bad night with anxiety because I ate cereal at 2am

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So last night I ate some cereal ( honey bunches of its with lactaid fat free milk ) amd about a half hour later my head stared killing me and having this tightening and tingling sensation and I also felt super nauseous and had started trembling like crazy I thought I was going to die , has anyone ever felt like this or had this happen ?

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    were you really stressed because when i get really stressed i get real bad tension headaches like that a bit similar to a migrane :-)

    could be somthing else though so i'd get a second opinion

    hope you feel better  :-)  

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    yep i know i probably shouldent let it bother me but i get really depressed somtimes

    because of all my medical restrictions

    i have had complex parcial epilepsy and autism since a baby, i have deslexia and dispraxia, carn't drive because of the epilepsy and have just had examinations to find that i have a hiatis hernia, stripped stomach lining and possible allergy to gluten

    but you have to channel all that aside and ask yourself what you want to do in life, how much have i got that starving dieing millions havent, and take it one step at a time.

    remember it dosent matter how big your step is you cant do two steps in one

    all that matters is that you move towards your goal in life at whatever speed is comfortable to you.

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      Yes if only I could gain even half of your will to keep positive , because this anxiety is really beating me down , bit I'm going to keep pushing for better normal days again . thank you
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    You werent feeling well the whole day, it must have been brewing. Nothing to do with the cereal. Panic attacks stink! They really do 
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      I was feeling okay yesterday afternoon, just a slight bit of nausea. It was around about 8 I started have a headache and then downhill from there until this morning , now I'm feeling okay the headache is gone away but yes anxiety really does suck
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    sorry was just trying to share an awsome inspirational website i get inspiration from but the comment is being moderated

    dont worry though i do get this and while it is horrible if you panic you are at risk of making the pain worse as it is kinda stress related

    anyway just remember when each time it happens

    think over, and though what you are stressed, anxious or deppressed about and think what you can do to remove the stress.

    i.e if i have a busseness appointment and am worried somting might go wrong and get stressed out so much beforhand and forget vital things and keep forgetting what i should be doing it probbably will go wrong on the day, if on the other hand i get my best clothes ready clean my shoes prepare a script and practice it till i can read it without looking and go in with a confident happy feeling because i have all my guns loaded (speaking metaphorically) the results will be quite different


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      Great way of putting this in to perspective, thank you , its tuff but there is light at the end of the tunnel somewhere , lol . I appreciate your response feel free to shout someore great techniques my way please I need all the strength I can get at this point , thanks again !
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    last week i was pretty much laid off work because of my recent phisical impairment

    and am currently on sick pay and have been for a month

    i am only 20

    and somtimes you think life just sucks dont you

    but i tell you lifes interesting lifes a jorney

    but now is the perfect time to take a long quiet time and think what do i really want to be where do i really want to go

    and write down a list of realistic goals that are easy to achive

    and a goal of where to be by year end

    and do this each year

    just remember you can only take one step at a time it dosent matter how big your step is you cant do two steps in one

    and there is nothing more demoralising than an unachived goal 

    you will get knock back in life thats how it is. even the richest, most athletic, best movie star, highest political charater will all have problems

    i know its hard but we need to make the impossible possible, the unhappy happy and the weak strong

    we will get knockbacks, i started my own bussines but had to stop it because of this recent condition

    and i got quite deppresed being off work and not being able to run my bussines either

    but i was looking at it wrong

    why had this happened

    why had god given me this ilness what was he trying to show me by it

    and i started thinking and a hernia is caused by overlifting and physical stain and i do a manual job

    for not much cash

    and i am studiyng graphic design

    so i thought and thought and thought till i cold think no morecheesygrin

    and decided that i should go into design and while i am ill i can finnish my course

    and i planned out goals that to the average person looked lazy and silly but to me they were targets

    and remember if you set a goal easy you smash it easy and quickly with satisfaction if you set an over optimistic one you will get very deppressed because you did not fulfil it

    and take them one by one step by step day by day

    remember nothing here will buy happyness

    we have to do that ourselves

    keep going [lol] biggrin

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