Bad Breath Is Destroying My Life. Please Help!

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I been having bad breath since i  was a teenager, I am in my mid 40's now and still have the same problem. usually gum would do the job and no problem, but now gum is not working for me any longer and my breath doesn't only smell like bad breath, it now smells like a fart. it is getting stronger to the point that someone 10 feet away from me can now smell it and people start saying "yuck someone farted" not knowing who it is so I act stupid and pretend it wasnt me. everywhere I go now I keep my mouth closed cuz if very little tiny breath comes out it can cause a big smell. please help me anyone, please. it is very depressing and sad to have to feel this way and having to stay away from people makes me feel lonely. i tried Dr Kats gargles which is considered the only cure for bad breath but even that didn't work for me. I am not a smoker, but the only time my mouth dont smell bad is when i smoke because it will smell like tobacco but i dont want my breath to smell like that cuz it is a nasty smell for me and for others. I been told that getting rid of my natural teeth and getting fake teeth or teeth implant can help but i cannot affor that. please help me, please! sad

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    m also same in condition dear Jesse..plz try for any stomach problems ..I m also trying triple therapy for h pylorie..but I can't know about I m positive or not for h conditions. is do or I can not live with my bb....and noone in my family can try to solve these problem..everyone are selffish and everyone wants his her make life good..anyone don't have to time to talk wid a single day..forget the family..everyone is fish..I m now going to do die.I don't have one friend in my life..when I talk wid my family members every one put his hand on nose or rubing I want to do big...
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      Hi Shivani and John,

      This entry may be of help to you, it is related to this post content, so it should be of some help for you both.

      I used to suffer from bad breathe, but that was my own fault for smoking for 30 years, I have since packed it in. But, I have no natural teeth left, due to prescribed medication I was on years ago. I had the choice of keep going back and forth to the dentist or have all roots and teeth removed. I have had the top set for ages, but only just got the bottom set, which I think either does not fit correctly or I have an infection in the gum. Another trip to the dentist...

      I agree people will make you aware of bad breath, not everyone see's it has a bad thing, it is usually down to personal hygiene, or another under-lying problem.

      My wife is afraid of the dentist, and requires a lot of work done - but I have tried many times to persuede her to go. She had a bad experience years ago and since then, she refuses to go near one now after having the worst possible thing that can happen in a dentist, which is a sinus tear from a tooth extraction she had to have sinus augmentation surgery.



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    Hi Jesse,

    Are you drinking plenty of fluids a day (preferably no-sugar)?

    Have you considered if it is a yeast infection, pharmacies sell medication over the counter to prevent this.

    Use a Flouride based toothpaste, the more Flouride the better to remove plaque and bacteria from your teeth, tongue and cheeks (some people with bad breathe will have white inner-cheeks). You can but Tongue toothbrushes from Ebay, if need be, they are cheap.

    Look in a mirror to see if there is any holes in your teeth, Food can stick between teeth and accumulate in holes, which will cause bad breathe even though you do not suffer from tooth ache.

    Sometimes getting rid of your natural teeth is not the answer, you can still have bad breath without teeth (You can even get toothache with no teeth, it sounds strange, but true). Dentures tend to cause yeast build up, this is why they recommend removing them every 12 hours and cleaning them overnight.

    Have you considered breathing through your nose, instead of your mouth? This is a preventative to Dry Mouth.

    In the long term you have to look at the facts if none of the above work which are either illnesses or diseases. Some to be aware of are:

    Respiratory Tract infections such as Pneumonia or Bronchitis,

    Chronic sinus infections,

    Postnasal drip,


    Chronic acid reflux, and

    Liver or kidney problems.

    If you need teeth removed, and especially in your 30's - 40's, it is possible to get a problem where a clot will not form correctly, but fall out which exposes the jaw bone, it takes about 7-10 days to clear up because you have to attend the dentist every 1-2 days for the hole to be packed again. This I have experienced first hand, and the pain is about ten times worse than a toothache. It depends on your sex and age, women are more prone to it then men.

    Try some of the suggestions I've mentioned and see how you get on. A dentist would be your best bet, but if you're like most of us it is impossible to afford. If you have children you can claim Tax Credits which is an Exemption as long as they are in further education.



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    Hi Jesse1976,

    You are not alone, I have gone through the same situation. I have avoided been around people because when I am around people and talking I notice them putting their hands on their mouth and look around as if somebody has farted. My close friend, who is very open ,often asks me if I farted. I am a very clean person and I do brush and floss my teeth. I have tid lots of things with no success. But I do know that I have acid reflux and that makes the food we eat to come baacck up to our troat and that causes the smell. Th thing is that our small intestine is very close to our duodenum and stomach, so, imagine our food mixed with stomach acid hits the small intestines and backs up... So, My Doctor finally gave me a good mdication, two of them actually that prevents that to happen, and guess what? My breath is so much better now. She told me to take those two pills and eat lots of raw vegetables, and not over eat, and not eat after 8:00pm. TThis is actually working for me. I know everybody's case is different but I think that it is worth it to keep asking your Doctor to try something else. I do not think having fake teeth would help. Just keep your natural teeth clean and insist seeing a Doctor and telling her/him exactly what ou wrote here. I did that.

    Good luck

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    Hi Jesse, I'm going thru this for over a year but I haven't given up on following up w docs and specialists. I also went to another dentist and they don't want to get rid of my teeth roots but want to do a deep cleaning under my gums. I have to go tmrrw.

    I am also waiting for my specialist to talk w my GI bc he smelled my halitosis and other symptoms and suspects I have a stomach issue. So I'm waiting on approval for those exams.

    When I notice the odor I can't beleive it myself but I have to find an answer to this.

    continue to go to your docs because I finally found one that is willing to figure this out w me.

    We all deserve quality care especially when you eat healthy drink water but nothing helps.

    Also, I have a hernia but told it is not the reason for the BB.

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    Hi Jesse, not much help but I suffer the exact same with the regular smell of farts coming from me and filling a room. Drs and dentists are not much help at all.

    I had bb for as long as I can remember and anything I eat or drink is amplified and my saliva stinks. I did get some joy with triple therapy after testing positive for h-pylori, but my bb returns after I stop taking the antibiotics. I'm trying probiotics with salverene - will let u know if that helps... Not hopeful :-(

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