ANXIETY!

      Started taking Ativan and felt great! A whole year went by and now I'm having back pain. Always have lower back pain during period. But this is lasting a little longer. Also feel a little dull ache on my sides (waist area). Been taking a lot of baths, heating pad, TENS and going nuts with my essential oils. Oh and have been doing yoga the past few weeks. It really started with sciatica symptoms . Those have quieted down and now back. Ugh!!!! Not sure what dr to go to? Regular doctor? Chiropractor? Acupuncturist? How about you... Any better? I had blood work done a couple weeks ago because I was having heart palpitations. I never heard back from the doctor so there didn't appear to be any problems . Ended up going to a cardiologist and got a echocardiogram. Came out normal . Or my back issues anxiety related?

    • jennap04 jennap04 jpoul

      Wait what???? First off, I will start by asking if you are a medical professional???? The reason I ask is because the things you said,

      You said so confidentially YET I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news & say that a lot of what you said, couldn't be more incorrect..... I can speak from YEARS of personal experience with pancreas issues, I'm talking I got diagnosed when 13 & am now almost 30 & still have it & have had just about every thing possible removed & test & study done... Also, you said that it's hard to diagnose??? Again, I'm sorry but if that's what you've been told OR if you are a medical professional I would suggest you make sure that what you put is 100% correct because again that is incorrect, especially saying that an ultrasound is the most accurate way??? First off- most ALL pancreas cases can be detected very quickly by drawing blood & testing 2 levels your amalyse & lipase.. Those are usually very elevated if you have pancreatitis, for people like me who have had pancreas probs for so long I have now developed chronic panc & a lot of times my blood levels don't ever go down they are always high or sometimes I've had it where they've only slightly been elevated... And also the symptoms, although I know everyone's cases can be different, someone with pancreatitis will present with abd pain usually in the center of your belly under your breasts & it feels like you are being stabbed through to your back so it radiates there, you also usually have nausea/vomiting, & those are the most common symptoms & again blood work is the #1 way to diagnose & it is not that difficult, a good amount of peoples panc issues is due to alcoholism, also gall bladder can cause issues....

      Not trying to be rude here but you just need to be careful with what you say unless you 100% know what you are saying because your health is a very serious thing.....

      Also- to the woman who wrote the original post, to me it sounds like you have some severe anxiety issues maybe, & I hope that by now you have gotten some answers & are feeling a lot better!!!!

    • Jeffrygirl Jeffrygirl jennap04

      Hi Jenna, I just read your message re: pancreas pain. I have had this stabbing pain in my upper left since 1989 ( my first pregnancy) doc said it was gas, but now I am 45 and it is almost constant pain, and I'm an alcoholic now. Could you please give me any pain remedies until I can save up enough money for the dr. Visit?? I don't know what to do. Your reply would be greatly appreciated.

    • kristine19196 kristine19196 Jeffrygirl

      Stop drinking. Keep your fat grams to 20 or less per day..with no more than 5g at any one time. Lollipops, saltines, cranberry juice are good for pancreatitis....if that's what it is....but alcohol is your enemy if it is. Slow suicide! Look up pancreatitis diets. Im not a health professional, however I do have ongoing pancreatitis and have been diagnosed in the ER with acute in February, alcohol related. Still hasn't resolved and I follow my diet strictly, no more alcohol and I have severe upper abdomen pain especially after eating. And if I try to eat more than 15g per day of fat, I'm really sorry I did. Puts me in bed for days...a good day for me is when I can make it outside to go to the mailbox! Have hiatal hernia...a reherniation from emergency surgery for large parasopagial hernia four years ago. My stomach was behind my heart! I have more testing coming up...full ultrasound of organs next week. Ct showed all sorts of things:. Enlarged liver, nodes on kidneys, diverticulosis, hiatal hernia and beginning stages of COPD. Haven't treated myself very I suppose its payback time. Been in very sad shape since February...still loosing weight...45lbs so far. Don't know how long I can continue with 15g fat per day! So, I hope my ramblings have some merit for you.

    • brenda68402 brenda68402 karen 6769

      Back in 2001, my kids & I were in a wreck & the airbag deployed & hit my stomach & my health hasn't been the same since?! My stomach has lots of swelling (from the wreck) so bad that every time I get an ultrasound, the tech can't see my bladder bc there is so much gas in my stomach?! I'm always passing gas, tho?! My Dr tells me to eat healthy & lose weight & I will feel better?! The last 4 months have been horrible bc my 2 younger kids & I had to move about 30 minutes away from where we were living & we travel down home every single day bc my 16 yr old has 2 very good jobs (was 3) down home!! I've been suffering from depression, anxiety attacks (since the wreck) & I've been overwhelmingly stressed out! I'm a single parent of 3 (23 yr old living on their own, 21 yr old special needs & a 16 yr old who is very busy & doesn't have their license yet)!! Today is my 2nd day of work at my new job (Burger King) & I called off bc I have pain in BOTH sides of my rib cage at the same time, sometimes sharper than others! My 16 yr old was diagnosed with pleurisy just last week, but won't slow down! I'm going to try to make it to Stat Care today bc I can't keep doing this!! All of my Dr's keep telling me that all the tests are fine?! I've asked my gynecologist to give me a hysterectomy, but he won't bc he says it will make my depression worse?! I feel like that's the problem bc every time I get ready to start, my energy levels are drained, my pain levels are so high that it makes me vomit white/clear foamy stuff, I have dizzy spells & I'm pretty much dead to the world around me?! Now coming from a female with 3 kids, I've been really fortunate to have had EXCELLENT health up until the wreck, but now the medical professionals can't figure out what's going on & it's been 15 yrs?! I've even thought about writing to some of the medical shows (Dr Oz for 1) on TV for their advice, but that would mean that I have to travel which causes me MAJOR anxiety & panic, so I never did it!! Yes, I've always wanted to travel, but unfortunately it's just not possible with these "issues" I'm having!! Do any of you have any ideas?!

    • rachel73882 rachel73882 Jeffrygirl

      Jeffrygirl, are you still drinking alcohol? Pancreatitis can develop from being an alcoholic and it's extremely painful. Please check with your doctor or a rehab to get into recovery for alcoholism. My mother passed away at 52 from complications of alcoholism. You can't abruptly stop drinking or you could go into life threatening withdrawals. Once you can quit drinking you can work on your pancreatitis. I hope you're feeling better!

    • Joegee Joegee karen 6769

      My mom had suffered with pancreaitis for a lot longer but was never hospitalized once. She suffered through it because no doctor could tell her what was wrong. It wasn't until her last time going into the ER that they noticed she was jaundiced. They admitted her thinking it was "just pancreaitis" they thought maybe a stone was blocking a duct. They operated to discover she had pancreatic cancer. She suffered more than 20 years with that pain.

    • Trevinski17 Trevinski17 karen 6769

      Hi there! I was wondering how you've been doing after your hysterectomy? I'm 37 and a long time sufferer of endometriosis and in the recent months i have had to do iron infusions because my iron is low and although my numbers are bck to normal, I still feel crappy. I have been getting a lot of pain on the left side more often and surprised you found that might be a link to endo. I hv been seriously considering a hysterectomy to end all this misery!

    • HM1 johnson HM1 johnson Jeffrygirl

      please stop drinking now. If you cant decide you love your family more than alcohol, well then spend as much time with family ass possible. I have seen  what alcohol does from so many angles, from a dead girlfriend to my older brother 20 yrs a quad full care cant even talk or eat. and neither were at fault. one was killed in her prime at 22 yrs old, and ny brother at 29 in his prime. both hit by a drunk driver. it can change your life in an instant or over years, either way it kills everything or drives away everything youve ever loved. Not to mention its expensive as hell. stop drinking and youll have the money to go to the doctor. best wishes! 

    • JellyBean75 JellyBean75 amber26140

      Hi amber26140, I see this post was about a year ago and was curious if you ever got a diagnosis. This explanation sounds just like mine minus the xanax and periods. Same pain symptoms though. Thank you for any feedback 🙂

    • lora30951 lora30951 Joegee

      Hi Joegee

      I'm really sorry to hear about your mom...I'm scared I'm in a similar situation.. I'm 39 years old..I've been sick for 3 years...hospitalized once..terrible upper left side abdominal pain into my back..seen a ton of docs and can't give me a straight answer...I'm wondering what were your mom's symptoms and did her tests come back negative initially...thanks for your help


    • karen04684 karen04684 jennap04

      Pretty much everything you said is exact, after my gallbladder was removed I had severe acute pancreatitis five times in just as many years, the pain is worse than having a heart attack according to my Gastro doc. The only way to diagnose severe acute pancreatitis is amylase and lipase blood testing ..

      In a healthy individual, a normal blood amylase level is 23-85 units per liter (U/L), although some lab results for amylase go up to 140 U/L.

      A normal lipase level is 0-160 U/L.

      If the pancreas is damaged, these digestive enzymes can be found in the blood at higher levels than normal. Amylase levels more than four times normal levels, or greater than 450 U/L, and lipase levels greater than 400 U/L, are likely to mean there’s damage to your pancrease or pancreatitis.

      I too was hospitalized after they verified it was not a heart attack and I was given morphine or dilaudid or several other medications before the pain would relieve itself, I too was on IV intervention and NPO until I was released all five times it was three days later. I was told to avoid all beef unless it was T-bone or New York strip, I was told to avoid fatty greasy rich foods, I was told to avoid alcohol as well. I sometimes feel like people want to have pancreatic issues and they so do not, believe us folks when we tell you it's a pain like you've never experienced on a scale of 1 to 10 it is probably 10 times higher than that, if it's on your left side it's probably: related, if it's on the right side it could be kidney or liver, keep in mind that epigastric pain that spreads to the right like you're being slit with a knife is most probably severe acute pancreatitis which can lead to chronic pancreatitis, for the rest of my life I will be on levsin and Librax to ward off any potential future attacks...

    • kt12192 kt12192 jennap04

      I found your response the most helpful. I had a couple questions though. Well some advice and insight.

      I got a sudden stabbing pain in my upper stomach and side that felt like a hot knife going into both areas combined with the pain of a charlie horse. It became a dull burning ache after about 20-30 minutes....but I continued to get the stabbing pains about every 10-15 minutes. Early this morning I was woken up by a the same stabbing pain but it was radiating to my back as well and caused me to get sick. Its been doing the same off and on pain between stabbing and dull burning all day...I haven't consulted a doctor yet as I dont have insurance. I also noted you said gallbladder issues could cause this as well. I had my gallbladder removed August 2014 after 2.5 years of pain and misdiagnosis because it was only functioning at 8%. I've never been a heavy it possible since I no longer have my gallbladder I am having issues with my pancreas. I am concerned because my grandfather had pancreatic cancer that spread through his body so Im concerned. Any feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • JustGotHere JustGotHere mandy 45085

      Wow.  I just got diagnosed yesterday with pancreatitis--I think.  LOL.

      Two of them, lots of tests, c-t scan, and waiting on results of thyroid.  But in the end, the nurse called and said to just take Omeprazole twice a day.  Ugh.  Reading on nutrition and health (always!), I know that will increase some of my problems.

      I had been on this site before going to the doctor yesterday, trying to find out about my liver--and found this thread.  So when they said pancreatitis, I had some information.  

      But your point about jaw pain--in the middle of the night, it hit.  I have not had HORRIBLE, debilitating pain--mostly just heavy discomfort.  They prepared me it could get worse.  But after the jaw pain, I started thinking "heart??".  Then at work today, got very weak, heart palpitating, felt flushed, and short of breath.  It subsided.  

      I am still waiting on the results of my throid test.  After the call to only take omeprazole, which they keep prescribing every time I go in, seems like maybe NOT pancreatitis?  

      Another thing--I have been doctoring about 15 months (and in the midst they removed my appendix!), and they constantly suggest I need prescription for depression.  Wait...what???  It is making me think they think I just started making things up.  

      I am so frustrated, but grateful you brought up the jaw thing--it really scared me but they were short at work so I had to go.  

    • peedee222 peedee222 jennap04

      Hi Jennap04 I've been experiencing pain under My upper left/ mid middle abdomen after I eat on and off for the past 3 months. I notice depending on what I eat it happens or don't happen. My doctor said My blood test came back normal but i dont know what they tested My blood for ultrasound normal but was going to do a MRI which I have tomorrow. I had a Endoscopy Last year for a different issue turned out to be acid reflux but I know the pain from that and its not the same. I believe where My pain is My pancreas is. Is it possible that I have pancreatitis now and last year I didn't so that's why it was not seen with endoscopy? Every time I put in My symptoms like upper middle left pain after eating accompanied by back pain at the same time. I keep getting Pancreatitis. I am not throwing up and I have no nausea. My stools are fine and My urine is normal color.

    • Jojoann Jojoann peedee222

      I just had a clear abdominal ct scan but have been suffering from pain under my left rib that moves all the way around my back, along with heartburn, gerd and shortness of breath. awaiting my endoscopy/colonoscopy scheduled in  months. its an awful feeling. My bloods were normal. I think it is my Hiatal Hernia or maybe gastritis but I dont know. It is very unsettling though. How did your MRI go?

    • royalty royalty jennap04

      Hi I've just read your post I am awaiting results from a fibroscan I started with pain in middle just under where bra goes like deep stabbing pain but now and the last four weeks having awful pressure around n under my left rib I can't raise my left arm as shoulder pain n heaviness in arm also top of right shoulder really aches I have pain round my lower back too, to say I'm scared is understatement, I should get result of s an in five days but when lady did scan she said to the other lady pancreas and nothing else so I'm thinking pancreatis . I do not suffer with anxiety at all but these probs are worrying me I'm petrified of having the camera down throat as have big fear of choking

    • royalty royalty Jojoann

      What was your outcome hope everything went ok and you got your diagnosis through n you are ok I'm v scared as mine is very similar to yours it affects my breathing I can't get enough air in 

    • Jojoann Jojoann royalty

      Hi royalty. Sorry that you are not feeling well. It is a horrible feeling. Well from my endoscopy earlier this week they found I had a yeast infection on my esophogus. Was not expecting that. It must have grown from when I was on steroids and I used asthma inhaher pumps as well. I am on medication for it now and it has alleviated much of the nausea and the heartburn has calmed down alot thank god. My pulmonologist says that my breathing issues are due to the heartburn and the infection causing esophogeal spasms which is kicking up the shortness of breath. Unfortunately that has not been resolved yet, my asthma hasn't calmed down yet but I am hoping it does soon!

      What other symptoms do you have and are you taking anything for it?

    • royalty royalty Jojoann

      My symptoms are pressure under n around left rib cage breath fullness like I can't get enough air in heavy pain in left arm up to shoulder revered pain in right arm right shoulder pain around side and back left side it's awful x

    • royalty royalty Jojoann

      I am just thinking pancreatis I'm no dr or medical expert I'm on steriods for autoimmune hepititis n I'm on imuran which is azathrioprine a immunosuppressant I do not drink or smoke and cos of the breathing issues I was having I was sent to hosp where they did a ECG blood tests n then said it could be asthma I'm 60 years old in fortnight I didn't think it was asthma as I don't cough or wheeze never do

    • royalty royalty Jojoann

      Hi just wondering how you got on with hour endoscopy n colonoscopy I'm in tremendous pain still found left rib arms into my back it's making my legs ache had to go accident n emergency twice in five days the other week getting no further forwards bloods ok apart from liver level chest X-ray clear I have autoimmune liver disease awaiting second fibroscan due in two weeks n my hepologist has recently done free light chains blood test n doing a myeloma screen 

  • poweronman poweronman JSJLMS72

    Well atheist you are getting some help I wish I had more insight as I get daily left back and left from pain just under the ribs and in the same location in the back but my dr tells me it's not pancrea the all the test I've had and I mean them all he says its just this hiatal hernia causing all my discomfort by pulling up my stomach up into where it doesn't belong check out hiatal hernia and vagus nerve 

    good luck keep me updated please I am very concerned about this 

  • nellie74408 nellie74408 JSJLMS72

    I to am worried sick.  I have had sciatica in my left side for 20 months.  For more than a year I have had bad indigestion and pain in my left side under my ribs.  Now I also have bad windy pains during the night and bad back pain.  Not sleeping and after trawling the Internet I am sure it is my pancreas. I went to my GP yesterday and he has referred me for an ultrasound.  Not sleeping, not eating, shattered and worried sick. I just want my old life back.

    • jennap04 jennap04 nellie74408

      My dear pancreas pain is NO JOKE & I can reassure you that if it was pancreatitis you would be diagnosed by now.... And the symptoms that go along with it are nausea/vomiting & again blood work & they can do a cat scan which only will show if your panc is swollen, there is a special type of Mri called an mrcp that is just for the panc that shows it up close & all the ducts & such

    • a74488 a74488 nellie74408

      Hi Nellie,

      If you are still having problems I would recommend going to see a good, experienced chiropractor. Only thing that helped me after all sorts of 'professionals' deliberated as to the problem despite me saying I just felt out of line.

    • Joegee Joegee jennap04

      This is false. My mom suffered for 20 years with NO diagnosis of pancreaitis until the last time she went in. She had pancreatic cancer. It is not as easy as you make it out to get a diagnosis of pancreaitis. Not even remotely. That's why pancreatic cancer is so deadly with zero survival BECAUSE it is very difficult to get that diagnosis.

    • nataliefranc nataliefranc Joegee

      This doesn't mean she has had chronic pancreatitis all these years though? Pancreatic cancer can develop without previous pancreas problems.although it does happen It's very rare that pancreas problems show on no tests. I hope your mother fights it. X

    • jan1975 jan1975 Joegee

      That's what worries me my grama suffered years w stomach issues and no1 could find it and 2007 she went to get gallbladder out and we were told she had pancreatic cancer and died 2 mos later. I had colonostomy last year cuz suffer with stomach n bowel issues found nothin they said ibs. Lost both gramas to cancer pancreatic n ovarion and they both had similar pains n issues that dr couldn't find til too late. Mom has celiac so thought maybe I do too blood test negative but so was hers. They found it by scoping stomach and that's my next test. I just had ultrasound and hida scan they told me kidneys gallbladder ok blood urine tests ok said no pancreatitis. Been to er twice in 2 wks first woke up w heart palpitations couldn't get my heart to slow for 3 hrs had all symptoms of heart attack even the arm pain they said heart ok could b same symptoms as gallbladder. Next week was doubled over at work in pain after eating eggs and bacon. So got all gallbladder tests done. Ultrasounds always show lot of gas around my organs though that is not this pain I have! Yesterday woke up w excruciating pain in my left side in my ribs and still have it today. Can't move without making it worse and can only take shallow breaths and as usual I'm goin to bathroom constantlysad don't know what else to do after scope test? Dr thinks I'm crazy I'm sure and I keep telling them about my family history of cancer n moms celiacs. Don't matter what I eat everything seems to mess up my stomach. I'm scared frustrated and feelin really lostsad also I had hysterectomy 2 yrs ago but still have ovaries.

    • Joegee Joegee jan1975

      It's very frustrating not getting help. Can you see a other doctor? My mom ended up going to the hospital and they noticed she had jaundice. They still thought it was just her gallbladder with a clogged duct. Every test was fine so they opened her up. That's when they discovered it.

    • rosie73 rosie73 jan1975

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  • nellie74408 nellie74408 JSJLMS72

    I have muscle spasms in my left leg which has been an ongoing problem for a year.  I have now discovered it is another sign of pancreatic cancer.  I am ticking too many boxes now and absolutely terrified.  Everyone thinks I am over reacting but I am not.  Ultrasound booked for next Friday. Not sure I how I will cope until then. even then it's two weeks more beforeI get results.  I am at my wits end.  Things not looking good as far as I can see,  

    • poweronman poweronman nellie74408


      i feel your pain I think a lot of us on here can admit that we worriy about our health issues to the point that it takes over our daily thoughts it would be nice to turn off the switch and ignore it until solid finding have been found I have exp a lot of the pains that you have and still do although not the leg cramping I was convinced I had some pancrea disorder or even worse cancer ! But after ever test known to themedical world nothing was found that would signal my Untimely death all I ever have had in slightly elevated levels of my pancrea so I live daily with thesis in the ULQ pain in the front and in the back same spot although all the test say negative except for a hiatal hernia the on and off again pains linger in my thoughts I keep them down for the most otherwise if I continued to voice my daily concerns I would be thought of as a hypochondriac or just crazy neither of which I am all you can do is wake up ever day take a deep breath and tell yourself a mantra ever day sound a bit quacky but it helps me when my thoughts get a bit out of line almost like scolding naughty children to behave good luck it will work itself out day by day try to enjoy what you have today and not worry about what tomorrow will bring 

  • nellie74408 nellie74408 JSJLMS72

    Currently lying in bed feeling so pained and depressed.  Have now had real bad night sweats and very bad leg cramp and spasms.  Tried a reflexologist yesterday to see if this could help remove some of my anxiety. No joy.  Not sleeping at all.  Got a Gp appointment later today. Hubby is going with me to explain just how bad I am.  Not eating, unable to get up and feeling  a squeezing pain in front and back at left side. I think things are really bad and I am really freaked.

    • lot12 lot12 nellie74408

      Hi nelly i feel the same way as you do

      Been having upper left abdominal pain that radiates to the back on and off for ober a year but recently it became a constant pain with yellow loose stool for over 2 weeks now

      Also ive experience nigh sweats for 2 nights but went away on the third night

      Last night i suddenly feel itching all over my body its like pins and niddle pokint from under my skin and feels cold but went away in the morning

      I have had whole abdominal ct scan the with oral and iv contrast whick came back normal blood test all normal except for amylase and lipase was a little elevated but doctor said its ok

      Im still so very scared taking antibitics for bowel movement if it doesnt improve will do colonoscopy

      Oh and i also lost 8 lbs in 3 weeks

      Im so worried that it my pancrease and anxiety has taken control and i hate that feeling

      Let me know what your doctor will say to you

      Hope that you will get your answer soon

    • holly78179 holly78179 lot12

      Did you ever find out what was going on with your symptoms? I've had similar symptoms for more than a year and they seem to be getting more constant. Just curious as it's very stressful

  • nellie74408 nellie74408 JSJLMS72

    well been to GP.  Blood test booked for tomorrow 9am.  Need to provide a stool sample.  Have ultrasound on Friday then wait for results.  Have also been put on Mirtazapine to hopefully allow me to sleep and switch offthecogs as the GP put it.  Hope tomorrow is a better day. more importantly hope tonight is a good night and I get some painless sleep.

    • kiwiipics kiwiipics nellie74408

      Hi nellie

      I suffered with a hiatus hernia for over 20 years before being semi sorted by surgery.

      The NHS op took ten years to get sorted .. from original Drs appointment to the actual op. Thousands spent on various drugs and finally anti depressants to deal with the day to day direness of the 24 / 7 pain.

      What you describe isn't anything like a hiatus hernia, but three years after the op I now get the pains under the ribcage and cramps

      I'm now having to go through all of the NHS hoops again to find out what's going on.

      Several cameras and scans later there is no solution .... hope you're having more luck.

  • poweronman poweronman JSJLMS72

    Please keep the updates coming  and keep talking about it on here like a dairy of sorts perhaps some anxiety meds would be in order also to help you relax at night to sleep glad your husband is going with you make a list of questions or test you and your GP talked about a checklists of sorts  

    • jennap04 jennap04 poweronman

      I agree! Us women surely can psych ourselves out & the WORST thing for you all to do is search the internet because you will end up diagnosing yourself with a million things...... And you also will end up with bad anxiety which then can lead to other issues,

      Also- when you all do these searches online and can end up mentally making yourself sick with something.... I say this again with personal experience with pancreatitis now from 13-current & I will be 30 in June & it's not like I am sick here & there like once or twice a year, no.... I am constantly sick & still hospitalized often... I have had half my pancreas out half my stomach part of my intestines my gall bladder I have had several scopes done were they put a "stent" in my bile duct which opened up my duct for a short time until the stent would fall out like it is supposed to but your panc is then supposed to be able to flow the bile correctly but mine always closes back up & ya it is horrible, I am 30 yet feel I am in a 60 year olds body... I also am in the medical field, (sadly can't work much now due to being sick) so I have done lots of studies on this & other issues.... And so I know how bad it is for y'all to continue to read things online because of you really look closely, you will see that somewhere down the line, someway or another a lot of symptoms are listed under several diff things to be the cause... It's kind of like side effects from a medication, they have to say every single possibility, so please ladies, I highly recommend that instead of searching on line to go to the doc & if the doc says nothing is wrong & you feel certain otherwise, don't stop until you get an answer!!!! I pray for all of you

    • emmab emmab jennap04

      Hi jennap04,

      Can I ask what country your in, I too have chronic pancreatitis and it is absolutely agony some days, I've asked my consultant if there is an operation they can do for the pain and everything else that comes with this horrible illness, he just doesn't want to know, I have had lots of procedures Scans/nerve nerve block nothing has worked, I have terrible bowel problems and nausea with the pain, I take Freon every time I eat anything including snacks , any feedback much appreciated



    • kate85294 kate85294 jennap04

      Hi dear I was reading your discution and thought to ask you my question. Around five years ago I had my galblader removed. I had a very sick and inflamed galblader. Due to the inflammation the Surgon had a hard time to remove it. He wrote in the chart that the galblader burst during the removal and few stones were dropped. But he thinks that he got them all. He then looked through the bile ducts tubes to see if there were any stones there, then he closed me up,

      I was in hospital for three days and night with a drainage hanging in my right side. I did not have any pain until after one week that he removed the drainage. The pain was awful.

      After the drainage removal I kept having right side itch and pain. For one year everyone told me they its beacuse of the surgery and it will be ok, but suddenly next year I woke up in the middle of the night with a severe pain and burning,

      I ran to GI specialist and he did all the rutin tests, blood works and scans all were normal. So he could not tell me what was wrong with me. I even saw the fourth GI specialist and he could not tell me what is wrong with me.

      I told them all the I am suspicious about my pancreas but none agreed due to normal MRCP and other test results.

      My bowl movment changed suddenly to hard stool I became severely constipated.

      Any time that I had the bowl movment I could feel it's passing through the colon and it would get extremely painful in the upper left side.

      I had constant pain under both rib cages right and left that sometimes wrapped around my back. I had burning, itching and presure sometimes. I could feel the pain even by touching my skin on my stomach.

      The worst part was I could not sleep on my back and left side beacuse of the pain I could only rest or sleep on my right side.

      My mom had to scratch ny back but could not message it due to pain and scratching would ease the pain.

      I kept losing weight beacuse I was afraied to eat and I put my self on a diet beacuse I belivied it could be pancreas.

      For two years I tolorate the pain but last year the pain got little better and the constupation got little better but all the itching, burning and under rib cage pain never went away completely. No matter what it's always there bothering me. Sometimes I don't feel it and sometimes it's to annoying.

      So I don't know what happened during the surgery l don't know if he left a scar, damaged the ducts, colon or any nerve there that keep casing me this pain. But I kept going back to the Surgon and teling him why did you check my ducts without my permission or asking for another specialist to do it. Beacuse the ERCP that goes through those tiny ducts has to be performed by the very experienced dr to avoid any scar or damage. He has no answer. I think damage is done and no one can do anything.,

      I only need a miracle to be free ilof this pain.

      Even now that I am lying on my right side I have the burning and itching pain that is under both of my rib cages and radiates to my throat and chest. I feel sore all the time it's like something never healed down there.

      By the way I am 37.


      What do you think about it do you also think that it could be pancrise or something else? Do you also have the same symptoms and pain?

      When I drink water I feel something starching down there and then pain begins.

      Thank you

  • jhazel53059 jhazel53059 JSJLMS72

    i've got the same feeling I got it when i was 16 years old. Now im 20 i am diagnosed with hepatitis b and im getting treated. But the problem with my upper left abdomen is still there. When you tap the area you will hear a tumble sound. My doctor requested for an ultrasound. Has any of you had their results? Please update me!

  • rebecca ricley rebecca ricley JSJLMS72

    A month ago my 5 year old pushed me down our wood stairs. She did it a year ago too. So I've fallen twice. So my back always hurt. The last fall I cracked my rib and bruised my left internally. But 4 days ago I could barely get out of bed I had an extreme pain under left rib. I have to take half breaths. A few days before that I got sick for two days and was light headed. How can I tell if its my rib or my pancreas?

  • nataliefranc nataliefranc JSJLMS72

    I have had pain like this for 6 years had every test and all clear. I'm so sure it's my pancreas as worse after alcohol but docs rule it out completely telling me it's ibs. Will type my actual symptoms and story below. Might not make sense as it was written for a pancreas site asking people's advice and I'm copy and pasting it but you will get the jist!

    I've always had ibs from a child and had lower stomach cramps and nausea when stressed from an early age. 6 years ago (aged 26) I had a usual ibs pain attack but this one was a little different I had pain in upper left quadrant, no vomiting just nausea and it lasted a few days. Bearable though I didn't go to hospital with it. That pain in that certain spot (see pic below) has haunted me on and off ever since that day! It comes in waves and lasts a couple of days, then seems to spread to rest of tummy and then slowly go away. I can't pinpoint foods that set it off, some days I can eat crap and be fine some days it can play up, same with alcohol sometimes I'm ok other times it aggravates it. I am mainly constipated but do have upset tummy occasionally. My stools are never pale, always dark brown and flush easily, sometimes mucus on outside if very constipated. I never vomit with the pain or run a fever I just feel sick and go off my food, haven't lost lots of weight I'm quite slim and stayed same weight. The pain isn't constant either it comes in a stabbing pain sometimes or a dull pain that only lasts few seconds and eases, it's mainly in pictured spot but also get it on left side and upper left back opposite where it is on tummy! I feel if I rub the spot I can almost wind myself which helps a bit and I feel it slushing about like a hot water bottle in area that hurts.

    When all this started I had CT, ultrasound, endoscopy, bloods all clear. Symptoms went for a year after leaving a bad relationship and during that time I was drinking and eating rubbish more than ever and completely symptom free! When I got in another rocky relationship and had my daughter via c-section it came back! Now I'm back under a specialist at the hospital after seeing about 12 different gp's that all say ibs! I had colonoscopy, more bloods, stool sample tests, ultrasound and a detailed MRI of pancreas just before Xmas and nothing shown again!

    Could this just be ibs and stress causing flare up as I don't have any symptoms of chronic pancreatitis except for location of pain! Google freaks me out and always comes up with it!

    • holly78179 holly78179 nataliefranc

      Hi, I've been having the same symptoms as you and have been on anxiety meds, underwent every test and treated for leaky gut. Just wondering if you ever figured out what is was. It's very stressful. I hope you are feeling better.

  • holly78179 holly78179 JSJLMS72

    Did you ever find out if it was pancreatitis? I have been battling similar symptoms for over a year. I even underwent treatment for leaky gut and I gained all of my weight back after and felt ok for awhile. But lately the pain is coming back and I am having a lot of anxiety over it again,

    • holly78179 holly78179 nataliefranc

      The leaky gut treatment did help some. I have also eliminated gluten almost completely and eat very healthy now. I had lost almost twenty pounds in two months and I was turning yellow. Since the gut treatment I gained my weight back and color is good, but the pain is always there and latey my stools are alarming. I had every test done I could last summer but they did not do a stool test so I'm going to make an appointment and discuss that.  They said I did not have a hiatal hernia and that it wasn't pancreatitis even though I've been a heavy drinker for years.  They tell me it's ibs and anxiety. I do thing anxiety plays a role as I have two young kids and it's worse in the summer when they are home.  But anxiety meds don't remove the pains and the pains seem to be getting longer and more constant. I have had to sit back and get a handle on the anxiety it causes because the anxiety wreaks further havoc on your body. I will let you know if I find anything else out. 

    • bre1962 bre1962 holly78179

      I too had side pain, Grey stools and side pain under right rib and back pain and eyes turned yellow.. i was diagnosed with auto immune hepatisis. AIH stage 2 liver disease. I have severe fatigue nausea migraines and now due to the medication( prednisone and azasan) I have intense joint pain. I also thought it was pancreatitis but tests show otherwise. I now visit the liver specialist at the transplant center every 4 months. Continue to feel crappy but nothing I can do. Because no transplant until stage 4 and if they find a match at that time. Find a good gastro doc that is key. I was actually getting my gallbladder removed and they ran one last test that showed liver disease. Its been 2 years and still on the roller coaster.

    • holly78179 holly78179 nataliefranc

      Yes I had a full ultrasound and mri but they said my pancreas was fine and the only thing was two spots on my liver that weren't cancerous. My sister in law had acute pancreatitis and had some similar symptoms before hand but I agree, it's chronic pancreatitis that seems to be undiagnosable until way too late. But everything seems to point to that except it doesn't always hurt after I eat or drink.  My stools lately have been diarrhea and also I've started having floating stools but the color is generally ok.  I feel like the pain is also getting larger and starting to go straight above my belly button too, very like my sister in law who eventually got a case of acute pancreatitis. My GI says I would likely have liver problems first and my liver tests fine other than the two cysts

    • holly78179 holly78179 nataliefranc

      I just thought that the comment about my sister in law might give you further anxiety. It shouldn't because hers isn't chronic and she was drinking heavily under high stress, and she had off and on vomiting for a year before her acute pancreatitis. Part of the reason I am concerned is because I used to drink heavily and that is supposedly one of the main causes.  I've been debating stopping entirely for fear o am further damaging my pancreas if that is what it is but I don't drink heavily anymore and my dr didn't really seem concerned when I mentioned it. 

    • nataliefranc nataliefranc holly78179

      I used to drink lots in my early twenties at least a bottle of wine a night and more on weekend, spirits usually. I didn't used to eat much either always on a diet so alcohol was going straight on an empty stomach most days. The pain didn't used to come after alcohol so I continued to drink not as much but still more than recommended up until about a year ago when I noticed the pain was worse the day after. My anxiety is so bad about this that the only time I feel relaxed is when I have a drink! But then I panic the next morning and the pain comes back! I just want to know for sure it's not my pancreas so that I can stop worrying! Gastritis has similar symptoms and that makes sense as I drank on empty stomach for years but my endoscope 6 yrs ago when this pain first came was clear. Maybe if I had another it might show?

    • magen94920 magen94920 nataliefranc

      Hey I've had these same problems! I'm not on any meds for it. I have suffered from this for 6 months now. It all started when I had a knot come up under my left side and the Dr always said it was a fatty tumor will the pain has moved around but normally stays in one area! I've wanted to go to the er about this but I always talk my self out of it. My Dr things ts a blockage in my intestons. I only feel gas bubbles on my left side. I have lots of gas and I have bowel movements everyday some moist and some runny somewith mucus some not. Your intestons go around your pancreas and it will hurt there. I live in alabama and have no income a stomach specialist turned my firm bc I didn't have 170 dollars just to walk into his office! The hospitals here won't do anything about it!

    • nataliefranc nataliefranc magen94920

      So sorry your going through the same. Guess I'm lucky with our national healthcare system! Still nothing found though it's very frustrating. Guess it's a good sign as anything really bad would of been found! But can't get the worry of chronic pancreatitis out of my head!

    • holly78179 holly78179 magen94920

      I'm so sorry you are also dealing with this. Thanks for the info on a potential blockage. I also have awful gas pains and they are always on the left side only. My pain has usually been mainly in front but lately it's been in the back too, and it used to not be set off by food but now I am thinking it seems to be worse after eating sweets. I'm in Texas and have healthcare but I spent a ton last year on tests and found out nothing.

    • wally mc wally mc holly78179

      Hi guys im from south africa been through all you mentioned and more probably done 20 test from blood urin stool colonoscopy back front ct scans... pills you name it..are you aware of the term hypochondria health anxiety look it up ..every day i feel like dying or something bads gona happen the smallest pain cramp sting make me flare up in to a state of panic took time for me to believe that it was a mind thing but dont get me wrong the physicle symptoms are real

    • nataliefranc nataliefranc wally mc

      I agree with this lots. Obviously not all of us should shrug it off with this mental condition as they may miss something terrible but if ALL scans tests are clear like mine after 6 years of pain I think most of mine is worse with stress and worry. It's crazy what your mind can do to your insides. Since I've stopped worried I have cancer or chronic pancreatitis and put my thoughts into it hopefully being gastritis and not researching it every 2 secs my symptoms are 70% better! I just hope this continues!

      I have always been a worrier and had health anxiety since childhood but last 6 years with my pain and worry of Cancer and CP it's been ruining my life! I'm determined not to let it anymore!

    • billbob1027 billbob1027 nataliefranc

      Hey Nat, I've had this pain for about a year of and on, I'm a 29yo male, and have had a lot of test done. I'm type 1 diabetic and take meds for it also ambien for sleep, just started taking blood pressure pills in small doses for kidney functions. Ideas off all these pills for a few months a bc my liver function was high, and it went down... the pain also went away. I started taking the meds again and the pain is back!!! Wth??? So i am getting back off the meds again and i think this might help. I also don't drink or smoke. Also, your very cute. Single? Hope all is well

    • nataliefranc nataliefranc billbob1027

      Haha I am single yes. It's so frustrating when tests are clear but your in pain! I know mine is made worse by alcohol so I limit it now. I thinking if it was my pancreas I would of had an acute attack by now as I continued to drink a fair bit until recently. I think mine is gastritis.

    • billbob1027 billbob1027 nataliefranc

      It is frustrating!! growing pains? Idk, i was in perfect helath until the last year. Then i was the sickest ive ever been all this and idk whats going on. You say gastirtis? Could be... you also were taking sleep meds too correct? But after the pain. LoL I asked my doc yesterday, what that was and he said "I've got that too, what is that?" I was like "your the doc, doc".

    • sap3hire sap3hire nataliefranc

      have you sorted out your problem yet im just beginning this journey pain wise 2 months it has being going on for now. Have been treated for kidney infection 3 separate antibiotics have had ct scan, ultrasound scan, blood tests now waiting for colonoscopy. I also was heavy drinker and have been taking high doses of gabapentin for osteoarthiritus im thinking ulcers or gastritus but terrified could be pancreatitus was trusting the test results but after reading here not confident at all so worried tired and my life is none existant as in i never go out or have energy to do anything. i have stopped medication as i fear taking any so pain medication i am stopping just so i can see if it improves do let me know Natalie what your situation is now please 

    • royalty royalty bre1962

      How are you bre I have autoimmune hepititis had it for ten years I'm having lots of pressure pain under n around left rib area pain into my back left shoulder n right shoulder it's affecting my breathing had fibroscan last Monday waiting results I have feeling I got pancreatis simply cos the lady who did the scan said the word pancreas to the other lady who was sitting down looking at scan as it was being done I'm so scared

  • Ai13Singe Ai13Singe JSJLMS72

    I am having the same symptoms and I am freaking out. I am currently studying abroad which makes it even more difficult. Please let me know how what they find.

    • wally mc wally mc Ai13Singe

      Hi guys im from south africa been through all you mentioned and more probably done 20 test from blood urin stool colonoscopy back front ct scans... pills you name it..are you aware of the term hypochondria health anxiety look it up ..every day i feel like dying or something bads gona happen the smallest pain cramp sting make me flare up in to a state of panic took time for me to believe that it was a mind thing but dont get me wrong the physicle symptoms are real

  • Lilly9471 Lilly9471 JSJLMS72

    Hello everyone I have the aame symptoms and after 4 painful months I could not take it anymore and was taken to the ER. I did ultrasounds and blood test as well as an xray but they all came back normal. Pain is under left rib even to touch it hurts. They gave me a cocktail and about 5 min later the pain was going away! Doctors told me I habe gastritis. Im going this week to see a gastroenterologist to do a endoscopy and see if I have any ulcers or infection on my big intestine. I went last Friday and now its been a whole week. I can not eat a lot of things but pain isn't as bad as before. Pay attention to next time you eat if you feel the pain right after or you have soft to diarrhea stool you will have some type of gastritis the longer you wait the worst it'll be. Also if you vomit or belch thats also a sign. Please check with your doctor's about it. Hope this helps!!

  • mandy2607 mandy2607 JSJLMS72

    Hi JSJMS72 I'm having the same systems it started in my groin and over the last 18 months it's progressed to upper left side under ribs pain and burning feeling! I've also had scans and bloods but nothing has shown up. I'm awaiting for a colonoscopy!

  • jadedkrystals jadedkrystals JSJLMS72

    I have been suffering with pain that started on my right side in the lower stomach area (had 2 tender spots to the touch) near a laproscopic surgical scar and a very bad case of gas when the pain first started, then the gas subsided a bit, now I only get it when I eat and I also feel very full and bloated also, then a few days later after the first pains started a burning sensation that radiated to my back on both sides in the upper quadrant and now in the lower quadrant and have like a cool numb feeling that never goes away, also  bad pains below both rib cages and pain in both hips, doctor seems to think it could be postherpetic neuralgia caused from my shingles (which this pain in my back area only, feels like when I get a shingles attack ), so he put me on Gabapentin (Neurontin) which only makes me sleepy but the pain is still there, BUT I never thought that shingles would cause gas attacks or pain after you eat??  But I know what I am feeling in my gut area and around my ribs constantly for 1 month cannot be from shingles??? It has now been close to a month since this pain/ gas/cramps/burning has been with me and I am like all of you w/ the feelings of dread about what could our pain be from?? I have NO insurance, so a trip to the ER would cost me upwards of $3000.00 or more depending on the tests that I believe I would need, so what to do??. .

  • ally40198 ally40198 JSJLMS72

    I had similar problem you are describing for over a 10 months. After about 5th visit to doctor they discovered I have got stomac ulcer and Helio Pirely (or something like that) bacteria. She has prescribed antibiotics and acidity reduction. Ask them for the Helio test. Its simple you just blow in tube after you drink some potion. Good luck x


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