Bad Breath/reflux? pnd? infection? Something else?

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I wasn't sure where to put this duscussion.

I've had bad breath (especially horrendous morning breath) for as long as I can remember. Probably for a good 10 years or so? (I'm 29)

I've also experience what I think is possible post nasal drip (tongue is always coated. Often feel mucus on back of throat and need to clear my thoat)

and some sort of acid reflux in my throat (occasional burning sensation below my adams apple)

Both the possible PND and reflux seemed to come on after already having bad breath for a numbe of years though, so i'm not sure if they're even related? The reflux feeling is fairly infrequent.

I also occasionally get tonsil stones.

I have good oral health. Brush twice per day, floss, moutwash. Dentist confirmed gums are healthy.

Yet I can taste bad breath coming on again shortly after my morning routine.

NOW, I recently took metronidazole for something completely unrelated, and to my utter amazement, my breath became as fresh as a babies! Reflief after a decade! Even my morning breath smelt of nothing.

I was so happy until I read online that other people had experienced this phenomenen, but that the bad breath returns when you stop taking the antibiotic.

I stopped taking it 4 days ago, and I think that my breath may finally be reverting back sad This morning wasn't quite as fresh as yesterdays. I'm depressed now that my bad breath is likely to return in full force within a few days.

I'm wondering if anyone can shed any light?

Anyone been in the same boat and found a cure?

Can any knowledge be gained from the fact that the antibiotic temporaily cured me or not?


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    As a first step you could try probiotics. After reading about Metronidazole and what it was doing for you ie. keeping bad bacteria in check, maybe that is the issue. I use a full spectrum probiotic or acidophilus and bifidus. When I buy it from the health food store it comes refrigerated. I keep mine in the fridge because I usually have it for a long time. It helps with a lot of stuff and I have recently started taking them again to see if I can cure the halitosis I get that comes from my stomach. If it doesn't, I will go back to apple cider vinegar (which I have been avoiding because I despise the taste). That being said, you could also try apple cider vinegar (organic, Bragg's, with the could in it if you can find it, if not get at grocery store). You can drink that every day if you want. Couple tablespoons. Hope this helps good luck!
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      At the moment (4 days since taking my last pill) my breath is actually still very nice (although my morning breath seemed to begin to return somewhat when I awoke this morning).

      I'm expecting it to completely revert back within a few days.

      I tried probiotics a few years ago and it didn't help at all, unfortunately.

      At the moment my plans are to possibly do another course of Metronidazole at some point, simply because from the hundreds of cases i've read, there were 2 people who were cured for very a very long time (possibly permanantly??) after taking the second course.

      I also plan to try probiotics again, also breaking up the tablets and using it a saline rinse and almost like a mouth wash (again, from my reasearch of cases similar to mine)

      Also another few ideas (Apple cider vinegar, Grapefruit seed extract among others) 

      After that, i'll be pretty low on ideas and any hope of a cure!

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      Hi jen21564, I recently just joined this page because I too started experiencing a foul odor coming from God knows where.. I wondering if your problem has been resolved?
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      Im newhere...i was curious if you found a cure for your symptoms? And what test you took?

      I have horrible breath, pnd, acid reflux and its getting worse and worse. People can smell my breath with my mouth closed. Im getting married in 70 days and i would love to be able to spend time with my new husband with fresh breath. I hold my breath when we kiss, cover my face at night and try to avoid talking closer than 15 feet. Its beyond awkward. We have been together 10 years i developed this problem 5 years ago and ive done so much to fix it...nothing has helped.

      If you found something thats helped can you point me in the right direction?

      Thanks smile

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    Regarding ruling out things with the antibiotic experience in mind.

    My breath is still fresh and i've been off the pills for 5 days now.

    If the cause of my breath was my tonsils and tonsil stones (which I used to be certain of, but recently, not to sure) wouldn't my breath have had reverted back straight away?

    What is taking so long?

    Is ny body just slowly bulding up bacteria again somewhere which when it gets to a certain point will make my bb symptoms return?

    I did get the occasional tonsil stone when I was on the antibiotic and they still had that awful smell to them, yet my breath was nice.

    One of my best friends introduced me to tonsil stones as he sometimes gets them, and his breath(including morning breath!) is odorless! (lucky guy)

    I feel as though I should be able to play detective and rule out certain causes after experienceing nice breath for teh first time in forever since taking the antibiotic, but I guess it's not as easy as that?

    I've always asumed it's either:

    tonsils/tonsils stones (Often feel like something is in my throat and cough them up occasionally. It's also how i'd describe my 'morning breath')

    To do with acid reflux? (I get it but infrequently)

    Some sort of infection? 

    PND (I *think* I have this)

    Anyway, from googling, the longest example i've seen of someone enjoy fresh breath for after taking the metronidazole is 4 weeks. I'm only on day 5 so have a while to wait. 

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    breath has pretty much reverted back, now sad

    I'm a bit gutted. It was so nice having fresh breath.

    I'm kind of out of ideas.

    I'm gonna try probiotics again, although I tried them some time ago and they didn't help at all.

    Might try another course of Metronidazole (one person I read about had a long term relief after taking a second course) 

    Apple cider vinegar as suggested doesn't seem to be helping.

    The antibiotic is the only thing that has ever worked and it was like a God send (whilst I was on it)


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    I have recently been diagnosed with SIBO.  Small intestinal Bacterial overgrowth.  The diagnosis was discovered by me having a Hydrogene Breath test.  And the treatment is short sharp courses of antibiotics followed by high dose good quality probiotics.  I have so have completed one course of antibiotics and nearly three weeks of probiotics.  So far this has been working reasonably well.  But not completely.  I have been told that w no single antibiotic will deal,with all the bacterial overgrowth as easy type of antibiotic will be effective of different Bactria. I am also having advise on my diet, the Fodmap diet is mainly for people with IBS but as I understand it many people with IBS also have SIBO.   It's has taken me 20 years to find out what is wrong with me.  20 frustrating years of misdiagnosis,  and I had reached a point that I thought I was "managing" my problem, best I could.  It was a rapid deteriation 3 months ago that made me persevere to find someone who,could properly diagnose me.   NOT easy, I have had gastro specialist who,wanted to,send me to an oral  hygienist and doctors tell me it's all in my head and that there is nothing wrong you can have no idea how relieved I was to finally get a diagnosis because until you find put what is wrong you can't do anything to,remedy it. I have had 20 wasted years of guess work to,what was causing my bad breath to suddenly flair.  It was devastating to many an intimate moment and nealy cost me my marrage. Don't let any doctor, specialist etc try to belittle the impact of this issue on your life. 
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      Yes, it's very frustrating.

      I'm glad you appear to be on route to finding your cure.

      Intersing that your treatment is along the lines of what I planned to do with my self-medication.

      (I plan to buy some more Metronidazole and also a good probiotic to take lots of, after finishing the antibiotic)

      I was so happy when the metronidazole worked. Not only because it was nice having fresh breath even wbefore brushing my teeth!, but because I assumed that teh fact that it helped had given me a huge clue as to the underlying cause. However, that assumptiong appears to have been wrong (?) The case is still unknown.

      I guess The metro killed all anerobic bacteria which has since come back, but I don't know where that bacteria is coming from.

      But if it was an infection causing bad breath, wouldn't the metro have killed it off meaning that my breath shouldn't have reverted back?

      It's all very confusing.

      I'm not surprised it took you 20 years. I've had about 12 years so far  and am none-the-wiser

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      Hi ..I have bad breath since childhood .and it's an extrime Laverne.24*7 bad breath.and rightnkw m 26 years old.Will metronidazole help for me ? Any side iffect of it. please le me know.I have bad breath and it comes from inside the throat not from d teeth. please help I beg in front of you.
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      I know this is been a while. I would love to know if your bad breath issue was completely resolved. Also where are you located, what specialist did you see, if any


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      Hello Sharon I pray that you get this message. I have been suffering from this for 20 years as well it’s so heart breaking I just want to live like a normal person, most of the time I can’t even say thank you to a person in fear of that smell coming out. I know it has been years since you posted this, but I wonder if you have found any relief 
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